You asked. We listened.

More buffet options will now be offered across the campus!


Harris and Martin will now be open for dinner every Friday from 5-8.


Also, Pacific Rim (in Maplestreet) will be offering bento boxes–just like the lunch boxes at Wild Bistro–for a flat rate of $6.25. These bento boxes will be offered every day Pacific Rim is open. This new menu option is called:


THE BENTO BOX MEAL DEAL! In each bento box, you’ll have a salad (fruit, Asian, edamame), rice, stir-fry, and a side. Plus, a drink will be included in your order.


This is a separate menu option from the Wok This Way stir-fry, which will still be served a la carte.


A similar menu item will also be added to International Station (over in WDC). For $6.25, Monday-Friday 11am-2pm, you’ll see the cashier, then have one run through the line. It’s self-serve and you have complete control over your portions. Your meal from here can be either carry out or dine in and there are weekly menu options that will be served here for variety. Feel free to stop by every day to try them all!


“Service is only as slow as the customer in front of you!”


All changes Miami Dining has made are designed to make the lines go faster and to make sure everyone gets the right amount of food for him or herself. These are great options to get yourself some delicious food, quickly, and you can control your spending.

Holiday Project

On October 16th & 17th (from 8am-5pm) in 211 Warfield there will be a bake sale that supports the Holiday Project, which is an organization that is committed to providing a happy holiday season to foster children in this area.


On both days, cookies, pies, breads, candies, cupcakes, and much more will be offered. Additionally, on the 16th various chilis, soups, corn bread, and assorted casseroles will be offered for purchase as well.


Come out, treat yourself, and support the Miami/Oxford community!

Guess What!

Traditional Tuffy’s (in Shriver) has been reinvented!


As of today, Tuffy’s now offers soup, salads, and bread for a well-rounded, healthy lunch. More exciting news, the Tuffy’s salads are the same salads offered at Dividend$. You can get your Dividend$ salad fix at more than just FSB.


If you’re hungry and don’t have a lot of time between classes, stop by Tuffy’s.

Cultivating Community at Harris

Last night we hosted a Cultivating Community event at Harris!

This event featured local produce, meats, and cheeses in Harris’s already delightful repertoire. Menu options included vegan peppers with rice filling, roasted local cauliflower, maple bacon cupcakes with local bacon, roasted chicken quarters and much more!


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.24.04 PM          Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.23.54 PM


Some tweets from the night—


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.24.35 PMSami Chalupa: Best meal I’ve had yet from @MiamiUDining local community food at Harris!


Meagan Westrick: So much yummy food!!!!! @MiamiUDining


To stay updated on all of the yummy events, follow Miami Dining @MiamiUDining!

Food for Thought

Looking to make your meal a little healthier?


Here are some possibilities!


-replace a dessert item with a fruit cup

-replace fried chicken on a sandwich with grilled chicken

-add a protein, such as chicken or nuts, to a salad

-add a green option, such as green beans or spinach or broccoli, to each meal

-instead of croissants, biscuits, or white bread, try low-fat whole grain bread (wheat, rye, pumpernickel)

-instead of a fried tortilla, try a soft tortilla (corn or whole wheat)

-instead of a sugary cereal, try oatmeal

-in place of potato or corn chips, try unsalted pretzels or unbuttered popcorn

-brown rice in place of white rice

-swap out those French fries for a baked potato, or, better yet, a baked sweet potato

Local, Sustainable Food Options: Both On and Off Campus

When a lot of new students start classes here (and even some upperclassmen), they don’t always know about the weekly farmers’ market uptown.


While your swipey isn’t a payment option at this particular market, it is worth checking out. You can personally talk with the person who harvested your lettuce, strawberries, or whatever else is in season at the time you attend. There are also stands at the market that sell coffee and the most delicious muffins—almost as good as Miami’s homemade muffins.


I personally enjoy picking up fresh produce at the farmers’ market, then heading to MacCracken for local pasta and dessert options. A trip to these two markets can help support a healthy diet and give back to the community around Miami as well as the Miami community.

We Hear You!

Whether it be comments on social media, our blog, or statements made to our Brand Ambassadors around campus, here at Miami Dining, we want you to know that we receive and record your feedback.


Every complaint and every compliment gets taken into consideration to help us make future decisions. They are reported to chefs, managers, and even the Senior Director (as you saw in the letter we posted last week). Some of you may even receive free meal vouchers to thank you for speaking up.

Although you may not see immediate results, know that someone is gathering information in regards to your suggestions. If it is feasible with our current resources, within University Policy, and beneficial to all students—we’ll try our best to do it. (Such as adding a vanilla peanut butter shake to Pulley Diner last semester because of a suggestion on Twitter!)


Don’t get stuck in a rut of negativity—keep it fun! We always love to see photos of gorgeous food and happy customers. You may just get something nice in return.

Happy Wednesday!

As a special treat to get you through this week, stop by Maplestreet Station for a delightful breakfast. (At any point in the day!)


Patisserie (hours: Monday-Friday 7am-10pm; 9am-4pm on weekends) is where you should be if you long for the chic, luxurious feeling of dining in Europe. It is reminiscent of the finest Parisian cafes—perfect to sip, nibble, relax, and study in. If you want to surprise a friend or significant other, get a pastry to go, packaged in a pink box and tied with ribbon.



First Stop (hours: Monday-Friday 8am-9pm; 10am-7pm on weekends) is a great place for breakfast during the week and an even better for brunch over the weekends. Hey, even if you want breakfast for dinner, First Stop is your place. It is restaurant style, which means you sit down and order your food from a server. While you wait for your meal, enjoy your coffee or juice.

Not Just for Athletes!

Martin Hall is located on North Quad, out in the direction of Millet. This dining hall is right behind Brandon Hall on Talawanda Road and, again, features many tasty options.


Like Harris, Martin Dining Hall also has a Sonora Stop (burritos, nachos, tacos, etc.) and Miami Traditions (traditional home cooked meals). However, Martin also has a Pastato with lots of pasta options and baked potatoes. At Martin Winning Seasonings there are healthier dining options. (Athletes, this is the place for you!). Martin Hall also has Scoreboard Market where you can place an order via kiosk for hot sandwiches and sides, custom-made! And finally, Hawk’s Nest is where you can get your soft pretzel and pizza needs met at a to-go window located on the lower level of Martin.


Martin is great whether you’ve just run steps at Yager or if you’re planning a nice walk in the formal gardens post-meal. Get yourself some.



Breakfast Express: Monday-Friday 7:30am-10:30am; closed weekends

Martin Buffet: Sunday-Thursday 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm; Friday & Saturday 11am-2pm

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