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7 Tips for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Dinner, hosted at Harris Dining Hall on Tuesday, April 5 from 5-8pm, is rapidly approaching and that means preparations must be made. So, when the zombie hordes descend on campus, how will you keep things together? Seek shelter at Harris and follow our seven tips for zombie survival!

How to Avoid Contracting Zombie Virus

1. Wash your hands


Frankly, this tip should be something everyone is already doing, regardless of impending zombie doom. However, the stakes get raised in a zombie scenario. Keep your hands clean and clear, so you don’t come down with a case of the “must eat brraaainnnsss…”

If you need to find some hand soap or run out, you can always grab some, along with other essential items/snacks, from Market Street at MacCracken.

2. Use the buddy system


Two is better than one during a zombie outbreak. Think about it; two pairs of eyes and ears help respond to threats, you can work together to collect supplies and your combined intelligence helps with problem-solving. Just be sure that you’re faster than your friend because, after all, you don’t have to outrun the zombies, just your buddy in a pinch.

On April 5, be sure to use the buddy system on your way to Harris Dining Hall. Use teamwork to increase your chances of making it to shelter safely.

3. Eat healthy


If you need to run, you had better be feeling as fresh and spry as possible. Eating junk food will slow you down and could make you “junk food” for a zombie. Stop by our dining locations and take advantage of the healthy meals offered to get the energy you need to make a run for it.

4. Avoid infected individuals


Come on, you know this.

Moving on…

5. Don’t fight


We get it. You’re young and feel invincible, but that doesn’t mean you should fight a zombie. They don’t feel pain, are a walking biohazard and don’t understand the concept of a “fair fight”.

6. Run!


When facing the impending doom that is zombies, you will need to run and run fast. Get over to the Rec today and get your workout on to get into apocalypse shape.

7. Seek shelter


You don’t know where or what is safe during a zombie apocalypse, but in this case, safety is only a short walk away (lucky you). Seek shelter at Harris Dining Hall on Tuesday, April 5.  We’re serving dinner to our fellow survivors from 5-8pm.

Disclaimer: There is no zombie virus/outbreak