All the reasons a la carte dining options make sense:

-You eat what you buy (meaning you throw less away and there’s less waste).

-A la carte means that every meal you eat can be customized to fit your specific wants and needs.

-When the buffets are open during non-meal times, more food has to be thrown away because there is less demand for the food, which creates unnecessary waste. The food cannot be donated because food banks and shelters do not accept food that has been exposed to the air.

-More food options can be offered with a la carte. Meaning Miami Dining gets to be creative with their menus.

-Higher end options (like the lobster tail at Bell) can be offered in a la carte locations because food, like lobster tail, at a buffet doesn’t really make sense.

-Food from a la carte locations can be taken to-go and enjoyed anywhere.

Local Pumpkin Milkshakes


Have you heard anything about Miami Dining’s pumpkin milkshakes?

Yeah, I saw a sign for it. I’m so ecstatic to try one. I’m interested in seeing how they will incorporate pumpkin in milkshakes.



Describe the pumpkin taste.

There’s a light pumpkin taste. It definitely doesn’t taste like liquid pumpkin pie. The flavor isn’t overwhelming at all. It’s just enough pumpkin!

 And the milkshake has a good texture.


How do you feel about the use local pumpkin in the milkshake?

Oh, I think that’s really great. I like that a lot of what Miami dining uses is pretty local.

 It makes the seasonal milkshake idea even cooler. The ingredients aren’t store-bought, they’re from down the road.


Did you know that the ice cream is local?

No, but I’m happy to hear that!

Yep, the ice cream is from Young’s Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH.

Oh! That’s really cool!


What flavors do you detect?

 Pumpkin, obviously, but there’s a bit of a French Vanilla taste too.


Are you enjoying your local pumpkin milkshake?

Yes, I’d definitely go back for more this pumpkin season! The salty/sweet combo of the milkshake and Pully’s fries is amazing.



Local Pumpkin Milkshakes are now served at Encounters and Pulley Diner. The ultimate combo is this milkshake and a plate of fries. Take our word for it.

The Tradition of Tuffy’s Rolls

The Tuffy’s Roll still exists!


Tuffy's Roll


So that these Miami traditions can be offered 24/7, they are now being made at Pulley Dinner (in Armstrong). In other words, get your Miami spirit on in the heart of the campus.



For new students (and upperclassmen with bucket lists), don’t forget to grab a famous Tuffy’s roll before graduation. Or when you’re stressed during finals week. Or just because they’re so delicious.



Local Pumpkin Smoothies

Craving something sweet and autumny?


Much like the pumpkin milkshakes, the pumpkin smoothies also feature local pumpkins and will be served until the end of November at King Café, La Mia, Haines, Bell Tower, Tuffy’s, and Miami Ice.


Just the other day I saw some friends of mine enjoying the smoothies:

“It clearly has pumpkin spices, but they’re not overwhelming. The beauty of the pumpkin still comes through.”

Pumpkin Smoothie Nic      Pumpkin Smoothie


If you want to make these at home, the recipe is really simple:


Pureed pumpkin

Yogurt base *


And, of course, pumpkin spices


Then blend to perfection.



*For an extra healthy treat, try using Greek yogurt. You can even try flavored Greek yogurt, like caramel, cinnamon, or even honey!

You asked. We listened.

More buffet options will now be offered across the campus!


Harris and Martin will now be open for dinner every Friday from 5-8.


Also, Pacific Rim (in Maplestreet) will be offering bento boxes–just like the lunch boxes at Wild Bistro–for a flat rate of $6.25. These bento boxes will be offered every day Pacific Rim is open. This new menu option is called:


THE BENTO BOX MEAL DEAL! In each bento box, you’ll have a salad (fruit, Asian, edamame), rice, stir-fry, and a side. Plus, a drink will be included in your order.


This is a separate menu option from the Wok This Way stir-fry, which will still be served a la carte.


A similar menu item will also be added to International Station (over in WDC). For $6.25, Monday-Friday 11am-2pm, you’ll see the cashier, then have one run through the line. It’s self-serve and you have complete control over your portions. Your meal from here can be either carry out or dine in and there are weekly menu options that will be served here for variety. Feel free to stop by every day to try them all!


“Service is only as slow as the customer in front of you!”


All changes Miami Dining has made are designed to make the lines go faster and to make sure everyone gets the right amount of food for him or herself. These are great options to get yourself some delicious food, quickly, and you can control your spending.

Holiday Project

On October 16th & 17th (from 8am-5pm) in 211 Warfield there will be a bake sale that supports the Holiday Project, which is an organization that is committed to providing a happy holiday season to foster children in this area.


On both days, cookies, pies, breads, candies, cupcakes, and much more will be offered. Additionally, on the 16th various chilis, soups, corn bread, and assorted casseroles will be offered for purchase as well.


Come out, treat yourself, and support the Miami/Oxford community!

Guess What!

Traditional Tuffy’s (in Shriver) has been reinvented!


As of today, Tuffy’s now offers soup, salads, and bread for a well-rounded, healthy lunch. More exciting news, the Tuffy’s salads are the same salads offered at Dividend$. You can get your Dividend$ salad fix at more than just FSB.


If you’re hungry and don’t have a lot of time between classes, stop by Tuffy’s.

Cultivating Community at Harris

Last night we hosted a Cultivating Community event at Harris!

This event featured local produce, meats, and cheeses in Harris’s already delightful repertoire. Menu options included vegan peppers with rice filling, roasted local cauliflower, maple bacon cupcakes with local bacon, roasted chicken quarters and much more!


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.24.04 PM          Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.23.54 PM


Some tweets from the night—


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.24.35 PMSami Chalupa: Best meal I’ve had yet from @MiamiUDining local community food at Harris!


Meagan Westrick: So much yummy food!!!!! @MiamiUDining


To stay updated on all of the yummy events, follow Miami Dining @MiamiUDining!

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