Miami University Dining Bucket List

Only a few more days until graduation and we have complied a list of some dining related and non-dining related things for you to cross off your bucket list before you graduate!

Dining Related:

  • Enjoy a midnight dinner from Pulley Diner
  • Try every flavor of gelato from Miami Ice
  • Use the GET app to order a custom pizza from Sundial
  • Make your own salad at Dividend$ in FSB
  • Compliment a late night study session with snack from King Cafe
  • Create a new sandwich combination at Delish
  • Stop at MacCracken for a pick-me-up between classes
  • Get a post-workout, protein-packed granola bar or sports drink from the Pro Shop
  • Explore the tasty buffet at Martin (after using the basement fitness center, of course!)
  • Throwback to freshman orientation by spending an evening in Western
  • Walk through the beauty of the formal gardens before stopping at Garden for a yummy meal
  • Try one of the seasonal Starbucks drinks
  • Get together a group of friends from freshman year and revisit your favorite dining hall

Things that do not relate to dining:

  • Kiss your sweetheart under Upham Arch
  • Rub the turtles’ heads for luck before a final
  • Take a photo of yourself in your favorite places around campus
  • Jump on the seal (AFTER you’ve finished your last exam, unless you’re a risk-taker)
  • Take time to enjoy Pulley’s bell tower when you’re not rushing to class
  • Visit the pond on Western
  • Write a thank you note to your favorite professor
  • Write thank you notes to your family for supporting you through school
  • Walk through the Miami Art Museum (bonus points if you bring an Art Major!)

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