Quick Armstrong Tutorial

For students both new and old,

To make trying new things a little more comfortable….


In all of the restaurants in Armstrong, walk up to the register first to order your food. From that point, you’ll either get a number, get a table card, or have to listen for your order nearby. Because Armstrong is so delicious and convenient, it’s always a bit busy, but don’t let that intimidate you! During peak hours, multiple registers are open.


All your food is hot and made to order. As if that isn’t amazing enough, all of the eating utensils and to-go boxes are biodegradable and Armstrong composts the food waste. Yay, Earth!

Where can I eat?

Even though classes don’t start until next week, we know that some people have moved back to campus early and we’d love to feed you all!

If you don’t already know which dining locations are currently open, then you can either check out the blog post or navigate to the official website for more specific details.

Finally, there’s a another page on this blog to visit before grabbing lunch and that is the page explaining what we’re doing. Basically, trying to help you have the most amazing dining experience possible every day for every meal. See that post here.


Have a fabulous day!

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