Avocado Facts

The avocado, also known as alligator pear, is a fruit that is thought to have originated in South Central Mexico. Recent discovery has shown avocados to have been present in Peru up to 15,000 years ago. Avocados grow on a tree in tropical and Mediterranean climates throughout the world. Mexico produces the most avocados with California being the second. Avocados are known for being one of the healthiest superfoods because they are very nutrient-dense healthy fat and are bursting with health benefits. Keep reading to find out why avocados are May’s featured superfood of the month!

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 8.22.16 AM

Benefits of Avocado:

  • high in dietary fiber
  • lowers risk of prostate cancer
  • helps lower cholesterol
  • contains twice the potassium as a banana
  • contains vitamin E, niacin, riboflavin
  • great source of healthy fat
  • stabilizes blood sugar levels
  • can improve eyesight
  • low pesticide levels because of their thick skin
  • helps with weight loss
  • good for sexual health and fertility
  • great for beauty treatments
  • can protect unborn babies
  • may help relieve symptoms of arthritis

Avocados can be transformed and used in various ways. Whether it be in guacamole, spread for toast, or a face mask, the benefits surpass just including them in your diet! Enjoy avocados and the perks that come with this healthy fruit, today!

Link to Ways to Use Avocado

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