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Recap Ice Cream Extravaganza (Spring 2017)

Highlighted by ice cream and gelato, courtesy of Young’s Jersey Dairy and Miami Ice, Garden Commons played host to another fun rendition of Ice Cream Extravaganza! It was especially enjoyable for those with a sweet tooth!

Young’s Jersey Dairy brought a variety of flavors to share with guests, while Miami Ice brought a few of their classics from Armstrong Student Center. Guests also had the opportunity to win prizes from Graeter’s, Spring Street Treats and Mitchell’s Ice Cream, so they could continue the ice cream festivities after the special dinner was over.

Young’s Jersey Dairy, based out of Yellow Springs, provides the ice cream used in Encounter milkshakes and is the creator of Red Brick Bliss, Miami’s exclusive ice cream flavor served at Miami Ice.

Miami Ice is located in the Armstrong Student Center. Their delicious gelato is handmade, in-house at Armstrong.

Thank you so much for joining us for Ice Cream Extravaganza!  Keep tabs on our social media accounts so you don’t miss a thing coming to dining!


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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

As the semester winds down, make sure to really take it all in before you leave campus. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve created a list of the top places you must visit on your stroll down memory lane.

Take pictures at each stop, tag us, and use the hashtag #MUEats to be entered to win a Fuji Film Instax camera! (Must be following @MiamiUDining on Twitter to win. Winner will be chosen Tuesday, 5/9 at noon.)

  1. Your Old Favorite Dining Hall
    Take a trip to your old favorite dining hall and get all you care to eat like it’s first semester freshman year again.
  2. Dividends Salad
    Everyone loves the Miami University exclusive sweet herb dressing. Throw it on some of Trader Green’s fresh greens and salad fixings and snap a pic!
  3. Wing Wednesday
    Whether you’re getting your wings fix at Wing Bar, Garden Market, Dividends, Martin or Harris, there’s something special about celebrating Wing Wednesday! Celebrate by getting wings in your favorite sauce with a side of celery or carrots.
  4. Miami Ice Gelato
    Handmade ice cream on meal plan … what could be better? Get your favorite flavor and mix-ins. If you don’t have a favorite, try the Miami exclusive Red Brick Bliss ice cream from Young’s Dairy!
  5. The Q
    It’s only been here for this school year, but The Q has quickly become a fan favorite. Get your favorite barbecue dishes and sides. Don’t forget about the loaded nachos or barbecue flatbread pizza!
  6. La Mia Cucina
    La Mia is Miami’s very exclusive sit down restaurant. Get a chicken parm or a fresh panini and sit with your friends in this classic joint located right in Harris Dining Commons.
  7. Late Night Pulley
    Late night and Pulley Diner. Name a more iconic duo … I’ll wait. Got a hankering for mozz sticks at 2:30 AM? Get them from Pulley; open 24/7 and all on meal plan!
  8. Weekend Brunch
    Throw it back to freshman year Sundays recapping the weekend’s events with your friends in the closest dining hall over a delicious brunch spread. Bring your pals and reminisce on all the classic tales of your time here at Miami.
  9. Garlic Bites
    Make sure you bring some gum because once you start eating the garlic bites offered at various locations around campus (Garden Commons is a good start), you won’t be able to stop. These addictive bites of warm, garlicky goodness are sure to satisfy.
  10. Favorite Late Night Study Snack
    Up late studying? Grab your favorite late night study snack from King Cafe and relive the countless study dates you’ve had over the years!
  11. Favorite Ice Cream from the Market
    Whether it’s Ben and Jerry’s, Madisono’s Gelato, Halo Top or another one of your favorite brands, get your favorite pint from Market Street at MacCracken or Emporium and enjoy with friends to cool down on a hot, end-of-semester day.
  12. Scoreboard Market
    Scoreboard Market was a student favorite even before it underwent renovation with Martin Dining Hall last year. It has quickly become a student favorite again, offering all your favorite to-go food making it a great trip down memory lane, especially for those who are graduating. Mini corn dogs? Spicy chicken sandwich? Whatever you fancy, snap a pic and send it our way while you sit back and enjoy Scoreboard’s great variety of a la carte delicacies.

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We Scream for Ice Cream (Extravaganza)!

As the semester comes to a close, we want to invite you to the ultimate semester send-off; Ice Cream Extravaganza!

🍦 Ice Cream Extravaganza 🍦

Date Location Time
May 3, 2017 Garden Commons 5-8pm

Take a break from the academic grind and get something sweet on Wednesday, May 3 from 5-8pm as Garden Commons hosts ice cream and gelato experts from the Miami family.

Young’s Jersey Dairy will be in attendance, serving up their ice cream, which is well known around campus. Young’s Jersey, based out of Yellow Springs, provides the ice cream used in Encounter milkshakes and is the creator of Red Brick Bliss, Miami’s exclusive ice cream flavor served at Miami Ice.

Speaking of Miami Ice, Miami Ice gelato will be available as well. Look forward to their tasty gelato flavors that are all made fresh, in-house at Armstrong Student Center.

Additionally, prizes will be given away from ice cream favorites like Graeter’s, Spring Street Treats and Mitchell’s Ice Cream. Stop by and enter to win!

If you still aren’t convinced or don’t know what to expect, check out our recap from our fall event and see for yourself! Regardless, be sure to swing by Garden Commons on Wednesday, May 3 from 5-8pm for dinner and take advantage of the opportunity to get a sweet treat for dessert!

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Taco Tuesday: A Review

Anyone that has been to a traditional concession stand is most likely familiar with the concept of a walking taco. For those who aren’t familiar, a walking taco is typically served as a bag of chips with the fixings of a taco layered on top. To unlock the full potential of any walking taco, the toppings and chips must be mixed up in the bag and eaten straight from its packaging.

Garden Market and Garden Commons celebrate Taco Tuesday once a month with this throwback favorite. After hearing rumors around campus that these items were a hot commodity, I decided to book it to Garden Market for my own taste of nostalgia. After all, the walking taco was a staple out of the concession stand at the public pool I used to frequent in the summers.

I ordered a walking taco with everything on it and got a pleasant surprise in return. Upon receiving my walking taco, I realized that instead of the standard Fritos I was used to as the chip base for this concoction, this was a new type of chip. I was curious to see how it would stack up.

The Frito Lay’s Top N Go bags used for Miami’s version of the walking taco are the perfect fit for the meal. Not only can they easily be topped with however many toppings your heart desires, but they are slightly concave and thus hold some of the toppings in the actual chip, making your fork’s job a little easier. Typically, toppings slide off whatever utensil you choose to call to action, but with these scoop-shaped Fritos, this problem is solved, offering a more cohesive taste and preventing the large-scale separation of ingredients one typically sees with a different chip shape.

Additionally, the Top N Go bags are made with walking tacos in mind. They are wide bags, much larger than the standard Frito Lay’s walking taco chip bag, and offer significantly more walking taco goodness. It is easier to mix the ingredients and much easier to eat, regardless of your preferred eating style.

Every bite created a fiesta in my mouth as the salsa and taco meat balanced out the crunch of the chips and fresh, crisp lettuce. The cheese melted slightly with the heat of the meat, leading to a delicious flavor highly reminiscent of a more traditional taco. The walking taco was easy to eat with a fork, and I’m sure you could just use the chips as utensils, if you wanted to live dangerously.  

Overall, I thought the walking taco was delicious and easy to enjoy. If you’re a taco person through and through, definitely give a Frito Lay’s Top N Go walking taco a try! They’re sold out of Garden Market and Garden Commons once a month!

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Revisiting Thanksgiving Bash (2016)

Thanksgiving is the granddaddy of all food holidays, so it only made sense to celebrate with four Thanksgiving dinners over four days!

We hit the oven and prepared four different menus to give students an opportunity to celebrate “Friendsgiving” with their Miami family before the official Thanksgiving day at home.

The festivities began on November 14 at Martin Dining Center with Harris Dining Center, Garden Commons and Western Dining Commons hosting their Thanksgiving meals in the following days, respectively. Turkey and ham were aplenty, but were only part of the varied menus available!

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Martin Dining Center

November 14, 2016 – Martin Dining Center

Martin Dining Center hosted the first of the four Thanksgiving Bash dinners. Martin served up a traditional Thanksgiving meal with classics like roasted turkey, green bean casserole, ham, mashed potatoes, and roasted acorn squash. The menu also featured hominy salad (noolintia ahsalata) and hominy chowder (noolintia). Both hominy recipes were provided by the Native American Student Association (N.A.S.A.).

Harris Dining Center

November 15, 2016 – Harris Dining Center

The second Thanksgiving Bash dinner was hosted at Harris Dining Center. The menu was a traditional midwestern-style Thanksgiving meal with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes. macaroni & cheese, and other holiday classics. Pumpkin roll, cherry apple crisp, and a variety of tasty sweets were available for dessert.

Garden Commons

November 16, 2016 – Garden Commons

Garden Commons was the third Thanksgiving Bash dinner of the week, but offered a different take on the standard Thanksgiving meal. Featuring items like Hoppin’ John, cajun rice dressing, sweet potato pie, and coca cola glazed ham, the menu offered a southern-flair to the midwestern Thanksgiving meal, much to the enjoyment of our guests!

Western Dining Commons

November 17, 2016 – Western Dining Commons

Our fourth and final Thanksgiving Bash dinner offered a twist on “turkey day” with a menu loaded with vegan/vegetarian options for those with special diets. Turkey, ham, and other classics were still available, along with apple dumplings, pumpkin rolls, and, of course, pumpkin pie.

Thank you for joining us at our Thanksgiving Bash dinners! We are thankful for all of you and hope you enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving with us!

Thanksgiving Bash 2016: Garden Commons

Garden Commons is hosting Thanksgiving Bash on November 16 and will be serving up a Southern-style Thanksgiving menu highlighted by items like fried okra, shrimp & grits, Cola ham, and much more!

Starting November 14, there will be four nights of Thanksgiving Dinner. The festivities begin at Martin Dining Center with Harris hosting on November 15. Garden Commons and Western will have their dinners on November 16 and November 17, respectively.

Mark your calendars for Thanksgiving Bash and keep an eye on The Miami Spread for the menus being featured at each dinner. If you missed out on Thanksgiving Bash at Garden Commons last year, take a look back at photos from the event at our Facebook page!

Thanksgiving Bash Schedule

Date Location Time
November 14, 2016 Martin Dining Center 5-8pm
November 15, 2016 Harris Dining Center 5-8pm
November 16, 2016 Garden Commons 5-8pm
November 17, 2016 Western Dining Commons 5-8pm

Thanksgiving Bash at Garden Commons Menu

Items with an asterisk* are vegan


  • Fried Okra with Creole Aioli
  • Shrimp and Grits


  • Chicken Corn Chowder
  • *Carrot Coconut Soup

Main Meal

  • Sliced Roasted Turkey
  • Cola Ham
  • *Pecan Crusted Tofu Cutlet
  • Whipped Potatoes
  • Vegetarian Gravy
  • Vegetarian Bread Dressing
  • Cornbread Casserole
  • Mashed Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Cajun Rice Dressing
  • Hoppin’ John
  • Collard Greens
  • *Steamed Haricot Vert
  • Fresh Cranberry Salad

Breads and Desserts

  • Parkerhouse Roll with Honey Butter
  • Cornbread
  • Cinnamon Bread Pudding with Bourbon Vanilla Anglaise
  • *Cranberry Walnut Bread
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Peach Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Southern Style Sweet Potato Pie
  • Pumpkin Roll

Dining Hall Hacks

It’s the end of October and even with all the options at the dining hall, you find yourself going back for that same slice of pizza you got for lunch. If you’re looking for some tips on how to up your dining hall game, we’ve got your back. We found five recipes that will refresh your taste buds and save you from yet another dinner of chicken tenders and mac & cheese. All of the following dining hall hacks utilize food items available at the dining halls here on campus.

Not Your Freezer’s Pizza Bagels

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the bagel bites of your youth, this trick is for you. Grab a bagel and acquire your choice of shredded cheese from the salad bar. Grab some marinara sauce and spread it over your bagel. Top that with the cheese, and throw it in the microwave. After about two minutes, you should be kicking it back to your bagel bite glory days. Remember to clean up after yourself and don’t leave a mess in the microwave! This also works with english muffins.


(Almost) Portillos Cake Shake

If you’re looking for a sweet treat and missing Chicago’s favorite dog house, grab a cup for this next concoction. Mash up a piece of cake, pie or a cupcake inside. Add your choice of soft serve flavor (or do a twist). Add milk until you’ve reached your desired thickness. Mix it all up with a spoon. Due to the need for ice cream, this recipe can only be created at Harris Dining Hall or Martin Dining Hall.

Take a Dip!

If you’re looking to stay healthy and try new flavors, try this take on a Thai-style dip for grilled chicken or veggies. After cutting up some healthy and delicious grilled chicken or obtaining some broccoli, grab a few peanut butter packets and empty them onto your plate. Add some soy sauce and Sriracha until you have a thinner consistency for a fun update to this dining hall staple.

All Veggies, No Eggs … On Your Pasta

If your taste buds are getting a little too accustomed to buttered noodles, try adding broccoli and carrots from the salad bar to your next plate of plain pasta. Then, top with salt, pepper, and olive oil (which can be found at the salad bar). Don’t forget to finish it off with some parmesan cheese for your own, personal pasta primavera.

Chickey Chickey Parm Parm

For a dining hall take on a classic italian dish, look no further. Put breaded chicken (chicken strips, homestyle, etc.) on a bun. Grab a few slices of cheese, but leave them on the side for now. Get some marinara sauce and add hot sauce until you’ve reached your desired spice level. Put this spicy marinara on top of the chicken and layer the cheese on top of that. Now you’ve got a delicious, handheld chicken parmesan.


We hope you enjoy these easy dining hall hacks. Let us know what you think, and keep checking back here at The Miami Spread for more hacks as the semester progresses.


Recapping a Week of Halloween Dinners

Halloween is a holiday of creative costumes, spooky creatures, startling scares, and haunted houses. We hope everyone had the opportunity to take a break from school work and enjoy the special Halloween-themed menus available during our four Halloween dinners!

Monster Mash, at Garden Commons, kicked off the festivities on Monday, October 24. Martin Dining Hall hosted Club Villain on Tuesday, with Harris Dining Hall hosting Haunted Harris the next night. Western capped it off with Superhero Dinner on Thursday.

If you missed out, be sure to follow @MiamiUDining on TwitterFacebook and Instagram! Our Thanksgiving Bash is only a month away!

Monster Mash Dinner

October 24, 2016 – Garden Commons

Garden Commons hosted Monster Mash, which featured a station for mashed potato bowls and a variety of Halloween-themed goodies, including cupcakes, cookies and a “dirt” dessert pizza. Oh, and plenty of “Monster Mash” music was played.

Club Villain Dinner

October 25, 2016 – Martin Dining Hall

Club Villain took place at Martin Dining Hall with the highlights including “bat wing” boneless wings, “piranha” tilapia, “brain cubes” (tofu), and fried calamari. Halloween treats like apple cider soaked apples with caramel sauce, cupcakes, cinnamon roll pizza and more were on hand to satisfy those with a sweet tooth.

Haunted Harris Dinner

October 26, 2016 – Harris Dining Center

Haunted Harris, at Harris Dining Hall, featured “bat wing” wings, ice cream floats, “road kill” stew, and more. Of course, the Halloween-themed sweets were plentiful with vegan pumpkin pie, cookies and cupcakes on the menu.

Superhero Dinner

October 27, 2016 – Western Dining Commons

Western Dining Commons hosted the final Halloween dinner of the week with Superhero Dinner. Between “Avengers” tater tot casserole, “The Incredible Hulk” braised kale, and a variety of other “super” menu offerings, guests had an excellent assortment of food to fill their plates. Of course, there were plenty of Halloween sweets as well, highlighted by superhero cookies and cupcakes.

Thank you again for joining us at our Halloween dinners! We had a blast hosting them!

Four Nights of Halloween Dinner


Guess what???

Halloween is almost here!


This year, we are happy to be hosting not one, not two, not three, but four special dinners to celebrate the beloved holiday of spookiness! Running from Monday, October 24 until Thursday, October 27, guests will have the chance to enjoy themed events that are sure to get you into the Halloween spirit!

So, pull out your calendars and plan on joining us for the spooky and fun activities! We look forward to seeing you there!

October 24, 2016 – 5-8pm – Garden Commons

Monster Mash Halloween Dinner


October 25, 2016 – 5-8pm – Martin Dining Hall

Club Villain Halloween Dinner


October 26, 2016 – 5-8pm – Harris Dining Center

Haunted Harris Halloween Dinner


October 27, 2016 – 5-8pm – Western Dining Commons

Superhero Halloween Dinner


Recapping Ice Cream Extravaganza (Fall 2016)

It was all smiles at Garden Commons during last Thursday’s Ice Cream Extravaganza event! Students braved the rain for servings of ice cream and gelato, courtesy of Madisono’s, Young’s Jersey Dairy and Miami Ice.

After all, ice cream is worth it.

Madisono’s, a company based out of Cincinnati, served delicious artisanal gelato and sorbetto to guests. Young’s Jersey Dairy, from Yellow Springs, offered a wide variety of their own tasty ice cream flavors. Finally, Miami Ice made the trek from Armstrong Student Center to serve some of their own wonderful gelato.

Additional ice cream novelties were also available and students had the opportunity to enter giveaways with a chance to win prizes from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and Graeter’s!

If you are craving more sweets from last night’s festivities, Madisono’s gelato and sorbetto can be purchased on campus at Market Street at MacCracken.

Young’s Jersey Dairy supplies the ice cream for Encounter milkshakes and will be unveiling a new, exclusive Miami ice cream flavor at the M-Pire State of Mind Homecoming Special Dinner on September 15th.

Miami Ice gelato is made in-house at Armstrong and is available for purchase at the Miami Ice location there!

Make sure you are following us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, so you don’t miss out on anything in the world of Miami University dining. We look forward to serving you at the M-Pire State of Mind Homecoming Dinner on Thursday, September 15th from 5-8pm at Harris Dining Hall!

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