Quick Trips

What’s the Word on the strEAT?



  Keep your eye out this Spring Semester for this Truck cruising around because students on campus know this meal on wheels serves up a variety of unique breakfast and dinner items! It’s most popular item being the crazy combos of grilled cheeses!

Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 11.44.57 AM

  The StrEATs food truck changes location every day so it’s a good idea to follow their Twitter @MUstreats so you never miss any special deals and always know where to find them when you start craving a snack!


For finals week the StrEATs truck parked outside of The King Library and had a special surprise for students who came out for a bite to eat! The were giving away free @MiamiUDining T-Shirts and hot chocolate to the Oxford students – a nice warm treat for all their hard work!


So whether you’re on the go or with a group of friends don’t forget to check out the always convenient campus food truck! They’re ready for you to come #EatWithUS!



Saturday Breakfast Buffet


The Western Dining Commons gave students a sneak peek last Saturday for what’s to come this Spring Semester. From now on, a breakfast buffet will be available every day of the week!

Breakfast Buffet #2   Breakfast Buffet #3

With a large variety to choose from, you can load your plate with bacon strips, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and even biscuits and gravy! The Allergen Station will also be fully operational on Saturdays to accommodate any dietary needs!

Breakfast Buffet #4  Breakfast Buffet #5

In addition hot and ready breakfast, sandwiches will also be available for a morning snack (or meal) on the go!

Breakfast Buffet #6

With all these exciting and new changes we would love to hear feedback and welcome any ideas or preferences you may have so we can tailor this recent transformation to fit your needs as students here at Oxford!

Breakfast Buffet #7

So prepare your bellies for the spring semester, because, as always, Miami Dining has got you covered!



K0914 New Restaurants in Maplestreet Station



Guess What!

(October 13)

Traditional Tuffy’s (in Shriver) has been reinvented!


As of today, Tuffy’s now offers soup, salads, and bread for a well-rounded, healthy lunch. More exciting news, the Tuffy’s salads are the same salads offered at Dividend$. You can get your Dividend$ salad fix at more than just FSB.


If you’re hungry and don’t have a lot of time between classes, stop by Tuffy’s.


Spread the Word: Western Dining Commons

(September 30)

Western Dining Commons is on Western Campus—one of the most gorgeous areas of the campus—about ten minutes away from Armstrong. The meal options at WDC are comparable to all the most popular venues on campus.


For example, today for lunch, both Armstrong and Western Dining Commons are serving various flatbreads, salads, chicken wings, and sandwiches; as well as various to-go options.


If you’re looking for a calm place to eat that might be a bit quicker, Western is the perfect place to check out.

Sample menu handout_8.5x11-01


Happy Wednesday!

(September 24)

As a special treat to get you through this week, stop by Maplestreet Station for a delightful breakfast. (At any point in the day!)


Patisserie (hours: Monday-Friday 7am-10pm; 9am-4pm on weekends) is where you should be if you long for the chic, luxurious feeling of dining in Europe. It is reminiscent of the finest Parisian cafes—perfect to sip, nibble, relax, and study in. If you want to surprise a friend or significant other, get a pastry to go, packaged in a pink box and tied with ribbon.



First Stop (hours: Monday-Friday 8am-9pm; 10am-7pm on weekends) is a great place for breakfast during the week and an even better for brunch over the weekends. Hey, even if you want breakfast for dinner, First Stop is your place. It is restaurant style, which means you sit down and order your food from a server. While you wait for your meal, enjoy your coffee or juice.

IMG_8258 - Version 2



Take Home Snacks!

(September 18)

MacCracken is the most iconic image of the campus. It’s centrally located, situated near an open grassy area (where students hang out when the weather permits), and can be easily pinpointed because of it’s proximity to the equally as famous sun dial.


Because of its central location, Market Street is this week’s place to be. Go to the Rec, go for a walk or jog, hike through Miami’s trails and end your journey at the market for a Naked smoothie or an ice-cold bottle of water.


MacCracken is a great snack place for those who have just left the Rec and are looking for a pick-me-up, or for those who are enjoying a leisurely afternoon in the quad because Market Street is a small grocery store where you can find fresh produce and bakery items, along with frozen and dry foods. Market Street even sells flowers!

Don’t forget to stock up on snacks for when you’re hungry and don’t feel like leaving your room!


Market Street is open from 8:30am-11pm Monday-Friday and 10:30am-11pm on the weekends.


Three Words: La Mia Cucina

(September 17)

If you love Italian food, you’ll love La Mia. In this sit-down style restaurant (carry-out is also an option), you have your choice of fresh salad, homemade soup, hearth baked pizzas, made-to-order paninis, subs, wraps, pastas, desserts, and fruit smoothies. Pretty much anything you could ever need to satisfy your hunger.


New this year!


La Mia is offering 10 Minute Lunches. These are half portions of La Mia favorites such as fettuccine alfredo, meatball sub, chicken Caesar salad, and spaghetti and meatballs. Great on-the-go or for a sit down meal.


ALSO, the family-style lunch, served from 11am-4:30pm is a new dining option. For $28, you get entrée, salad, breadsticks, and drinks for 4! Be sure to check this out with your friends for longer breaks between classes or an early dinner.


This is a great place for students looking to treat themselves with the ambiance of an open kitchen environment.


La Mia is in the same building as Harris over in South Quad. Both meal plans and credit cards/cash are accepted here and it’s a great place to take a visiting parent.


Open: Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm; Friday 11am-2pm; closed Saturday; Sunday 4:30pm-9pm


So many options!

(September 11)

So if you haven’t noticed by now, there are several locations on campus that serve similar menu options.


Here are your stir-fry/Asian inspired restaurants:

Mein Street (Armstrong)

Wok This Way (Bell Tower)

Pacific Rim (Maplestreet)


Pizza/pasta options:

Sundial Pizza (Armstrong)

Red Brick Pizza (Maplestreet)

Pizza Pi/Pastato (Bell Tower)

Pastato (Martin)


Breakfast/brunch options:

First Stop South (in Harris)

First Stop (Maplestreet)

Super Brunch (Western Dining Commons)


Burger/grill options:

Campus Grill (Bell Tower & Harris)

Grill & Roast (Western Dining Commons)

Pulley Diner (Armstrong)



Delish (Maplestreet)

Uncle Phil’s (King Café, Scoreboard in Martin, Bell Tower); also, Uncle Phil’s express is served at most market locations


Burritos, tacos, etc.:

Serrano (Armstrong)

Sonora Stop (Bell Tower & Harris & Martin)


Hot sandwiches/paninis:

Haines’ Boulangerie (Armstrong)

Panini Portfolio (Dividends in Farmer)



Trader’s Greens (Dividends, Mapletstreet: Americas, Shriver: Tuffy’s)



No matter where you go on campus, you can find your favorite food. The quality is consistent and the variety is undeniable. So. Many. Customizable. Options.


Dividends: It’s what’s for lunch

(September 8)

Dividends is located over on East Quad in the Farmer’s School of Business, across the street from Pearson, and next to Cook Field.

There are several delicious (and speedy) breakfast and lunch options at Dividends.

For a swift breakfast, Dividends offers coffee, tea, fresh baked cinnamon rolls, fruit, and pastries.

For lunch, there are many more options. There’s an Asian Market that serves sushi, dumplings, rice, spring rolls, etc. There’s the Panini Portfolio that serves—you guessed it—paninis. Preferred Stock serves soup. And finally, Trader’s Greens, serves the famous Dividends salad; a giant custom salad bar with over 50 toppings.


Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 7:45am-4pm; Friday 7:45am-2:30pm; closed on the weekends


How many stamps are on your Dining Passport?

(September 8)

Passport to Dining_card image_front-01-01


For your dining pleasure

(September 2)

Today’s recommendation for your dining pleasure (and convenience) is King Café.


Another place with quick lunch options!


If you haven’t visited the ground floor of King recently, this café has expanded a lot in the past couple of years. It now has a refrigerated foods section, snacks, more bakery options, salads, and a place to order a tasty sandwich from Uncle Phil’s Deli.


Whether you’re looking for a caffeine pick-me-up or some brain food, King Café has this edge of campus covered.


Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-11pm; Friday 7am-5pm; Saturday 11am-3pm; Sunday 10am-11pm

(Pro tip: when the café is closed, the outside doors that lead into the café are locked.)


Fit Friday

(August 29)

We hope your first week of classes has treated you well!


Keep in mind that dining services can go hand-in-hand with your fitness regimen.

Today, we recommend a walk or jog around campus. If, by chance, you end up on Western (and you should since this part of campus is so beautiful), be sure to stop by The Greystone in the Western Dining Commons for a snack or a refreshing beverage.

The Greystone is a grocery-style market with an emphasis on natural and organic food choices. The Greystone also has an array of fresh fruit, salads, and freshly packed sandwiches.

Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 9am-10pm; Friday 9am-8pm; Saturday 10am-8pm; Sunday 10am-10pm


A Place to Explore: Bell Tower Place

(August 27)

As great as the new restaurants on campus are, we can’t forget about those that have been old favorites here. The traditional place on campus we recommend you visit today is Bell Tower Place.

Lots of quick options here!

The Bell Tower dining venue is located halfway up High Street, near its namesake Bell Tower. Its location is perfect for both on-campus and off-campus students. Upperclassmen—this is a great place to grab coffee or breakfast in the morning on your walk to class.

Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm; Friday 8am-2pm; closed on weekends

If you’re interested in pizza, pasta, sushi, a burger, a donut, coffee, cake, a smoothie, onion rings, yogurt, a burrito, tacos, quesadillas, guacamole, egg rolls, a deli sandwich, stir-fry, fruit, or soup, Bell Tower Place is the place to be.



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