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Staff Spotlight: Scott Rouse

“Have a little bit of adventure every day. It keeps life interesting.” Executive Chef Scott Rouse is a man with many hobbies and extracurricular activities, all of which keep his life interesting outside his extensive involvement here with Miami University Dining. Whether it be driving a hearse (he loves when you take selfies with it), scuba diving, or scaring people at Halloween Haunt for 11 years, he’s way more than a chef.

Scott is currently the executive chef for Garden Commons, Martin Dining Hall, Dividends, Middletown campus, and the Hamilton campus. He has been in the dining culture of Miami for 6 years, but has been a chef for 30 years. He has worked in every aspect of food service other than a hospital! He is heavily involved in staying busy and loves to have a good time doing it. We thought we would sit him down to learn even more about him.

Q: What is your background, both personal and professional?

A: I grew up in Liberty Township, Ohio, so I’m a local boy. Junior and senior year I went to vocational school at Butler Tech-D Russel Lee. I worked in the field for a year, then I went to New England Culinary Institute in Vermont for two years. I’ve worked at hotels (including Netherland Plaza), The Regal Cincinnati, fine dining, NKU,and also a retirement community. Outside of work, I do volunteer work two nights a week as a facilitator for Smart Recovery, which is a 12 step alternative that meets here in Oxford every week.

Q: What is the most exciting part about your job?

A: You know, sometimes these guys (students) are just having a bad day and they just want something hot in their stomach, they want to relax or chill out, or they might have had a bad test. When they come in, we get them on the right path again. That’s the most exciting part for me.

Q: What is your favorite part about Miami University Dining?

A: Diversity. As far as some of the other food operations I’ve seen before, I think we have a lot going on— it’s really cool. In my 6 years on campus, we’ve seen a huge shift in the dining halls. With all these new concepts like Garden and Maplestreet Commons, the cost of a swipe gives you multiple food concepts. The big push is because of the students. The students are well-traveled and know different food concepts and know what good food is, so that’s what they expect and we give them just that. It’s been exciting to see parents when they walk in and say “Wow this wasn’t like this when I was in college.”

Q: How would you describe your personality?

A: Quiet and shy… No, not at all! I can’t even say that with a straight face! I like to have a good time and that’s what it’s about. Your day is what you make it and if you’re having fun when you’re working, you’re going to give 100%. No one wants to go some place and be absolutely miserable. That makes your whole life miserable. There’s going to be times when you spend more time with coworkers than family, so you might as well have some laughs along the way.

Q: What are some of your hobbies? Interests?

A: I have more hobbies than I have hours in the day. I ride motorcycles, I drive a hearse that people take selfies with all the time outside, I’m a scuba diver and a certified rescue diver and I’m working on my divemaster certification. I am never bored! You know it’s true, idleness is the devil’s workshop, and let me tell you I’m a pretty good carpenter.

Q: What is one of your favorite dishes to prepare?

A: I can’t say I have a favorite dish but I have a favorite style. I’d say my favorite style would be creole. I love creole cuisine because it’s very American. You’re taking influences of French, Spanish, and African and you’re blending that just like America – it’s a big melting pot.

Q: What is your favorite dish to eat?

A: Anything that doesn’t eat me first. But really, my favorite meal is anything I don’t have to cook. It’s funny because people find out what I do for a living and they ask my wife “Oh, you must get some great meals.” She is like, “Yeah, but he doesn’t like to cook when he gets home.” Then they look at me like I’m a lazy bum. Woah, hold up! What do you do for a living? Do you want to do that when you go home? Because I don’t either!

Q: Cat or Dog?

A: Yes! We have a cat, a dog, and three fish. At one point we’ve had five dogs, two cats, a handful of fish in a water garden I built outside, and I even owned a pot bellied pig. Animals over kids! There’s some things even I won’t do.

Q: Any advice for people applying/working for Miami University Dining?

A: I think working in dining is a great experience, especially students that are potentially looking for their first job. That’s something here at Miami that I think is very interesting, is that we do have students who come that have never worked before. This is a really good experience for them to transition into the work world. The shifts are quite different than the real world, but it gives you a different perspective on things. For example, guest interactions. Everyone knows how they want to be treated, but now you’re on the other foot and now you get the opportunity to take care of somebody else. You learn time management, cleanliness, and so many interpersonal skills. It is a great transition into the real world.

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What is strEATS?

Follow MU strEATS on Twitter to keep up to date with the availability and location of the strEATS food truck!

Guess what’s coming back!?

Miami University’s official food truck ‘strEATS’!

The mobile dining destination returns to Miami’s campus this fall, offering students a truly “on-the-go” option. Students who have been fortunate enough to experience strEATS before, have a sense of what the food truck is all about, but for those who are just getting on campus, it’s time to get acquainted. 

Mobile dining from a vehicle isn’t a foreign concept, having roots that date back to specially modified chuck wagons that people served food out of back in the 1860s. However, the modern food truck craze didn’t really take hold until 2008 when trucks began serving gourmet food with social media playing a key role in the process. Over the following years, the food truck gained more popularity with more and more people diving into the unique dining concept with college campuses shortly following suit.

The idea of a food truck is simple. Offer convenient, high-quality food to those who want to grab something quickly, using Twitter to inform customers of the truck’s changing location. People are busy and have places to be. A food truck helps customers get a high-quality, delicious meal without having to dine-in and the convenience of the food truck allows that meal to be offered at different locations around the city, town or – in our case – campus.

And… that’s where strEATS comes in.

StrEATS first hit the road in March 2012, based on the food trucks found in big cities across the country and other college campuses. Since it’s appearance, students have loved to stop by the red and white food truck and pick up a quick bite to eat, whether heading to class, a study session or just meeting up with friends.

Now, in order to know when strEATS is out and about and where the truck is located, you will want to follow MU strEATS on Twitter. There, tweets will be sent out whenever the truck is on campus, serving the students and staff that need a quick meal. On Twitter, followers will be updated with the hours and where you can find the truck. Then, look for the truck at the tweeted location, place an order and enjoy! StrEATS accepts student meal plans, credit cards and debit cards, which helps simplify the ordering process for students and gets them on their way quickly.

StrEATS will be available across campus this fall in a variety of locations. That said, we would love to hear some suggestions from you. Be sure to keep an eye out for the strEATs truck on your way to and from class, but also monitor MU strEATS on Twitter to make sure you always know when the food truck is out!

Greystone: Your Summer Savior

Tucked in across from TeaHive in Western Dining Commons, Greystone is the most convenient and expansive shopping experience on Western campus and this summer it is open, providing students, incoming and current, a breath of fresh air in what has been a hot, humid – and very rainy – summer.

Western campus has been the staging area for another great class of Miami RedHawks this summer, hosting First-Year Student Orientation for meals and housing since June 3rd. Through it all, Greystone has remained, providing students with a wide-range of options for any of their needs.

Greystone Market

Greystone Market on Western campus.

Whether it be a member of Miami University’s Class of 2019 who left a cosmetic item at home, blinded by their growing excitement to begin their journey as a RedHawk, or a seasoned veteran of college life who knew they needed a drink before diving out into the blinding sun and searing heat (or pouring rain…), Greystone has been there, offering groceries, snacks, water, salads and sandwiches. Greystone has been a “summer savior”, preparing you for what you weren’t prepared for.

For those of you who have yet to complete orientation at the beautiful Oxford, Ohio campus, Greystone is still open this summer for your convenience. Need toothpaste? We have it. Need a snack? We also have that. Or, just stop by to check out the natural and organic items we carry on our shelves.

For those of you who were caught unaware and didn’t find yourself graced by the convenience of Greystone, be sure to stop by this fall or try any of the other market options throughout the Miami University campus. Whether it is M Emporium in Armstrong Student Center, Market Street at MacCracken, Spring Street Market in Shriver Center or the Dorsey Market (NEW!) on East Quad, the Miami markets have everything you need at your convenience.

Greystone Summer Hours

Tuesday: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Wednesday-Friday: 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Saturday: 7 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Carpe Crepes

Seize the crepes.

Our first Super Brunch of the year is tomorrow! Western Dining Commons from 10-2.

Put a reminder in your phone!

Along with crepes and various other menu items, Frittatas will also be served. To make a healthy start to your Sunday, choose egg whites and plenty of veggies!

Frittatas will also be served at Super Brunch. They are customizable with your choice of fresh fillings including veggies, meat, and cheese, then mixed with egg or egg whites and baked to perfection.

Frittatas will also be served at Super Brunch. They are customizable with your choice of fresh fillings including veggies, meat, and cheese, then mixed with egg or egg whites and baked to perfection.