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 This page will contain posts on quotes, interviews, and staff favorites! As well as posts on how each student can be best served by Miami Dining.



Looking for a fun fall activity for the weekend?

(November 14)

Grab some hot sandwiches at Boulangerie (or La Mia or Delish or MacCracken…) and head to Butterfield Farms for hayrides and autumn treats!





Find a trail on North Quad and hike it.


But first! Stop by The Scoreboard Market inside of Martin to grab some water and a protein bar (and maybe an Uncle Phil’s sandwich for a mid-hike picnic).


You’ll be glad you did!


From Our Kitchen to Yours.

(November 13)

Autumn a la carte_menu_8.5x11


Click here for ordering options.


An Update From Miami Dining Services

(November 11)

Thank you for your continued support and eating with us at our many dining venues.  We continuously look to improve our dining program directly from feedback we receive from students like you.


Collectively, the dining locations inside Armstrong Student Center currently accommodate 6,000 transactions per day, making these our most popular venues. Compared to other venues of similar size, this is a great service accomplishment. However, we are always looking to better improve the student experience. After reviewing student food ordering patterns, we have streamlined the menus and service styles of two locations. Beginning Monday, November 10, Mein Street and Pulley Diner will see improvements to food preparation efficiency, levels of product, and overall food nutrition.


Mein Street will feature three new vegetable “Power Blends” for the customized stir-fry option. These blends feature more evenly balanced nutrition and were chosen based on flavor profiles and the most popular student choices.


Menu options at Pulley Diner, based on student preferences, will transition according to time of day in order to streamline kitchen processes and improve the overall dining experience.


Again, these changes will begin Monday, November 10. Student Dining Ambassadors, as well as full-time staff, will be at Mein Street and Pulley Diner throughout the week. We encourage students to take advantage of the Ambassador’s knowledge of navigating the updated menus. The Ambassadors have the ability to relay feedback to Senior dining staff, and they are willing to provide information on other campus venues. As always, we welcome feedback on our efforts via our website (MiamiOH.edu/Dining), Twitter (@MiamiUDining), and our blog (TheMiamiSpread.com).


Thanks for Eating with Us!


Miami Dining Services


Game winning ball!

(October 31)

Wesley Scott #60 and JT Jones #91, on behalf of Miami Football, presented Martin Dining Hall with their first game winning ball this season from the October 4th game against UMass! (Miami defeated UMASS 42/41.)

The players presented Martin with the winning ball because of the support the dining hall provides for the players throughout the year, including staying open all summer to feed our hardworking athletes. All this time spent together, between players and the staff at Martin, builds strong ties between the players and the community and school, which in turn builds even more Miami pride.

football dining

Pictured are Wesley Scott, Tina Rotundo, Joanne Ayer, Pat King and J.T. Jones

Show your Miami pride by supporting the Redhawks at home in tomorrow’s game!


It starts at 2:30. Don’t be late. 

And remember this is Homecoming weekend! Show our players how much we appreciate them!


Student Clubs at OxVegas!

(October 30)

Tuesday night at Miami Dining’s Homecoming dinner, OxVegas, there was a ton of student engagement and several on-campus organizations had the chance to perform at the event.


IMG_5179Immediately walking into Harris, there was entertainment in the form of a living statue and the Juggling Club.


The Juggling Club (which meets twice a week, Tuesday outside of Phillips and Saturday outside of the Rec, at 6pm) had a great time showing off their skills and talking to people about their organization.


From responses like:

“This is really exciting for us! We’re meeting lots of cool new people.”

-Brent Eastman, Vice President


to short and sweet responses like:

“It’s all cool.”

-Christina Tenison, Secretary


Miami Dining is happy to hear it all! And we’re especially happy to reach out to student organizations and actually work with Miami students.




On the topic of juggling:

“Anyone can juggle, you just have to practice.”

-Logan Babcock, President and Founder



After dinner one day, be sure to check out one of their meetings!





IMG_5305The Miami University Irish Dance Club was another organization that was featured last night.


This performance was a special event for this club because it was their first performance on campus.


Even while I was talking to this club, post-performance, everyone who passed said some version of “so cool” or “great job.”



If this is an organization you’d be interested in joining, email Kelcey Steele at steelekk@miamioh.edu






A huge thank you and great job to all of the other organizations who performed for OxVegas!


Just Duet, Soul2Soul, Treblemakers, Misfitz, and Indian Student Association




Overheard at OxVegas (last night in Harris)

(October 29)

“I came here because my friend was here and let me know this was going on.”

-Claire Kennedy


IMG_5333“It seems like there was a lot of effort put into this event. It’s something different. I like it!


Good food too.”

-Annie Mir



Also, variations on ‘I wish they did this every day!;’ ‘The food is amazing;’ ‘I’m overwhelmed!;’ ‘When there are pot stickers out, you know you go HAM on the pot stickers;’ ‘Fried ravioli?! I want more!’




Miami Dining’s response?


We love hearing positive feedback and we’d love to continue this event in the future. If there’s anything you loved about the event or anything you think would be cool for the future, please let us know!



More shots of happy students:

IMG_5057     IMG_5160    IMG_5247


What happens in OxVegas, stays in OxVegas

(October 28)

OxVegas, Miami’s official Homecoming dinner, is tonight from 5-8pm in Harris!

OxVegas Poster 12x18-01


All the reasons a la carte dining options make sense:

(October 27)

-You eat what you buy (meaning you throw less away and there’s less waste).

-A la carte means that every meal you eat can be customized to fit your specific wants and needs.

-When the buffets are open during non-meal times, more food has to be thrown away because there is less demand for the food, which creates unnecessary waste. The food cannot be donated because food banks and shelters do not accept food that has been exposed to the air.

-More food options can be offered with a la carte. Meaning Miami Dining gets to be creative with their menus.

-Higher end options (like the lobster tail at Bell) can be offered in a la carte locations because food, like lobster tail, at a buffet doesn’t really make sense.

-Food from a la carte locations can be taken to-go and enjoyed anywhere.


Local Pumpkin Milkshakes

(October 23)



Have you heard anything about Miami Dining’s pumpkin milkshakes?

Yeah, I saw a sign for it. I’m so ecstatic to try one. I’m interested in seeing how they will incorporate pumpkin in milkshakes.



Describe the pumpkin taste.

There’s a light pumpkin taste. It definitely doesn’t taste like liquid pumpkin pie. The flavor isn’t overwhelming at all. It’s just enough pumpkin!

 And the milkshake has a good texture.

How do you feel about the use local pumpkin in the milkshake?

Oh, I think that’s really great. I like that a lot of what Miami dining uses is pretty local.

 It makes the seasonal milkshake idea even cooler. The ingredients aren’t store-bought, they’re from down the road.

Did you know that the ice cream is local?

No, but I’m happy to hear that!

Yep, the ice cream is from Young’s Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH.

Oh! That’s really cool!


What flavors do you detect?

 Pumpkin, obviously, but there’s a bit of a French Vanilla taste too.


Are you enjoying your local pumpkin milkshake?

Yes, I’d definitely go back for more this pumpkin season! The salty/sweet combo of the milkshake and Pully’s fries is amazing.



Local Pumpkin Milkshakes are now served at Encounters and Pulley Diner. The ultimate combo is this milkshake and a plate of fries. Take our word for it.


Halloween cookies and cupcakes for all!

(October 22)



Multiple locations on campus now offer those cute and delicious holiday cookies and cupcakes. Look for them at Miami Ice, Dividend$, King Café, MacCracken, Spring Street, Scoreboard, and The Patisserie.


Go get you some.




The Tradition of Tuffy’s Rolls

(October 17)

The Tuffy’s Roll still exists!

Tuffy's Roll

So that these Miami traditions can be offered 24/7, they are now being made at Pulley Dinner (in Armstrong). In other words, get your Miami spirit on in the heart of the campus.


For new students (and upperclassmen with bucket lists), don’t forget to grab a famous Tuffy’s roll before graduation. Or when you’re stressed during finals week. Or just because they’re so delicious.


Local Pumpkin Smoothies

(October 16)

Craving something sweet and autumny?


Much like the pumpkin milkshakes, the pumpkin smoothies also feature local pumpkins and will be served until the end of November at King Café, La Mia, Haines, Bell Tower, Tuffy’s, and Miami Ice.

Just the other day I saw some friends of mine enjoying the smoothies:

“It clearly has pumpkin spices, but they’re not overwhelming. The beauty of the pumpkin still comes through.”

Pumpkin Smoothie Nic      Pumpkin Smoothie


If you want to make these at home, the recipe is really simple:


Pureed pumpkin

Yogurt base *


And, of course, pumpkin spices


Then blend to perfection.



*For an extra healthy treat, try using Greek yogurt. You can even try flavored Greek yogurt, like caramel, cinnamon, or even honey!


OxVegas Poster 12x18-01Get ready for OxVegas!

(October 16)




Trust us, Harris will be transformed.









You asked. We listened.

(October 15)

More buffet options will now be offered across the campus!


Harris and Martin will now be open for dinner every Friday from 5-8.


Also, Pacific Rim (in Maplestreet) will be offering bento boxes–just like the lunch boxes at Wild Bistro–for a flat rate of $6.25. These bento boxes will be offered every day Pacific Rim is open. This new menu option is called:


THE BENTO BOX MEAL DEAL! In each bento box, you’ll have a salad (fruit, Asian, edamame), rice, stir-fry, and a side. Plus, a drink will be included in your order.


This is a separate menu option from the Wok This Way stir-fry, which will still be served a la carte.


A similar menu item will also be added to International Station (over in WDC). For $6.25, Monday-Friday 11am-2pm, you’ll see the cashier, then have one run through the line. It’s self-serve and you have complete control over your portions. Your meal from here can be either carry out or dine in and there are weekly menu options that will be served here for variety. Feel free to stop by every day to try them all!


“Service is only as slow as the customer in front of you!”


All changes Miami Dining has made are designed to make the lines go faster and to make sure everyone gets the right amount of food for him or herself. These are great options to get yourself some delicious food, quickly, and you can control your spending.


Cultivating Community Dinner

(September 30)

CultivatingCommunity_2014_digital ad-01

We Hear You!

(September 26)

Whether it be comments on social media, our blog, or statements made to our Brand Ambassadors around campus, here at Miami Dining, we want you to know that we receive and record your feedback.


Every complaint and every compliment gets taken into consideration to help us make future decisions. They are reported to chefs, managers, and even the Senior Director (as you saw in the letter we posted last week). Some of you may even receive free meal vouchers to thank you for speaking up.

Although you may not see immediate results, know that someone is gathering information in regards to your suggestions. If it is feasible with our current resources, within University Policy, and beneficial to all students—we’ll try our best to do it. (Such as adding a vanilla peanut butter shake to Pulley Diner last semester because of a suggestion on Twitter!)


Don’t get stuck in a rut of negativity—keep it fun! We always love to see photos of gorgeous food and happy customers. You may just get something nice in return.

Download the App!

(September 25)


Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.22.12 PM

If you’re looking for a great way to save money on campus, be sure to download the Campus Special app. You’ll enjoy savings for locations like La Mia Cucina, strEATS, Bell Tower, and even the Rec & Goggin Pro Shops.


Go to the App Store.


Type “Campus Special.”


Click download on the icon that looks like the photo above.

Once downloaded and open, select “deals” at the bottom of the screen. Then, hit “all” or “on-campus.” Either will get you to our specific savings.

Locate the deal you’d like to use, select it. You will then be prompted with a “redeem” button. The cashier at that respective location must hit “redeem” for you, or see you do it in order to validate your coupon use.


That’s it! There are deals for 10 rotating locations around campus, so stay tuned for new deals each month.

You can even use this app with a meal plan to get the same savings!


Happy Wednesday!

(September 24)

As a special treat to get you through this week, stop by Maplestreet Station for a delightful breakfast. (At any point in the day!)


Patisserie (hours: Monday-Friday 7am-10pm; 9am-4pm on weekends) is where you should be if you long for the chic, luxurious feeling of dining in Europe. It is reminiscent of the finest Parisian cafes—perfect to sip, nibble, relax, and study in. If you want to surprise a friend or significant other, get a pastry to go, packaged in a pink box and tied with ribbon.



First Stop (hours: Monday-Friday 8am-9pm; 10am-7pm on weekends) is a great place for breakfast during the week and an even better for brunch over the weekends. Hey, even if you want breakfast for dinner, First Stop is your place. It is restaurant style, which means you sit down and order your food from a server. While you wait for your meal, enjoy your coffee or juice.

IMG_8258 - Version 2



Not Just for Athletes!

(September 23)Winning Seasonings logo

Martin Hall is located on North Quad, out in the direction of Millet. This dining hall is right behind Brandon Hall on Talawanda Road and, again, features many tasty options.


Like Harris, Martin Dining Hall also has a Sonora Stop (burritos, nachos, tacos, etc.) and Miami Traditions (traditional home cooked meals). However, Martin also has a Pastato with lots of pasta options and baked potatoes. At Martin Winning Seasonings there are healthier dining options. (Athletes, this is the place for you!). Martin Hall also has Scoreboard Market where you can place an order via kiosk for hot sandwiches and sides, custom-made! And finally, Hawk’s Nest is where you can get your soft pretzel and pizza needs met at a to-go window located on the lower level of Martin.


Martin is great whether you’ve just run steps at Yager or if you’re planning a nice walk in the formal gardens post-meal. Get yourself some.



Breakfast Express: Monday-Friday 7:30am-10:30am; closed weekends

Martin Buffet: Sunday-Thursday 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm; Friday & Saturday 11am-2pm


Meet the cow who helped make your shake

(September 22)

All of the ice cream at Miami Ice, Encounter, and Pulley Diner comes from one of our favorite local farms, Young’s Jersey Dairy. YoungsDairy.com

Ever been to Yellow Springs, Ohio? It’s about an hour and a half away—a great day trip. Not only can you meet the Jersey cows that help make your ice cream, you can play putt-putt, hand-feed a goat, pick a pumpkin, and have a great meal.

The Young family has five generations of Miami grads. Therefore, they understand the Tradition of Excellence as well as any. They are committed to quality products and service, just like us!


Where Your Food Comes from Part II

(September 21)

The Demske Culinary Support Center (DCSC), previously the building that housed Kroger, today is where all food for the Oxford campus of Miami is prepared.


Why is it so cool to have our own culinary support center?

Not every school has one and because we do, we have control over our menus and can even hire students to do jobs that other schools hire out to contractors.


$1.5 million of the campus’s food budget is spent on fresh produce. Over 1 Million pounds of fresh produce are chopped/sliced/diced/shredded on an annual basis. The Demske Culinary Support Center, houses, washes, processes, and ships food to the campus six days a week, Monday-Saturday.


That’s 300,000 heads of lettuce; 70,000 cantaloupes; 35,000 honeydew; 50,000 broccoli crowns; 24,000 heads of cauliflower; 400,000 pounds of peppers; 50,000 baking potatoes; 80,000 oranges; 125,000 apples; 275,000 bananas; 30,000 pears; and 200, 000 grapefruit.


All of the fruits and vegetables that are shipped as is from the center are washed and shipped in reusable shipping totes! So green!


That’s some food for thought.


Supportive & Sustainable

(September 20)

There is a huge advantage to a university that has an in-house processing and planning facility for campus dining (The Demske Culinary Support Center). Decisions can be made faster and easier, sustainability can be more easily achieved, and overproduction can be better controlled.


Because a quarter of food supplies are purchased locally, less resources are used to transport the food, and the surrounding community benefits from this practice also.


Another practice utilized at the culinary support center is batch cooking. Batch cooking is a method in which the customer demand dictates the amount of product being produced at any given time. Also, the ordering time for next day processed produce, deli meats, sliced cheeses, and packaged salads and sandwiches has been reduced to less than a 12 hour window for next day delivery. This allows the unit managers to very accurately order the exact amount of product needed for that day’s service, thus reducing overproduction and waste.


When possible, the department donates products to two local food banks that help to feed those in need.


In 2012, we, at the Demske Culinary Support Center, exchanged our trash compactors for organic matter compactors. Today we divert over 400,000 pounds of scrap from landfill to compost facility.


Housing, Dining, Recreation & Business Services is audited by the sustainability office on waste control to ensure that all available options are being explored on waste prevention.


You can do your part too! Don’t forget to recycle today!!



Yay, sustainability!

Also, tours are easily available and encouraged. Call 513-529-3040 to schedule.


RA Andrea loves Super Brunch

(September 16)


20140914_102735Peabody RA, Andrea, gets interviewed about her super experience at Super Brunch.


Is there one quote you’d want someone to take away from your experience?

“Super Brunch, I’m intrigued.”




Have you heard anything about this event? If so, what?

 Yeah! I heard about it last week. My friend sent me a snapchat “BUFFET!”

So because of that I was excited.


What are you most looking forward to this morning?

I’m excited to see how much they have to offer. I think I might be most excited for french toast, that’s my favorite.

I’m looking forward to free refills on drinks too!


Walk from Peabody to Western Dining Commons. While you’re walking please count the amount of wingspans it takes you to get from one place to the other? It might help to pivot your feet to do this.

About 50 of wingspans.

 20140914_105309      20140914_105311


Describe the first thing you smell when you walk into Super Brunch?

The eggs and potatoes. Smelled familiar and inviting.

Were you able to find a variety of breakfast options? or Were you able to easily navigate through your choices at each station?

Yeah. There were so many options, I didn’t get a chance to try them all. Next week I can eat something that I didn’t try today.


How is this brunch compared to 1809 (assuming you’ve had the 1809 brunch)?

Lavish, like 1809, and really good quality.

Crepes are a must. I would only eat crepes at 1809, so it was really critical that Super Brunch served crepes too. That might be one of the options I try next week.


Are there any comments on Super Brunch that you’re hearing while you’re here?

“The silverware is nicely wrapped here!”

“Good orange juice!”

“Yes, FRENCH TOAST! I had a feeling it would be here!!”

“I didn’t think the flowers were real until I looked closer. The flowers are a nice touch.”


What is the food you are most enjoying? Why?

I’m enjoying the breakfast potatoes with the peppers and onions and I like the mushrooms and onions in the eggs too. I like the variety. I like vegetables, I like omelets. Combined, it is awesome. The variety adds some nutrition to my regular diet.


Overall, how is your dining experience been at Super Brunch?

Positive. I’m pleased with the options. I wish it was like this every day!

Good variety, good space, and I enjoyed seeing a lot of people there in the morning. I like that it’s a new thing I can try on campus and because I can customize my options, I can eat something different every time I go.


How many students are still in pajamas while eating here? What’s the most unique pair of pajama pants you can see?

People are pretty casual here. Maybe not PJs, but pretty much every other student was dressed like they just woke up. Lots of comfortable clothes at Super Brunch today.

Actually, my friend, Albert is rocking the most unique pair of pajama pants I’ve seen here. Iron Man PJs.

20140914_115700       20140914_110611


So many options!

(September 11)

So if you haven’t noticed by now, there are several locations on campus that serve similar menu options.


Here are your stir-fry/Asian inspired restaurants:

Mein Street (Armstrong)

Wok This Way (Bell Tower)

Pacific Rim (Maplestreet)


Pizza/pasta options:

Sundial Pizza (Armstrong)

Red Brick Pizza (Maplestreet)

Pizza Pi/Pastato (Bell Tower)

Pastato (Martin)


Breakfast/brunch options:

First Stop South (in Harris)

First Stop (Maplestreet)

Super Brunch (Western Dining Commons)


Burger/grill options:

Campus Grill (Bell Tower & Harris)

Grill & Roast (Western Dining Commons)

Pulley Diner (Armstrong)



Delish (Maplestreet)

Uncle Phil’s (King Café, Scoreboard in Martin, Bell Tower); also, Uncle Phil’s express is served at most market locations


Burritos, tacos, etc.:

Serrano (Armstrong)

Sonora Stop (Bell Tower & Harris & Martin)


Hot sandwiches/paninis:

Haines’ Boulangerie (Armstrong)

Panini Portfolio (Dividends in Farmer)



Trader’s Greens (Dividends, Mapletstreet: Americas, Shriver: Tuffy’s)



No matter where you go on campus, you can find your favorite food. The quality is consistent and the variety is undeniable. So. Many. Customizable. Options.


Taylor’s Encounter with Encounter

(September 9)

(At Encounter, the protocol is to order your meal and grab a table. The food will be brought to you!)


Quote to summarize the whole experience:

There is a lot of hype about this place, especially the burgers, and it definitely lived up to the hype. I love how customizable the burgers are too.


I for sure am coming back.



Have you ever eaten here before, Taylor?

I’ve only had a milkshake here before now. It was chocolate and really yummy.

I stopped by because I was visiting my friend who works here, so I got to enjoy my milkshake while chatting with my friend.


What did you order?

The Encounter burger. Antibiotic and hormone free, a third a pound of local beef from Oxford’s Reserve Run Farms, according to the menu!

I’m really excited for the burger! I’ve heard good things about these burgers.

The hype is high.


How would you describe this restaurant, in a word?

Retro, but also modern. I see the comic art which is so retro and cool, but then I see the people and the food and that is all modern. It’s retroly modern, if that makes sense. There’s lots of natural light through the big windows too, so it’s a nice place to escape the heat, but enjoy the beautiful campus.


Now that you’ve gotten a chance to take a bite, how is your burger?

It’s good. The onions have some spice to them. It’s actually really good.

I like how the server asked if my order looked right when she delivered it to me. That was a nice touch.


Would you eat here again?

Yeah, it’s a really good sit down restaurant. Along with the food, I like the vibe of the music—it’s current and not too loud. It’s a good place to hang out with friends.


If you were to compare this restaurant to another restaurant off campus, what would that restaurant be?

It reminds me a lot of Johnny Rockets. The decorations are similar and the American-style food is also really similar. One of the differences between the two is that Johnny Rockets has a jukebox that you have to put a quarter into to the pick the music, but the music at Encounters is more current, not to mention free!


How many stamps are on your Dining Passport?

(September 8)

Passport to Dining_card image_front-01-01


Where Your Food Comes From Part I

(September 7)

26% of all food served on campus is grown/produced within Ohio. That’s over a quarter of the food. Woot-woot, local!


We work with eight local farmers to purchase as much fresh produce as possible. Watermelon, apples, broccoli, peppers are just a few examples.


All deli meats—ham, turkey, smoked turkey, salami, chicken and roast beef—as well as natural cheeses—Swiss, Colby-jack, pepper jack, Provolone—are produced in Ohio. During an average year, there are 9,000 pounds of these products sliced, packaged, and distributed each week! Woah.


Annually, over 10,000 gallons of locally produced ice cream is used in milkshakes at Encounter, Miami Ice, and Pulley Diner. Miami Ice and Pulley Diner both use Young’s Dairy. Also, Dan Young is Miami Alum.


Richard Graeter (of Graeter’s Ice Cream) is Miami Alum and pints of his ice cream are sold at most market locations.


Local food means less fuel costs, less pollution, fresher foods, and jobs given to local people.


More info here.


Special Diets

(August 31)

Anyone with a special diet (such as a Kosher or Halal diet) and/or someone with food allergies can contact the Demske Culinary Support Center to receive guidance on where the best places to eat on campus for people with special diets. (Frequently asked questions regarding special diets.)

There are also “Under the Weather” meal options. Basically, if you’re too sick to go to a dining location, you may arrange for a roommate or trusted friend to pick up a meal for you. That person must have both your Miami ID and his/her own ID and can only make a purchase up to $30.

Request forms here.


Go Redhawks!

(August 30)

It’s a beautiful day. There’s no better way to celebrate than to head down to Yager Stadium and watch some Miami football.

As if that isn’t great enough, the StrEATS truck is at the game selling the most delicious nachos. And StrEATS accepts meal plans!

No excuses. Get down here. Everyone else is.


Custom Options

(August 28)

There is no better way to experience the freshness of Miami ingredients than to choose them yourself. Below is a list of places on campus where you have the ability to customize your food and watch as it is prepared. If you’re having trouble choosing the best combination of ingredients, consider a professional opinion. The great culinary advice of our Chefs and staff is sure to please.


(Armstrong Student Center)

Mein Street • Serrano • Sundial Pizza


(Maplestreet Station)

Delish • Encounter • First Stop • Pacific Rim • Americas


All Western Dining Commons Stations


Bell Tower Place




Where can I eat?

(August 20)

We, in the Miami Culinary ComMUnity, are so happy to welcome the Miami students back to campus! (Especially the incoming first years!!)

We hope everyone had a safe and relaxing summer. We also hope that you all are ready to check out all the fabulous eateries on campus. The Demske Culinary Support Center staff and dining hall managers have all been busy as bees adjusting the set up of the dining halls to provide you with hot, quickly made, customizable, and delicious food for this upcoming school year!

We are also proud to introduce this blog as a resource to campus eats and treats. Please feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay in the know. We’ll be blogging about the places to be and the things to see. (Hint, hint.)



(August 15)


We’re so happy to launch our beautiful, new dining site!

Incredibly user friendly and colorful. If you’re not sure where to eat this week, check us out. Click here.

Don’t forget to bookmark the page!



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