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Berry Granola



Guess What!

(October 13)

Traditional Tuffy’s (in Shriver) has been reinvented!


As of today, Tuffy’s now offers soup, salads, and bread for a well-rounded, healthy lunch. More exciting news, the Tuffy’s salads are the same salads offered at Dividend$. You can get your Dividend$ salad fix at more than just FSB.


If you’re hungry and don’t have a lot of time between classes, stop by Tuffy’s.


Food for Thought

(September 28)

Looking to make your meal a little healthier?


Here are some possibilities!


-replace a dessert item with a fruit cup

-replace fried chicken on a sandwich with grilled chicken

-add a protein, such as chicken or nuts, to a salad

-add a green option, such as green beans or spinach or broccoli, to each meal

-instead of croissants, biscuits, or white bread, try low-fat whole grain bread (wheat, rye, pumpernickel)

-instead of a fried tortilla, try a soft tortilla (corn or whole wheat)

-instead of a sugary cereal, try oatmeal

-in place of potato or corn chips, try unsalted pretzels or unbuttered popcorn

-brown rice in place of white rice

-swap out those French fries for a baked potato, or, better yet, a baked sweet potato


Allergen is for everyone!

(September 16)

Allergen over in the Western Dining Commons has delicious, healthy options for everyone—not just people with food allergies! Though there are lots of great vegetarian options, Allergen also has lots of protein options too!


If you’re just coming from the Rec and don’t want to blow your workout, head to Allergen to fill up on good food.


And while you’re there, get your Dining Passport stamped!


Super Brunch Goes Super Healthy!

(September 14)

We have inside information to what this today’s brunch allergen station will be serving:
-Tomato Basil Chicken Breast
-Portabello Quinoa Pilaf
-Roasted Acorn Squash
-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
Roasted is a healthier version of your everyday breakfast potato options!~Another Fit Friday(September 12)

Today, slow things down before the semester gets too crazy. Take a leisurely walk though Western campus.


Ponder what lies ahead for you for the semester and really try to savor your experiences here at Miami University.


Amidst this pondering, swing by Western Dining Commons Tea Hive. This is Miami’s original venue for tea, featuring a dozen rotating varieties of loose-leaf tea by the pot as well as a wide selection of tea-by-the-cup. Also available are a selection of sandwiches, bakery treats, and tea-based smoothies. Yum!



The Tea Hive is open from 7:30am-9pm Monday-Thursday; 7:30am-8pm Friday; 10am-8pm Saturday; 10am-9pm Sunday


Special Diets

(August 31)

Anyone with a special diet (such as a Kosher or Halal diet) and/or someone with food allergies can contact the Demske Culinary Support Center to receive guidance on where the best places to eat on campus for people with special diets. (Frequently asked questions regarding special diets.)

There are also “Under the Weather” meal options. Basically, if you’re too sick to go to a dining location, you may arrange for a roommate or trusted friend to pick up a meal for you. That person must have both your Miami ID and his/her own ID and can only make a purchase up to $30.

Request forms here.


Fit Friday

(August 29)

We hope your first week of classes has treated you well!


Keep in mind that dining services can go hand-in-hand with your fitness regimen.

Today, we recommend a walk or jog around campus. If, by chance, you end up on Western (and you should since this part of campus is so beautiful), be sure to stop by The Greystone in the Western Dining Commons for a snack or a refreshing beverage.

The Greystone is a grocery-style market with an emphasis on natural and organic food choices. The Greystone also has an array of fresh fruit, salads, and freshly packed sandwiches.

Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 9am-10pm; Friday 9am-8pm; Saturday 10am-8pm; Sunday 10am-10pm




  1. Marie Hull-Green says:

    My daughter is considering MU as a college choice. When we visit the campus on May 1, where should we have lunch or dinner that offers organic and non-GMO meal options? Thanks!


    • Marie, Thank you for your comment! We’re excited to have you and your daughter on campus. Here at Miami, we have a full-time staff member dedicated to students with special diets. Please look for an email from Bev Rambo with specific suggestions for your visit. Enjoy Miami!


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