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What’s New on the Menu? – Buffet Locations (2015)

Miami University offers three buffet locations, including the exciting new Garden Commons. With Martin Dining Hall closed for renovations this year, Garden Commons will provide dining services for East Quad while Harris Dining Hall and Western Dining Commons will provide buffet dining services throughout the rest of the campus. While buffet menus are already tremendously varied, there are some exciting additions being made to the menus for this upcoming school year.

Western Dining Commons

Western remains mostly unchanged from last year. Turkey sausage will be offered during breakfast, which is a new addition campus-wide. Super Brunch will return, offering an expansive breakfast buffet option to students on Sunday mornings. Look forward to that picking up sometime in the early part of the semester!

The salad and dessert food station is very similar too, with hardly any changes from last year. The Allergen Station follows suit with the same menu from last year, offering students with a food station that is free of the top eight allergens (egg, dairy, soy, wheat, fin fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts). The International Station is adding some homestyle Miami Traditions menu items and there will be specialty Chef Choice daily dishes that figure to grab your attention. The Grill Roast Station also remains almost completely the same from a year ago.

Tea Hive’s menu is the same as well. Coffee had been added in the spring and will remain on the menu for the fall. Everything is essentially the same, making Tea Hive a fantastic early morning option to help wake you up in the morning with tea or coffee, while grabbing a delicious croissant.

Harris Dining Hall

Harris has been Miami’s steadfast dining option for years now and the menu reflects that. There are hardly any changes from a year ago, but this year you will be able to grab yourself a potato bowl. They have been added to the Sonora/Pastato station, which is bound to excite some people. At the Campus Grill, Harris is also getting mini corn dogs on a rotation. They will alternate daily with onion rings offering even more variation to the Harris menu.

Garden Commons

Garden Commons is the brand new dining location located behind Farmer School of Business. That obviously means the entire menu is brand new as well.

Beginning with Ciao (pronounced ‘Chow’), the Italian station will offer a variety of pizzas to pick from, including cheese, sausage, veggie, chicken bacon ranch, supreme, BBQ chicken and even a bacon cheeseburger pizza. Pasta will also be a heavy focus at this location, offering a variety of different pastas and sauces to top it with. Calzones are coming to Ciao in the early part of the semester as well. Some dessert pizza will also be offered, in addition to some other side items. The East Quad Open House offered a sample tasting of the garlic dough bites that will be offered, which were absolutely delicious and certainly worth trying.

Zen Garden is the Asian concept in Garden Commons. It will offer egg rolls, different Asian-style salads and a variety of rices. There will be some express stir fry options, different types of chicken, beef and vegetables as well. The full menu will include a wide variety of different Asian foods that you can pick up while enjoying the rest of the buffet. There will also be special appearances by bang bang shrimp and seafood rangoon. Fortune cookies and green tea cookies will also be offered as a dessert item.

Comfort Thyme, the deli, grill and traditions food station, will provide students with a quality option for comfort food such as chicken tenders, fries and mac and cheese, to name a few. This will also be the station in order to make your own deli sandwiches, as well as pick-up prepared hot and cold sandwiches. A “taste” of the traditions menu would be chicken, potatoes and veggies. Comfort Thyme and Harvest Greens are the only breakfast locations in Garden Commons for the morning rush. Comfort Thyme will be offering turkey sausage and more of the hardy breakfast items like sandwiches, eggs and bakery items.

Harvest Greens is perhaps the easiest station in Garden Commons to define. It is the expanded soup, salad and fruit bar in the new dining hall. It will offer a wide variety of rotating soups and will also provide students with a great buffet salad bar option to work with. The fruit bar is what Harvest Greens offers for breakfast. This will include fruit items, yogurt, oatmeal, bagels, bread and different spreads.