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Build Your Own Pizza at The Sundial Pizza Company


Just like Hanie’s Boulangerie the Sundial Pizza Company has given students a special option to build their own creations, with pizza! First students pick a base sauce, either alfredo or tomato. Then they can load up on all the veggie toppings Sundial has to offer, from crunchy green peppers to fresh artichokes! Finally they choose which proteins they want like pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, or chicken!


Once their pizza creation comes out of the stone oven, fresh-baked and hot, students can also choose to add a side of pasta to go! It’s fast, easy, and all self served!


 Also still available as a side are salad bowls, fruit cups, cheese cubes, veggie slices with ranch, and deli sandwiches in the cold fridge section! Just bring it up to the cashier when you’re ready to check out and they’ll add it to your order! Don’t forget to grab a drink too!


So whichever way you like your pizza made come #EatWithUs at the Sundial in Armstrong, and send us your craziest pizza combinations pics to @MiamiUDining on Twitter!


Haines’ Boulangerie: Now Made Just For You!


Haine’s Boulangerie, located inside the Armstrong Student Center right below Pulley, has now made a entirely customizable menu featured to give each student exactly what they want!


 Instead of preselected sandwich items that didn’t allow for any substitutions, Haine’s now offers all the same proteins, veggies, sauces, cheeses, and breads that were in their signature sandwiches but now allows the students to add or discard ingredients! This way every student here at Miami gets their unique and tasty sandwich made specifically how they want, and no longer have to compromise! (Or if you like what was included in the signature sandwiches you can still build it that way!)


 Haine’s has also made their salad bowls customizable as well! Now featured more as a “pick and choose” salad bar, students can choose what greens, garnishes, and proteins they want added by just requesting it to the cashier!


Still featured as sides at Haine’s will be their yummy hot soups, including the sour cream of potato soup (which I highly recommend to dip your sandwich in) as well as the saratoga chips, fresh fruit, and quinoa & chickpea tabbouleh!

IMG_0901 (1)

If you’re in the mood for something sweet pick out something nice and warm from the Bakery!  They have fluffy cinnamon rolls, soft muffins, and macadamia nut cookies!

So come one, come all, (including the picky eaters) and #EatWithUs because this time were serving it up exactly your way and can’t wait to see what combinations you will find!


Start Your Winter Off Right, With Miami Ice!


With the winter air starting to blow in at chilling temperatures here at Miami Oxford students working through J-Term need to remember to stay warm in between classes! Here’s a tip that might make the cold a little more bearable! Swing (or Slide) on by to Miami Ice, normally known for their delicious assortments of ice cream and gelatos, but instead order a piping hot beverage to keep yourself nice and toasty!


With such a wide variety of choices you can pick something fancy like a caramel macchiato, a nice buzz of espresso, or if coffee isn’t your thing, a big ol’ cup of hot chocolate!

Hot Choclate

Along with the steamy beverages to choose from, (did I forget to mention the never ending choices of hot tea), you can also grab a seasonal cupcake “to go”, or even a fresh baked muffin to munch on your way to class!


Whatever treat you choose continue to stay bundled up and enjoy these last few weeks before the Spring Semester! It may be cold out and snowy but Oxford remains a beautiful sight this Winter, don’t let the chills distract you from the scenery!

Winter Trees

Defrost and come #EatWithUs!


Now featured at Martin Dining Hall every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there will be a variety of rices and meats available for dinner from the Wok Express! This includes Beef Broccoli, Orange Chicken, Fried Rice, White Rice, Lo Mein Noodles and more!

 With the food all lined up in a nice buffet style variety you can mix and match all your favorite dishes and still come back for extra!


We loaded up our dishes with lots of white rice and orange chicken with a dash of soy sauce! Everything was fresh and piping hot and because it’s “self serve” the line moved very quickly!


After we chowed down on our sweet and spicy meal we peeked over to the dessert cart to find endless raspberry cheesecake available to all the students! The perfect ending to a great meal!


So come #EatWithUs and try out the new Wok Express!


A convenience shop opened for the fellow students of Miami can be found on the upper level of Armstrong, behind Pulley Diner, ready to satisfy all your snack cravings or last minute purchases. Need some Burt’s Bees chapstick, a quick stick of deodorant, or even a new notebook before class? Don’t want to waste time traveling off campus; the Emporium has got you covered!



Along with a variety of items ranging from pencils to Advil, the Emporium also has the delicious munchables every college student craves—chips, whole candy bars, and all the microwavable meals you can imagine. (Did I forget to mention Lean Cuisines and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream located in the back freezer? YUM!)  Even the healthy eaters here on campus can indulge here with packages of dried fruit jerky and trail mix to-go.


The Emporium also knows you need something to wash down your treats (like their array of fresh bagels or Lunchables), so they have given students a whole section of ice cold drinks! You can choose from raspberry teas, liters of water, Gatorade, and even creamsoda in the bottle.


So, check out the Emporium. I’m sure they will have something to fill your snack cravings and maybe even get you to branch out and try something new. Come #EatWithUs and enjoy it on the go!



  Located inside The Western Dining Commons the Tea Hive is a perfect cozy location to grab a quick sweet treat, a deli sandwich, and a nice hot cup of tea. Last week there was a special “Tea Hive After Dark” hours for students wishing to unwind and stay late to study for their finals! They even extended their menu to now include coffee for an added bonus!

Tea Hive #1

So whenever you’re in the mood for a  decadent dessert…

Tea Hive #4

Tea Hive #5

Or a full size sandwich…

Tea Hive #3

The Tea Hive will be the excellent choice to add a little happiness to your day!

Tea Hive #6

So sit back, relax, and come #EatWithUs!



We know how uncomfortable it can be to explore new areas of the campus. With this blog, we hope to make that experience a little more enjoyable by giving you the run down of days, times, menus, and even how to order food at each dining location.


Guess What!

(October 13)

Traditional Tuffy’s (in Shriver) has been reinvented!


As of today, Tuffy’s now offers soup, salads, and bread for a well-rounded, healthy lunch. More exciting news, the Tuffy’s salads are the same salads offered at Dividend$. You can get your Dividend$ salad fix at more than just FSB.


If you’re hungry and don’t have a lot of time between classes, stop by Tuffy’s.


Spread the Word: Western Dining Commons

(September 30)

Western Dining Commons is on Western Campus—one of the most gorgeous areas of the campus—about ten minutes away from Armstrong. The meal options at WDC are comparable to all the most popular venues on campus.


For example, today for lunch, both Armstrong and Western Dining Commons are serving various flatbreads, salads, chicken wings, and sandwiches; as well as various to-go options.


If you’re looking for a calm place to eat that might be a bit quicker, Western is the perfect place to check out.

Sample menu handout_8.5x11-01


Happy Wednesday!

(September 24)

As a special treat to get you through this week, stop by Maplestreet Station for a delightful breakfast. (At any point in the day!)


Patisserie (hours: Monday-Friday 7am-10pm; 9am-4pm on weekends) is where you should be if you long for the chic, luxurious feeling of dining in Europe. It is reminiscent of the finest Parisian cafes—perfect to sip, nibble, relax, and study in. If you want to surprise a friend or significant other, get a pastry to go, packaged in a pink box and tied with ribbon.



First Stop (hours: Monday-Friday 8am-9pm; 10am-7pm on weekends) is a great place for breakfast during the week and an even better for brunch over the weekends. Hey, even if you want breakfast for dinner, First Stop is your place. It is restaurant style, which means you sit down and order your food from a server. While you wait for your meal, enjoy your coffee or juice.


IMG_8258 - Version 2


Not Just for Athletes!

(September 23)Winning Seasonings logo

Martin Hall is located on North Quad, out in the direction of Millet. This dining hall is right behind Brandon Hall on Talawanda Road and, again, features many tasty options.


Like Harris, Martin Dining Hall also has a Sonora Stop (burritos, nachos, tacos, etc.) and Miami Traditions (traditional home cooked meals). However, Martin also has a Pastato with lots of pasta options and baked potatoes. At Martin Winning Seasonings there are healthier dining options. (Athletes, this is the place for you!). Martin Hall also has Scoreboard Market where you can place an order via kiosk for hot sandwiches and sides, custom-made! And finally, Hawk’s Nest is where you can get your soft pretzel and pizza needs met at a to-go window located on the lower level of Martin.


Martin is great whether you’ve just run steps at Yager or if you’re planning a nice walk in the formal gardens post-meal. Get yourself some.



Breakfast Express: Monday-Friday 7:30am-10:30am; closed weekends

Martin Buffet: Sunday-Thursday 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm; Friday & Saturday 11am-2pm


Meet the cow who helped make your shake

(September 22)

All of the ice cream at Miami Ice, Encounter, and Pulley Diner comes from one of our favorite local farms, Young’s Jersey Dairy. YoungsDairy.com

Ever been to Yellow Springs, Ohio? It’s about an hour and a half away—a great day trip. Not only can you meet the Jersey cows that help make your ice cream, you can play putt-putt, hand-feed a goat, pick a pumpkin, and have a great meal.

The Young family has five generations of Miami grads. Therefore, they understand the Tradition of Excellence as well as any. They are committed to quality products and service, just like us!


Three Words: La Mia Cucina

(September 17)

If you love Italian food, you’ll love La Mia. In this sit-down style restaurant (carry-out is also an option), you have your choice of fresh salad, homemade soup, hearth baked pizzas, made-to-order paninis, subs, wraps, pastas, desserts, and fruit smoothies. Pretty much anything you could ever need to satisfy your hunger.


New this year!


La Mia is offering 10 Minute Lunches. These are half portions of La Mia favorites such as fettuccine alfredo, meatball sub, chicken Caesar salad, and spaghetti and meatballs. Great on-the-go or for a sit down meal.


ALSO, the family-style lunch, served from 11am-4:30pm is a new dining option. For $28, you get entrée, salad, breadsticks, and drinks for 4! Be sure to check this out with your friends for longer breaks between classes or an early dinner.


This is a great place for students looking to treat themselves with the ambiance of an open kitchen environment.


La Mia is in the same building as Harris over in South Quad. Both meal plans and credit cards/cash are accepted here and it’s a great place to take a visiting parent.


Open: Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm; Friday 11am-2pm; closed Saturday; Sunday 4:30pm-9pm


Allergen is for everyone!

(September 16)

Allergen over in the Western Dining Commons has delicious, healthy options for everyone—not just people with food allergies! Though there are lots of great vegetarian options, Allergen also has lots of protein options too!


If you’re just coming from the Rec and don’t want to blow your workout, head to Allergen to fill up on good food.


And while you’re there, get your Dining Passport stamped!


Feel at home at Harris

(September 15)

Harris is wedged between Anderson Hall and Stanton Hall over in South Quad, which is located behind Central Quad (sorority housing, look for the famous sundial with turtles around it!).



Hours of operation (Buffet): Sunday-Thursday 11am-2pm and 5pm-8pm; Friday & Saturday 11am-2pm



Harris is great for a lot of reasons, but the most compelling reason for Harris’s greatness is that it is buffet-style and has a lot of options.


So you walk in, pay at the register, and then the buffet is all yours!


Miami Spice features custom-made pastas. Sonora Stop has burrito bowls, quesadillas, nachos, and tacos. Campus Grill serves up burgers, grilled cheese, and other fried foods. Miami Traditions is a station that changes daily and serves meals that you might find at your next family dinner. There is also a fruit and salad bar!


Don’t forget about First Stop South for when you feel like breakfast—open all day! Get your hotcakes, waffles, benedicts, omelets, fruit plates, and cereal whenever you feel like it. Keep in mind that there is also an express breakfast option for on-the-go nutrition.


Hours of operation:

Breakfast Express: Monday-Friday 7:30am-10:30am; closed on weekends

First Stop South: Monday-Thursday 8am-9pm; Friday-Sunday 8am-2pm





So many options!

(September 11)

So if you haven’t noticed by now, there are several locations on campus that serve similar menu options.


Here are your stir-fry/Asian inspired restaurants:

Mein Street (Armstrong)

Wok This Way (Bell Tower)

Pacific Rim (Maplestreet)


Pizza/pasta options:

Sundial Pizza (Armstrong)

Red Brick Pizza (Maplestreet)

Pizza Pi/Pastato (Bell Tower)

Pastato (Martin)


Breakfast/brunch options:

First Stop South (in Harris)

First Stop (Maplestreet)

Super Brunch (Western Dining Commons)


Burger/grill options:

Campus Grill (Bell Tower & Harris)

Grill & Roast (Western Dining Commons)

Pulley Diner (Armstrong)



Delish (Maplestreet)

Uncle Phil’s (King Café, Scoreboard in Martin, Bell Tower); also, Uncle Phil’s express is served at most market locations


Burritos, tacos, etc.:

Serrano (Armstrong)

Sonora Stop (Bell Tower & Harris & Martin)


Hot sandwiches/paninis:

Haines’ Boulangerie (Armstrong)

Panini Portfolio (Dividends in Farmer)



Trader’s Greens (Dividends, Mapletstreet: Americas, Shriver: Tuffy’s)



No matter where you go on campus, you can find your favorite food. The quality is consistent and the variety is undeniable. So. Many. Customizable. Options.


In case you didn’t know!

(September 10)

Did you know that the First Stop South location in Harris has the exact same menu as the First Stop restaurant at Maplestreet?


Now you do.


If you’re ever in the mood for a chocolate chip muffin, strawberry waffles, an omelet, or any other luxurious breakfast item on the menu, stop by either location! It’s impossible to be sad when you can get breakfast all day.


And hey, if everyone already beat you to Maplestreet, walk across the road to First Stop South and get yourself some good food.

FSS blog graphic-01

How to enter First Stop in Harris.


Hours for First Stop (at Maplestreet): Monday-Friday 8am-9pm; Saturday& Sunday 10am-7pm

Hours for First Stop (Harris): Monday-Thursday 8am-9pm; Friday-Sunday 8am-2pm


Dividends: It’s what’s for lunch

(September 8)

Dividends is located over on East Quad in the Farmer’s School of Business, across the street from Pearson, and next to Cook Field.

There are several delicious (and speedy) breakfast and lunch options at Dividends.

For a swift breakfast, Dividends offers coffee, tea, fresh baked cinnamon rolls, fruit, and pastries.

For lunch, there are many more options. There’s an Asian Market that serves sushi, dumplings, rice, spring rolls, etc. There’s the Panini Portfolio that serves—you guessed it—paninis. Preferred Stock serves soup. And finally, Trader’s Greens, serves the famous Dividends salad; a giant custom salad bar with over 50 toppings.


Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 7:45am-4pm; Friday 7:45am-2:30pm; closed on the weekends


How many stamps are on your Dining Passport?

(September 8)

Passport to Dining_card image_front-01-01


Go to Super Brunch.Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.21.58 PM

(September 7)


Western Dining Commons. 10-2pm.


Meal plans are accepted and if you’re paying with cash or credit, there’s a $3 off coupon in Campus Special!



Carpe Crepes

(September 6)

Seize the crepes.

Our first Super Brunch of the year is tomorrow! Western Dining Commons from 10-2.

Put a reminder in your phone!

Along with crepes and various other menu items, Frittatas will also be served. To make a healthy start to your Sunday, choose egg whites and plenty of veggies!

Frittatas will also be served at Super Brunch. They are customizable with your choice of fresh fillings including veggies, meat, and cheese, then mixed with egg or egg whites and baked to perfection.

Frittatas will also be served at Super Brunch. They are customizable with your choice of fresh fillings including veggies, meat, and cheese, then mixed with egg or egg whites and baked to perfection.


Super Brunch

(September 5)

The brunch of all brunches will be coming to Western Campus on Sunday the 7th at 10am. This brunch will be buffet-style with your choice of eggs benedict, frittatas, crepes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles, smoked salmon flatbread, and so much more.

For those of you who remember the 1809 brunch, Super Brunch is like that, only bigger.

Super Brunch will be an every Sunday occurrence (unless otherwise stated) for the rest of the semester and the hours are 10-2.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 12.22.12 PMMeal plans are accepted and if you’re paying with cash or credit, there’s a $3 off coupon in Campus Special!


Get your friends together and go brunch.






Dining Passport Bonus Punch Opportunities!

(September 5)

Now through Tuesday, eating at First Stop will get you a bonus punch on your Dining Passport!

For the next two Sundays, attending Super Brunch will get you a bonus punch (if you remember to bring your Dining Passport)!


First Stop SOUTH Bonus Punch Digital Ad-01         Sunday super brunch Bonus Punch Digital Ad-01


American Cuisine

(September 3)

Today’s places to explore are both inspired by American cuisine (don’t forget to get your Dining Passport stamped at each!):


Americas and Delish (in Maplestreet Station, on Maple Street, near the Center for Performing Arts, and across the street from Minnich Hall).


Where to go for lunch:Delish2

Delish is a modern American sandwich shop. There’s a build-your-own sandwich line and enchanting grilled cheese sandwiches that will get you hooked. Great for lunchtime combos of soups and salads and sandwiches, if that’s what you prefer.


tacoWhere to go for dinner:

Americas serves up tasty seafood of the northeast as well as spicy flavors of the southwest. There are weekly specials and even a Trader’s Verde salad concept, similar to Dividends. This restaurant is good for both sit down and for carry out options, which means Americas could be an option for either lunch or dinner. (Though we would encourage a sit down meal here since Americas has one of the prettiest dining rooms.)


Exciting news on Americas menu!1

Every week options:

Mission Style Burrito, Four Chees Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Chips and Queso, Beef Brisket Sandwich, Chicken and Waffle, BBQ Ribs


Rotations (options that will be featured at some point in the semester):

Cincinnati Chili Dogs (Woot! Woot!), Chimichanga, Po Boy Sandwich, Crab Cakes, Bratwurst, Potato Casserole, Fish Taco, Philly Cheesesteak, Saratoga Chips with BBQ, Cheese Curds with Ranch, Enchiladas, and more.


Get out there and try something new! And don’t forget your Dining Passport!!

Passport to Dining_card image_front-01


Hours Americas: Monday-Friday 11am-9pm; closed Saturday; Sunday 5pm-9pm

Hours Delish: Monday-Friday 11am-7pm; Saturday 11am-4pm; closed Sunday

(^click for menus)


Fit Friday

(August 29)

We hope your first week of classes has treated you well!


Keep in mind that dining services can go hand-in-hand with your fitness regimen.

Today, we recommend a walk or jog around campus. If, by chance, you end up on Western (and you should since this part of campus is so beautiful), be sure to stop by The Greystone in the Western Dining Commons for a snack or a refreshing beverage.

The Greystone is a grocery-style market with an emphasis on natural and organic food choices. The Greystone also has an array of fresh fruit, salads, and freshly packed sandwiches.

Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 9am-10pm; Friday 9am-8pm; Saturday 10am-8pm; Sunday 10am-10pm


A Place to Explore: Bell Tower Place

(August 27)

As great as the new restaurants on campus are, we can’t forget about those that have been old favorites here. The traditional place on campus we recommend you visit today is Bell Tower Place.

Lots of quick options here!

The Bell Tower dining venue is located halfway up High Street, near its namesake Bell Tower. Its location is perfect for both on-campus and off-campus students. Upperclassmen—this is a great place to grab coffee or breakfast in the morning on your walk to class.

Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm; Friday 8am-2pm; closed on weekends

If you’re interested in pizza, pasta, sushi, a burger, a donut, coffee, cake, a smoothie, onion rings, yogurt, a burrito, tacos, quesadillas, guacamole, egg rolls, a deli sandwich, stir-fry, fruit, or soup, Bell Tower Place is the place to be.


A Place to Explore: Haines’ Boulangerie

(August 26)

Haines’ Boulangerie is on the west side of Armstrong Student Center (literally the center of campus), behind Bishop Woods, next to Culler Hall, in front of Upham Hall, within site of the famous seal (avoid walking on this!). Campus map.


If you can find any of those places, you can find Armstrong. If all else fails, find Spring Street and walk up or down until Armstrong is in sight—be sure to stay on campus!


Hours for Monday-Friday 7:30am-9pm; 8am-8pm on the weekend

Pro-tip: Boulangerie: “a bakery that specializes in baking and selling bread” [boo-lanzhuh-ree] according to Dictionary.com. Boo-lingerie might be helpful too. Good luck.


The Boulangerie features Panera-like eating options—flatbreads, paninis, soups, salads. This restaurant is not only super tasty, but also has a few vegan/vegetarian, low fat, and low calorie options. And also, lots of half combo options to choose from—half-sandwich, half-soup, half-salad.


For breakfast, try one of our smoothies, parfaits, or pastries!


Happy first day!

(August 25)

For students, both old and new, there are so many dining options on-campus this year. While change can be intimidating, it’s also very exciting. Through this blog, we will guide you through your dining experience this semester. Be sure to check back often, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook for more updates and information.


Don’t forget about the Dining Passport challenge that officially starts today! Pick up your Dining Passport from your first year RA or at the HOME Office (in the basement of Shriver).


Get your passport punched at:

  • Delish
  • Americas
  • La Mia Cucina
  • strEATS
  • Bell Tower
  • Martin Buffet
  • King Café
  • Tea Hive
  • Grill & Roast (Western Dining Commons)
  • International Station (Western Dining Commons)


To view a map of these dining locations, click here.


Once completed, turn your card into the HOME office. You will be entered for a chance to win the Grand Prize of a $250 gift card towards a new bike or one of two $100 flight vouchers.


HINT: find two locations that are close together and visit them both in one day!


Quick Armstrong Tutorial

(August 24)


For students both new and old,

To make trying new things a little more comfortable….


In all of the restaurants in Armstrong, walk up to the register first to order your food. From that point, you’ll either get a number, get a table card, or have to listen for your order nearby. Because Armstrong is so delicious and convenient, it’s always a bit busy, but don’t let that intimidate you! During peak hours, multiple registers are open.


All your food is hot and made to order. As if that isn’t amazing enough, all of the eating utensils and to-go boxes are biodegradable and Armstrong composts the food waste. Yay, Earth!


Get Your Passport!

(August 22)


Make sure you get rewarded for your exploration of the campus during the next few weeks.


To do this…


FIRST pick up your Dining Passport from your first year RA or at the Love & Honor Event (dining will be there from 6:30pm-7:30 pm at Stoddard & Elliot halls—next to Bell Tower) or at the HOME Office (in the basement of Shriver).


THEN collect stamps at the following locations to receive the Grand Prize of a $250 gift card towards a new bike or the Secondary Prizes (two of these will be awarded) of $100 Flight Vouchers:


-La Mia Cucina
-Bell Tower
-Martin Buffet
-King Cafe
-the Tea Hive
-Grill & Roast (Western Dining Commons)
-International Stations (Western Dining Commons)

To view a map of these dining locations, click here.


You must have your passport stamped and you must use your meal plan at these locations in order to win the prize. The dates of eligibility are from Monday, August 25 to Friday, September 19. In addition, several Bonus punch opportunities will be open through Tweets and Facebook posts. Keep your eye out for those!


Once your passport is filled out, front and back, return it to the HOME Office (in the basement of Shriver).


Good luck!

Passport to Dining_card image_front-01


Where can I eat?

(August 20)

While the campus is still preparing for the return of our students, there will still be places on campus to eat. As far as pre-semester hours go, most restaurants in Armstrong are open for a majority of the days leading up to the first day of classes. There is even a restaurant and a market within the student center that are open 24/7. Starting Thursday, Harris, Maplestreet, Martin, and Western Dining Commons all have hours during the day open to students.


For full details on the hours that each location is open, click here.

Bon appétit!

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