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Ready for Picnic on the Patio?

Summer is just around the corner, so it’s only fitting that Bell Tower Place hosts a cookout to celebrate! Join us at Bell Tower Place on Friday, April 28 from 11am-2pm for our Picnic on the Patio special event!

Picnic on the Patio

Date Location Time
April 28, 2017 Bell Tower Place 11am-2pm

Fresh off special dining events like One Miami Special Dinner, Seventh Inning Stretch and last week’s Local Vendor Day, Picnic on the Patio is the latest of the spring dining festivities. Unlike the previous events, Picnic on the Patio is occurring this year during lunch from 11am-2pm, making it the perfect midday meal on April 28.

For those who enjoyed the ballpark food from Martin Dining Hall’s Seventh Inning Stretch, the Picnic on the Patio menu will look, and taste, familiar. The menu features summer favorites like hot dogs, Italian sausage, burgers, veggie burgers, smoked pork sandwiches, fries, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, baked potato salad, and much more. Check out the full menu below!

Swing by Bell Tower Place on Friday, April 28 from 11am-2pm and join us for a cookout just in time for summer!

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Student Employee Spotlight: Ryan Bengel

Ryan Bengel is a freshman marketing major from the Queen City (Cincinnati, OH). Among the various extracurriculars Bengel participates in on campus, Bengel is an Evans Scholar and a Miami University Wounded Warrior Project Ambassador. You’ve also probably seen him serving up delicious food at Bell Tower Place.

This week, we decided to ask him a few of the “hard-hitting” questions we love.

Q: If you could be any kitchen utensil, which kitchen utensil would you be?

A: Spongebob’s right hand man, the spatula.

Q: What is the coolest place you’ve been?

A: Bobsledding in Lake Placid, NY.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: Head of Marketing for a professional sports franchise.

Q: What is your favorite place to eat on campus?

A: Delish.

Q: What would you want to be famous for?

A: Giving dogs the ability to talk.

Q: If your life was a book, what would be the title?

A: The Comeback Kid

Q: Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?

A: Tom Hanks.

Q: What is your go-to fun fact?

A: I’m faster than 80% of snakes – Dwight Schrute.

Q: To where do you most want to travel?

A: Italy.

Q: What one meal would you eat for the rest of your life?

A: Pizza.

Q: When are you happiest?

A: Listening to music.

Q: If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what song would it be?

A: “Bounce It” by Juicy J.

Q: What is your spirit animal?

A: More like spirit creature … the minions from Despicable Me.

Q: What are you currently binge-watching?

A: The Office … again.

Q: If you could be anyone dead or alive for one day who would you be?

A: Elon Musk.

Q: What would your band be named?

A: Threat Level Midnight.

Interested in joining our team? Apply for a job in dining services today at miamioh.hiretouch.com! We have a number of exciting opportunities available across campus!

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New This Semester: Breakfast Edition

As we usher in a new semester, we want to give you the inside scoop on the newest happenings in Miami University dining for this spring. We begin, naturally, with the announcements that are sure to brighten up your morning, in the first of our three-part blog series.

Breakfast Combos

Breakfast combos are here! Available at select locations across campus, breakfast combos are a new way for you to use your buffet meals without having to make time for the early morning buffet hall run.

Simply head over to one of the participating on-campus locations (Garden Market, Bell Tower Place, King Cafe and Tea Hive) weekdays from 7:30-9am for your choice of breakfast sandwich, your choice of fruit and either a coffee or water. Use a swipe from your buffet meals and then be on your way! Easy.

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 Red Brick Roast

What is college without coffee? Various locations across campus offer your favorite caffeinated beverages, including our Starbucks location, Miami Ice, King Cafe and more. Add one more to the list as we welcome our newest coffee bar, Red Brick Roast!

Located on the lower level of the Miami University Bookstore in the Shriver Center, Red Brick Roast is centrally located and perfect for a morning caffeine boost on a chilly morning!

Red Brick Roast is open Monday-Thursday from 8:30am-6:30pm and on Fridays from 9am-4:30pm.


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Recapping Local Vendor Day (Fall 2016)

Twice a year, Market Street at MacCracken hosts Local Vendor Day, where local vendors visit Miami University, giving students the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people behind their favorite on-campus, local products. And, of course, there are free samples!

The fall rendition, on October 6, was no different. Bathed in the sunlight from a beautiful fall day, 11 vendors set up tables and spoke with students about their products while the Pineridge Partners, a local band from Somerville, played music.

Burgers, gelato, chocolate, candy, baked goods and more were available to sample, but those products are readily available for students now. All the vendors sell out of Market Street at MacCracken!

So, learn a little more about the vendors who attended the event, and be sure to stop by Market Street to purchase their incredible local products!

Check out more photos from Local Vendor Day on our Facebook page!

Madisono’s Gelato

Website: http://www.madisonogelato.com

Offering free samples of their Carmello & Sea Salt gelato, Madisono’s Gelato specializes in hand-crafted, unique artisanal flavors of gelato and sorbet. It’s sold on campus out of Market Street at MacCracken and Emporium.

Check out our “Locally Grown” piece about Madisono’s Gelato and learn how a shiitake mushroom farmer learned how to make gelato.

The Organic Farm at Bear Creek

Website: http://www.organicfarmatbearcreek.com

The Organic Farm at Bear Creek provides a wide range of tasty products to Market Street, including salsa, pasta sauce, jams, soups and tea. At Local Vendor Day, owners Jeff and Sandra Ashba handed out samples of the flavorful, fresh salsa.

Check out our “Locally Grown” piece on The Organic Farm and how they ensure consistency in their products by using family heirloom seeds.

Winans Chocolates + Coffees

Website: http://winanscandies.com

Winans Chocolates + Coffees is a fourth generation family owned chocolate and coffee company located in Piqua. They provided free samples of their chocolate-covered espresso beans and chocolate-covered pretzels. Winans sells chocolates at Market Street at MacCracken, Emporium and King Cafe.

Reserve Run Family Farm

Website: http://www.reserverunfarm.com

Reserve Run Family Farm is the farm behind the delicious burgers offered at Maplestreet Station’s Encounter. Samples of burgers were available at Local Vendor Day. You can find Reserve Run’s tasty burgers at Encounter, and you can also pick up other Reserve Run Farm products at Market Street.

Check out “Locally Grown” piece on Reserve Run Farm and what makes their burgers so good.

Windy Acres

Website: http://www.windyacresonline.com

Windy Acres was back at Local Vendor Day with a wide variety of sweet treats for samples. Windy Acres has been a fixture of the area for years and for many, their candy is nostalgic. Purchase your own sweet supply at Market Street and check out our “Locally Grown” piece on Windy Acres.

Miami University Institute for Food

Website: http://miamioh.edu/cca/news/2016/02/food-Institute.html

The Miami University Institute for Food and farm is an interdisciplinary experiential learning project dedicated to cultivating an awareness around issues of food, health, and sustainable agriculture. Look for its fresh produce across campus dining services and purchase your own at Market Street.

Oxford Coffee Company

Website: http://oxfordcoffee.com

The Oxford Coffee Company attended Local Vendor Day with samples of its coffee. Bob Thurston, Miami professor of history emeritus, buys and roasts the finest possible green coffee beans to ensure excellent flavor, subtlety and character with each cup of coffee. The coffee is available at Market Street.

Chubby Bunny Bakery

Website: http://chubbybunnybakery.com

Chubby Bunny Bakery served up samples of its delicious gluten-free and vegan-baked goods, specifically their pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Chubby Bunny Bakery products are made with organic ingredients and can be purchased out of Market Street.

Grandola Granola

Website: http://www.grandolagranola.com

Grandola Granola brought samples of its wonderful gourmet granola. The granola is nut-free, vegan and made by hand in small batches with organic and local ingredients. Grandola Granola is sold out of Market Street.

Check out our “Locally Grown” piece about Grandola Granola and learn more about how a daughter’s snack turned into a business.

Raphael’s Pizzelles

Website: http://www.raphaelspizzelles.com

Raphael’s Pizzelles visited us from Middletown and sampled a variety of their tasty pizzelle flavors like Citrus, Maple Walnut and even their seasonal Pumpkin. Pizzelles are a crispy Italian cookie and can be found at Market Street and Bell Tower Place.

Heather’s Goodies

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Heathers-Goodies

Heather’s Goodies joined us at Local Vendor Day and offered samples of their delicious baked bread, specifically banana blueberry bread. Heather’s Goodies is based out of Bellbrook and their products can be purchased at Market Street.


Staff Spotlight: John Pittman

Armstrong Student Center is one of the busiest buildings on campus, attracting students, staff, faculty, visitors and guests.

Given the number of people who walk through Armstrong daily, it begs the question: who has the challenging task of overseeing the most-trafficked dining location on campus?

Meet John Pittman.

As an executive manager, Pittman handles and oversees operations for, not only the Armstrong Student Center, but Bell Tower Place and King Café. Needless to say many meals are prepared under his watch. The army veteran doesn’t let the pressure get to him though. In fact, he enjoys it.

I like a fast pace,” said Pittman, “It’s imperative … you’ve got a lot of people in your face and they all want their food now and I like that kind of push.”

Pittman also isn’t new to the demand of the job. While his time in food service professionally only tracks back to the conclusion of his service in the army, his experience in general food preparation dates back a bit farther.

“I started cooking food because my mom couldn’t,” he said with a grin. “I needed to learn early.”

Pittman describes himself as a “restaurant bum.” He wasn’t a cook in the Army, but when he completed his service he chose to attend culinary school and follow a career in the food industry.

I worked in restaurants in high school,” said Pittman. “That became really serious when I was a sous-chef at Chart House in California.”

He went on to work as a sous-chef at Don Pepe’s in Kansas City before returning to Cincinnati where he was a sous-chef at Black Forest Restaurant and later an executive chef at Maury’s Tiny Cove. He then ran Pomodori’s Pizza – a Zagat award-winning Italian restaurant – and Servatii’s Pastry Shops before coming to Miami University.

Now, he spends much of his time helping and supporting his staff as they prepare and serve meals on campus. He does so while still making the time to interact with students daily.   

“It’s nice … When you get older like I am, it’s nice to have contact with people who aren’t all starting to feel the aches and pains of life,” said Pittman with a laugh.

Even beyond the workplace, Pittman seeks out opportunities to support and positively influence kids. In his free time, he is a scoutmaster.

I rejoined the Boy Scouts at 38,” he said. “I work with kids and I just try to lead them by example and live the Scout Law as I can.”

He works with a Boy Scout Troop of 11-year-old to 18-year-old boys and a Venture Crew that’s coed. The Venture Crew, with kids between 14 and 21, is more focused on high adventure.

We do an annual trip to Red River Gorge. We went to Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia last year. We do a lot of Northern Ohio hiking. We’re doing a trip to Wisconsin next summer, as well as a boundary waters trip up by Canada for a week-long kayaking trip,” said Pittman.

Whether hiking in Northern Ohio, or keeping an eye on things around Armstrong, Pittman looks to help his scouts and employees develop the tools to succeed. For his staff, he focuses on three key things.

“I ask them to do their best, take pride in their work and tell them to get a thick skin because you get six or seven thousand people a day through here. Three might complain. Those are the things that hurt the most. You don’t know 5,997 people had a really good experience.”

Pittman has a lot on his plate, but he still takes the time to connect with his staff, valuing the ability to communicate with them directly.

A lot of face-to-face. A lot of personal interaction. I don’t like the group email kind of things. I like to sit down with somebody and talk with them,” he said. “It’s just more personal, and I think you get more out of it that way, on both ends.

The Hard Questions

Favorite thing about Miami University Dining?

Getting to work on this campus.

Favorite dish to prepare? To eat?

Prepare – Lamb.

Eat – A good bologna sandwich.

Favorite TV Show? Mountain Monsters.

Cat or dog? Dog.

Cake or pie? Pie.

Staff Spotlight: Tim Schomberg

If you’ve eaten at Garden Commons since its opening last fall, you probably know, or at least recognize, Tim Schomberg. Now the General Manager at Bell Tower Place, Schomberg is quick to strike up conversations with students and other guests.

Even from the start of Schomberg’s time in food service, building connections with patrons was important to him. His mom worked for Kroger for many years and Schomberg joined her, eventually spending 21 years there himself.

“I found that I loved the people,” said Schomberg, “You get regulars that would come in week after week. You really get to see their families grow up.”

Tim Schomberg is the current General Manager at Bell Tower Place.

Schomberg is the current General Manager at Bell Tower Place.

After spending time as a snap-on tool salesman and working a couple years with AVI food systems in vending services, Schomberg took a dining services job at Miami University in 2004 and has worked here since, finding the student interactions, and the relationships he develops with them, still some of his favorite things about his job.

“I love the interaction with students,” said Schomberg, “When you see these people day after day and week after week… you start building those bonds and it’s like anything else, you get to know someone. You get to see this familiar face all the time. You start to build a relationship.”

As a father of five (four daughters and one son), participating in these ongoing conversations with students feels familiar and makes it easier for Schomberg to connect with them, even beyond graduation. Today, Schomberg uses social media to keep in touch with former student managers who have since moved across the world and are now starting their own families.

It’s nice, not that I see them a whole lot, but there’s always the interaction on Facebook and I get the opportunity to see them continue to grow,” said Schomberg, “There’s one who lives in Columbus and is a big Bengals fan and I usually see him once a year. He’ll usually come down to a game and we’ll catch up on what’s been going on over the last year.”

For Schomberg, it’s a sense of “family” university-wide that not only fosters long-lasting relationships, like the ones he has with former student managers, but is also key for current students.

“I think for the most part, the people here… they just care about the students that come in. I think we all kinda feel, in some strange way, they’re all our children,” said Schomberg, “We have one goal here. To make these the best possible conditions for these students as they’re here for their four years.”

This school year, Schomberg can be found at Bell Tower Place, managing the operations of Bell Tower buffet and Bell Tower Market, ensuring our guests are provided the very best in dining services, while overseeing full-time and student staff. He still makes time for students though, whether answering questions or just starting a conversation.

“I was doing the register a little bit last night and I remembered some of the kids that came in for lunch time,” said Schomberg, “I remember talking to a few of them and they came back in, so already, this week, I’m recognizing faces, they’re recognizing mine and that’s how you build relationships.”

The Hard Questions

Favorite dish to prepare? To eat?

Prepare – I love making the stir-fry.

Eat – A good steak. I also love the big baked potatoes with the Kosher salt on the outside.

What are some of your hobbies? Interests?

I fish. I have a pond at my place. I used to hunt. I’m a big NASCAR fan and a Bengals season-ticket holder. I love to read.

Favorite TV Show? The Walking Dead

Cat or dog? Both, I have two dogs, three cats and four horses (and all the fish in his pond).

Cake or pie? It’s close, but it has to be pie.

Introducing Faculty & Staff Dining at Bell Tower Place


Faculty & staff looking for a convenient, quiet on-campus dining experience have found their match.

Bell Tower Place, offering a delicious and varied buffet service, is now host to faculty & staff looking for a break from the hustle and bustle during meal time. The dedicated seating area, located in the Caribbean Room, will be available from 7:30am-2pm on weekdays for those looking to take advantage of Bell Tower’s extended hours, central location and wonderful food!

Benefits of Bell Tower Place

  • The $7.50 faculty & staff buffet meal deal applies
  • Use payroll deduct and receive an additional 10% off
  • Bell Tower Place offers extended hours (7:30am-2pm) and a wide variety of food during those times
  • Bell Tower Place is a central campus location

So, join us at Bell Tower Place for breakfast and/or lunch and enjoy everything Bell Tower Place has to offer! We’re excited to serve you!


What’s New on the Menu? – Buffets

After a brief hiatus, Martin Dining Hall is back, joining the ranks of our buffet locations. Add in the newly “buffet-ized” Bell Tower Place and Pacific Rim and our buffet total has reached six! With the new meal plan (more here), buffet locations are great opportunities to enjoy all-you-can-eat dining and use your buffet meals.

With a new year upon us, along with some new locations, let’s take a look at the exciting new updates across our buffet locations!

Garden Commons

20160621_154317-minGarden Commons was the new kid on the block just a year ago, but has quickly become a campus favorite as we enter its second year. The big announcement with Garden Commons is with hours of operation. Garden Commons will be open 7:30am-8pm during the week and will be open 11am-8pm on the weekend. We realize student schedules can be unaccommodating to standard dining hours, so this should give students more flexibility around their daily obligations.

Garden Market’s hours are also shifting. The market — complete with snacks, drinks and more — will be open from 9am-9pm during the week. Garden Market’s to-go window still gives students the chance to pick up sandwiches, wings and other food on their way to, or from, class.

Harris Dining Hall

The menu for this dining mainstay is going to look a little different this year with two new stations. First and foremost, the Traditions station has received a facelift. Now Traditions will feature healthy menu items like grilled chicken, fish, veggies and more, that should make the health conscious swoon.

If that new station doesn’t sound appealing to you though, you’ll love the new Great Tastes station. Great Tastes will feature the hearty, cheat-day favorites like potato bowls, mac & cheese, wings, casserole and more. As is customary with buffet spots, there will be some variety day-to-day across the stations as menu items rotate. The Campus Grill still remains, as does the extensive salad bar. The morning yogurt bar actually will offer up some increased variety.

It’s also worth noting the Harris hours of operation. Harris will not offer lunch service during the week and will not be open on the weekends. This is dictated by student dining habits last year. There simply wasn’t enough traffic during lunch and over the weekends at Harris to keep it open. Instead, we can better serve you by reallocating resources elsewhere on campus at those times. Pacific Rim will be offering weekend buffet brunch and Maplestreet Station, as a whole, is a good alternative during the lunch hours during the week!

Western Dining Commons

Like Garden Commons, Western is remaining largely the same with the hours of operation being the main point of interest. Western will be open, with continuous service, throughout the week (7:30am-8pm) and will be open on the weekends as well. On the menu, pizza is replacing flatbread (rejoice pizza-lovers) and the Western deli station (at the lower level in the back) is back and better than ever!

Tea Hive is still serving up a variety of tasty sandwiches and wraps, as well as tea (cups or teapots). Also keep an eye out for some exciting new tea/juice combos, in the spirit of what is offered at Starbucks.

Martin Dining Hall

The seating area continues into the other room. To the back is the cash register for the Scoreboard entrance and back to the right is Scoreboard Market.

Martin is back! After a year-long renovation, the classic dining hall is sporting some new digs that are sure to satisfy students this year. Martin features three stations with perhaps the most exciting being the Winning Seasonings station. Winning Seasonings is a healthier take on our standard traditions menu offerings. Think carved meats, grilled chicken, rice, and veggies. This is a great area for athletes who are looking to refuel after a hard workout. Pizza, pasta, salad and more are also available. Oh, and there’s a soft serve machine (eek!).

Martin will be operating with a schedule that is similar to Harris, with breakfast and dinner service during the week, but no lunch service. Martin, however, will open for time frames on the weekend (Saturday: 11am-2pm, Sunday: 11am-8pm). Martin’s location compared to the majority of students during the week (on campus, attending classes) pushed this move. Garden Commons is a great weekday buffet alternative during lunch, as is Bell Tower.

Another option is the new and improved Scoreboard Market. Located in/next to Martin Dining Hall, Scoreboard offers a wide variety of convenience store items, snacks and drinks, plus the “to-go ordering” students loved about Scoreboard before the renovation. You can order items like burgers, Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, wings, chicken tenders, hot dogs, mozzarella sticks and much more using the GET App mobile ordering option. Quickly order on your phone or online and then pick up your food when it’s ready. A kiosk is also located in the market itself where you can order your food and then pick it up at the window shortly after.

Download the GET App for Apple and Android, or order online here.

Bell Tower Place

Bell Tower is a buffet! While that may sound a tad daunting to Bell Tower lovers out there, know that Bell Tower is largely the Bell Tower you remember: just now a buffet. There is a little more rotation in the menus, but the stations remain the same with the Campus Grill, Señora Stop, Pizza Pi, Pastato, the salad/fruit bar and, yes, the Wok station! Now though, you can use a buffet meal to get your fill of Bell Tower’s fantastic food service.

Bell Tower is also now home to Bell Tower Market, where you can stop in, pick up an Uncle Phil’s sandwich (including customizable PB&J), Starbucks products/smoothies (as before) or your standard snacks and/or drinks before heading on your way. The market is separate from the buffet, so you don’t need to take advantage of Bell Tower’s all-you-can-eat offerings to grab a meal while making your way past Bell Tower.

Pacific Rim

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.33.37 AMMaplestreet Station’s Pacific Rim is now also a buffet! This year, you will be able to use a buffet meal at Pacific Rim and enjoy all-you-can-eat of your Pacific Rim favorites. Made-to-order stir-fry is still available, featuring vegetable blends like Armstrong’s Mein Street, to help speed-up service. Pacific Rim’s made-to-order stir-fry is allergen-friendly with soy being the only top 8 allergen served there. Due to these considerations, the Pacific Rim stir-fry station is a wonderful spot for those with special diets (still be sure to notify staff of your allergy when ordering) and for those looking to avoid gluten.

Pacific Rim will also serve different international entrees, like pacific dishes and Indian cuisine, and will offer up some of the more traditional American menu options as well. There will be prepared salads, a pudding bar, desserts and Pacific Rim will serve brunch on the weekends. Pacific Rim is definitely an exciting location for this upcoming school year!

Keep tabs on the latest happenings in dining by following us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram! We are very excited to have you all back on campus and we can’t wait to serve you during the 2016-17 school year!

5 Classic Food Pairings and their Origins

Inspired by National Best Friends Day earlier this week and the countless people who shared pictures and kind words about the peanut butter to their jelly, we wanted to dive into one of the great discussions of our time; classic food pairings.

After all, regardless of how long you’ve been attached at the hip with your bestie, these foods have been putting up with the other for longer (presumably) and to much success.

So, let’s get started with some of the top #friendgoals (as it relates to food) around.

1. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Peanut butter and Jelly is arguably the gold-standard in terms of food pairing, going back to early childhood for many. Some might say it’s the greatest invention since sliced bread, but that would be incorrect. The peanut butter and jelly sandwich’s origin dates back to 1901, when it was first published by Julia Davis Chandler. Even though peanut butter was considered a delicacy at the time, kids latched onto the sweet combination, thus beckoning the evolution of the PB&J into the sandwich titan it is today.

Sliced bread? The process of slicing and wrapping bread wasn’t invented, at least on a commercial level, until the late 1920s by Gustav Papendick, which allowed kids to make their own PB&J without needing a potentially dangerous kitchen knife. There was no stopping this food pairing after that.

Nowadays, students can stop by our dining locations like the markets, Bell Tower Place or King Cafe during our PB&J Specials to enjoy their own creative take on the classic pairing!

Source: SeriousEats

2. Bacon & Eggs

What’s “breakfast” to you? For many, it’s the power couple that is bacon and eggs. This pairing has its roots in the 1920s when the Austrian-born Edward Bernays was brought in by Beech-Nut Packing Company to help create demand for bacon, which they sold.

Bernays, also known as the “Father of Public Relations,” went to his own agency’s doctor, asking if heavier breakfasts were a healthier option compared to the light morning meals of the time. The doctor said yes and wrote to 5,000 other doctors, asking them to confirm his findings. Major newspapers and magazines published the study, urging the public to eat heavier breakfasts, featuring the bacon and eggs combo, for their own health, which is where this food pairing truly got its start.

Bacon and eggs are available throughout the campus. Both can be found at Pulley Diner and First Stop, but our buffet locations also serve bacon and eggs intermittently as well.

Source: The American Table

3. Macaroni & Cheese

The origin of macaroni & cheese dates back a little further to the late thirteenth century in southern Italy, with the first modern form of the recipe appearing in the 1769 book The Experienced English Housekeeper written by Elizabeth Raffled.

Mac & cheese in North America, however, can trace its origins back to the early European settlers and even Thomas Jefferson. As the story goes, Jefferson was rather infatuated with macaroni & cheese, even attempting to make his own macaroni noodles to pair with imported Parmesan cheese, making for some of the earliest forms of modern macaroni & cheese on North American soil. Some sources claim that Jefferson’s daughter, Mary Randolph, is the true inventor of the dish after taking up hostess duties of the house following her mother’s death.

Years later, in 1937, Kraft took this tasty food pairing and ran with it.

Macaroni & cheese is another item found at various spots across campus, especially during special events, but also intermittently at other locations!

Sources: Food52 and CliffordAWright.com


4. Hamburger & French Fries

Hamburgers and french fries are certainly among the top food “besties” and are deserving of recognition on a list about food pairings. The origin of this combo is traced back to the early 1900s, specifically 1921, with the opening of the first White Castle in Wichita, Kansas.

Serving fast hamburgers, White Castle was in need of quick finger food to pair with their fast food offering. Around this same time, soldiers from WWII were back from Europe, craving the fried potatoes that were sold as street food in Europe. The quick and easy “meat and potatoes” combo was ultimately a match made in heaven, resulting in one of the more celebrated food pairings.

On campus, the hamburger and french fry combo is a popular meal and is one that is widely available at our dining locations. For those looking to enjoy this food pairing, check out Encounter for fresh, local beef patties, or keep your eyes peeled at most of our other locations!

Source: Huffington Post


5. Spaghetti & Meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs is another tremendously popular food pairing that is a fixture of many households. While spaghetti and meatballs is considered an Italian dish, this combo is really American. Certainly the concept of noodles, marinara sauce and meat has Italian roots, but “spaghetti and meatballs” really got its start in the late 1800s and early 1900s with Italian immigrants coming to America. U.S. meat quickly took hold of the dish, combined with noodles and canned tomato sauce, called “sailor sauce,” because it was one of the few items available at local grocers. Since then, this food pairing has become a fixture of American households.

On campus, Garden Commons serves made-to-order pasta, but other locations rotate through different types of pasta. La Mia Cucina is always a good bet for some tasty spaghetti and meatballs too!

Source: Escoffier

Other Great Food Pairings

– Hummus & Pita

– Milk & Cookies

– Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

– Coffee & Donut

– Chips & Salsa

So, what do you think? What are your favorite food pairings?

Top 10 Most Popular Menu Items from Spring Semester

There are 11 different locations on campus, offering a wide array of food. From the epicenter of student activity at Armstrong, to King Cafe and Dividends, there are a variety of flavors available to students across the Miami University campus.

That got us thinking. What are the most popular meals on campus?

Without further ado, let’s take a look back at the spring semester and countdown the top 10 most popular menu items at our a la carte locations.

10. Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The spicy chicken sandwich gets the countdown rolling at No. 10. Available at Pulley Diner, Bell Tower Place and Garden Market, as well as buffet locations on occasion, the spicy chicken sandwich is a tasty choice that students flock to. Keep tabs on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts next year so you don’t miss out on spicy chicken sandwich specials, like the one we had at Encounter this past semester.


This spicy chicken sandwich was offered as a limited time special at Encounter earlier this spring semester.

9. Burger with Fries

This classic meal is available across campus, but Encounter, Pulley Diner and Bell Tower Place are the primary culprits for this ranking. Be sure to try a smash-style burger from Pulley Diner, or head over to Encounter for a local burger, fresh from Oxford’s Reserve Run Family Farm.


Encounter is home to the Encounter Burger, made with Reserve Run Farm beef.

8. Chicken Fingers

You knew chicken fingers would find a way on to this list. After all, you can’t go wrong with chicken fingers! They can be found across campus, particularly at the likes of Pulley Diner and Bell Tower Place.


Chicken fingers are offered across campus, but they are certainly a favorite at Pulley Diner.

7. 16oz Gourmet Coffee

Coffee is the life-blood of the college student and this ranking supports that thought process. Whether just waking up or preparing for a late study session, coffee is a go-to on campus. King Cafe, Miami Ice, Tea Hive, Garden Market and our new Starbucks (located at Maplestreet Station) are the primary coffee destinations, although it is available at other locations across campus.


A number of campus locations can cure coffee-deprivation.

6. Deli Sandwich

Deli sandwiches were the sixth most popular item from the spring semester. Available at Haines’ Boulangerie, Delish, King Cafe and Bell Tower Place (along with different wraps at other locations), the deli sandwich has a wide reach. While all the locations mentioned allow you to customize your own, which is hard to pass up, be sure to try the deli stations at the buffet locations too!


Yum. Delish.

5. Banana

Checking in at No. 5 is perhaps the most surprising of the top 10; the banana. Yep, that’s right, the banana was the fifth most popular item across campus during the spring semester. Bananas are smart choices when you’re looking for a snack or need something on your way to class and can be found all over campus. They are nutrient-rich and have been linked to a variety of health studies as a wonderful addition to any diet. Plus, they are a great source of potassium for those of you who are hitting the gym!


Bananas are a great addition to any diet and can be found across campus at a variety of different dining and market locations.

4. RedHawk Water

We like to share with you the importance of drinking lots of water, so it’s good to see water amongst the top items from the spring. Like bananas, water is available across campus and is a great thing to get more of in your diet. Water could be even higher on this list, as this doesn’t even account for SmartWater or some of the other brands that are sold on campus.


RedHawk water is another item that can be found across campus, particularly at our market locations like Market Street at MacCracken.

3. Dividends Salad

At No. 3, we have the beloved Dividends salad from — you guessed it — Dividends! Trader’s Greens salads are available at Dividends, Americas and Haines’ Boulangerie, but salads are also available at buffets. We’d be remised if we didn’t at least mention the popular dressing of choice; the delicious sweet herb vinaigrette that certainly helped the Dividends salad in these rankings.


Trader’s Greens, the salad station at Dividends, is also located at Americas and Haines’ Boulangerie.

2. Pizza

Pizza makes the world go round, so it’s only fitting that it jumps in here as the No. 2 most popular item of the spring semester. Pizza is available at Sundial, Red Brick Pizza and Bell Tower Place, but is also available at La Mia Cucina, through LMC Pizza Delivery and at buffet locations (slices at Garden Commons and personal flatbread at Western Dining Commons).


Pizza is a tasty staple of college life and it’s available across campus at Sundial, Red Brick, La Mia Cucina, LMC Pizza Delivery and buffets.

1. Stir Fry

And at No. 1 is… stir fry! Stir Fry is available at Mein Street, Bell Tower Place and Pacific Rim and is clearly a campus favorite. Stir fry can offer some great health value and is simply delicious. If you’d like to get a taste of the top item from this spring, it can be found at the above a la carte locations (Mein Street is open this summer) or is available at Garden Commons buffet as well!


And stir fry reigns supreme! Available at Mein Street, Bell Tower Place and it can be ordered at Garden Commons.