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Where Your Food Comes From Part I

26% of all food served on campus is grown/produced within Ohio. That’s over a quarter of the food. Woot-woot, local!


We work with eight local farmers to purchase as much fresh produce as possible. Watermelon, apples, broccoli, peppers are just a few examples.


All deli meats—ham, turkey, smoked turkey, salami, chicken and roast beef—as well as natural cheeses—Swiss, Colby-jack, pepper jack, Provolone—are produced in Ohio. During an average year, there are 9,000 pounds of these products sliced, packaged, and distributed each week! Woah.


Annually, over 10,000 gallons of locally produced ice cream is used in milkshakes at Encounter, Miami Ice, and Pulley Diner. Miami Ice and Pulley Diner both use Young’s Dairy. Also, Dan Young is Miami Alum.


Richard Graeter (of Graeter’s Ice Cream) is Miami Alum and pints of his ice cream are sold at most market locations.


Local food means less fuel costs, less pollution, fresher foods, and jobs given to local people.


More info here.

Special Diets

Anyone with a special diet (such as a Kosher or Halal diet) and/or someone with food allergies can contact the Demske Culinary Support Center to receive guidance on where the best places to eat on campus for people with special diets. (Frequently asked questions regarding special diets.)

There are also “Under the Weather” meal options. Basically, if you’re too sick to go to a dining location, you may arrange for a roommate or trusted friend to pick up a meal for you. That person must have both your Miami ID and his/her own ID and can only make a purchase up to $30.

Request forms here.

Custom Options

There is no better way to experience the freshness of Miami ingredients than to choose them yourself. Below is a list of places on campus where you have the ability to customize your food and watch as it is prepared. If you’re having trouble choosing the best combination of ingredients, consider a professional opinion. The great culinary advice of our Chefs and staff is sure to please.


(Armstrong Student Center)

Mein Street • Serrano • Sundial Pizza


(Maplestreet Station)

Delish • Encounter • First Stop • Pacific Rim • Americas


All Western Dining Commons Stations


Bell Tower Place



Where can I eat?

Even though classes don’t start until next week, we know that some people have moved back to campus early and we’d love to feed you all!

If you don’t already know which dining locations are currently open, then you can either check out the blog post or navigate to the official website for more specific details.

Finally, there’s a another page on this blog to visit before grabbing lunch and that is the page explaining what we’re doing. Basically, trying to help you have the most amazing dining experience possible every day for every meal. See that post here.


Have a fabulous day!

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