Guest Blogger, Rose Kaplan, on National Nutrition Month

Healthy Habits for National Nutrition Month

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January is for new years resolutions and February is when we break them—sounds familiar, right? Well the good news is that March brings a fresh opportunity to give those resolutions another go. March, or as most nutrition professionals know it, National Nutrition Month, is a nutrition education and information campaign created annually every March by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in order to draw awareness to making healthier choices. The 2015 theme, “Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle,” is meant to encourage individuals to adopt eating and physical activity habits that are focused on consuming fewer calories, making informed food choices, and moving more to maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease, and promote overall health.

In honor of National Nutrition Month, below are 5 simple health habits that are worth adopting into your life. When it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices, small, gradual changes can add up over time. Try one of these, or all 5 as you take a “bite into a healthy lifestyle.”

  1. Drink 1 Extra Glass of Water per Day
    Think of water as a nutrient your body needs, that happens to be present in just about everything humans consume—liquids, foods and plain water. Consuming enough water is key to replace the large amounts your body loses each day. When water intake does not equal water output, you can become dehydrated. Your body is composed of about 60% water so adequate hydration is key to sustain life. For those of you watching your weight, water can even help control calories by helping to keep you full. Aim for about 2 liters of water a day, or eight, 8 ounce glasses.
  2. Jumpstart Your Day With Breakfast
    Would you ever go on a road trip without filling the car up with gas? Then why would you start your day without breakfast? Eating breakfast provides your body with the fuel it needs to conquer each day. A breakfast that is high in fiber and protein will help to keep you full and energized. Studies show that starting the day out with a healthy breakfast can lend to better eating habits all day long. Looking for suggestions? Try oatmeal with banana and peanut butter, or a veggie and egg scramble on a whole wheat english muffin. Both options are high in fiber and protein, and are perfect for providing your body with the energy needed to tackle a busy day.
  3. Move More!
    This may seem like common sense, but moving more can do wonders for your health. Government statistics show almost half of people report sitting more than six hours a day, and 65 percent say they spend more than two hours a day watching TV.   Those who sit have a higher risk for numerous health issues like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Studies have shown that walking briskly for even one to two hours a week (15-20 minutes a day) can decrease a person’s chances of having a heart attack, stroke, developing diabetes, or dying prematurely.
  4. Eat More Greens
    Incorporate lettuce into your meals to add nutrients and water into your diet. Lettuce and greens are high in fiber and water which helps you to bulk up your meals for not a lot of calories! The darker the color of the greens, the more nutritious and flavorful it is. Give kale or collards a try; both happen to be very trendy foods right now! Try eating a side salad with your lunch and pumping up the nutritional value of your dinner by throwing greens into your soup or chili. You can also search online for a new, creative way to cook with greens. The options are endless.
  5. Eat Less Processed Foods
    We live in a world where unfortunately, many of our food options come out of a box or from a drive-through. It may not be realistic to get all your food fresh from the ground (we’d all have to be farmers for that), but making a conscious effort to prepare more meals from scratch is a step in the right direction. Preparing quick, simple recipes using whole, nutritious ingredients is just one easy way to start eating less processed foods. Begin with a small goal—trying one new recipe each week, then build up from there! If you are short on time, prep meals in advanced—this will make it simple and quick to cook a made-from-scratch meal in a matter of minutes!


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Head over to Rose’s blog for more great tips! 

The All Inclusive Western Buffet

Down at the Western Dining Commons there’s been a new change in town—students can now enjoy a full buffet-style dinner, which includes access to all food stations inside. Along with the extended Allergen Free station, there’s also a new dessert station full of cake and cookie choices. Just come in, grab any hot-and-ready dishes you feel in the mood for, and eat up!

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Build Your Own Pizza at The Sundial Pizza Company

Just like Hanie’s Boulangerie the Sundial Pizza Company has given students a special option to build their own creations, with pizza! First students pick a base sauce, either alfredo or tomato. Then they can load up on all the veggie toppings Sundial has to offer, from crunchy green peppers to fresh artichokes! Finally they choose which proteins they want like pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, or chicken!

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“The Delish menu changed, so I decided to check it out.”

Maplestreet Station is relatively new as of last fall, and with new developments come experimentation and adjustments to bring about improvement. I heard that the Delish menu changed over break, so I decided to check it out. The first change I noticed was that while students can still choose from eight unique sandwich options, they also have the option to completely customize their own sandwich—kind of like how Encounter’s burgers work.


The menu offers a myriad of bread, cheese, meat, sauces, and additional topping choices. In fact, other students in line with me agreed that they found this menu easier to order from. Instead of ordering an already established menu item sandwich and having to switch out the bread or meat choice to get what you desire, you are now able to pick exactly what you want without any hassle.


In my opinion, the Delish menu is better than ever, and I would recommend checking it out for yourself!

Kelsey Simpson
Miami Sophomore


Want to be a guest blogger? Email for more information.

Exploring the Miami Emporium

  A convenience shop opened for the fellow students of Miami can be found on the upper level of Armstrong, behind Pulley Diner, ready to satisfy all your snack cravings or last minute purchases. Need some Burt’s Bees chapstick, a quick stick of deodorant, or even a new notebook before class? Don’t want to waste time traveling off campus; the Emporium has got you covered!

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Start Your Winter Right, With Miami Ice!

With the winter air starting to blow in at chilling temperatures here at Miami Oxford students working through J-Term need to remember to stay warm in between classes! Here’s a tip that might make the cold a little more bearable! Swing (or Slide) on by to Miami Ice, normally known for their delicious assortments of ice cream and gelatos, but instead order a piping hot beverage to keep yourself nice and toasty!


With such a wide variety of choices you can pick something fancy like a caramel macchiato, a nice buzz of espresso, or if coffee isn’t your thing, a big ol’ cup of hot chocolate!

Hot Choclate

Along with the steamy beverages to choose from, (did I forget to mention the never ending choices of hot tea), you can also grab a seasonal cupcake “to go”, or even a fresh baked muffin to munch on your way to class!


Whatever treat you choose continue to stay bundled up and enjoy these last few weeks before the Spring Semester! It may be cold out and snowy but Oxford remains a beautiful sight this Winter, don’t let the chills distract you from the scenery!

Winter Trees

Defrost and come #EatWithUs!

@MiamiUDining Sits Down for an Interview

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