Understanding Portion Sizes

Article written by Freshman SAND member, Lakin Steedly 

With busy schedules and all day/late night studying, trying to keep a healthy lifestyle can be a struggle. This stressful college life can influence poor sleeping, exercise and eating habits. One of the biggest factors in weight gain or loss (healthy or not), is eating habits. With buffet style dining at most colleges, it can be hard to know just how much to eat. Remember this little trick to make sure that you stay within the portions for the food you eat!

Protein (meat, poultry, fish, tofu) – size of your palm
Fruits and Veggies – Size of a baseball
Frozen Yogurt – size of a tennis ball
Breads – 1 Slice of bread
Cereal – Size of a baseball
Butter – Tip of your thumb
Pancake – Size of a CD

When you have rushed days, try purchasing premade food at a market so you’re not rushing and grabbing more/less than you should. If you are not rushed to eat, take time to sit down and eat your meal with no distractions. This trick makes sure that you’re taking your time to digest and eat your food. Most times in buffet style dining, when we are serving ourselves, we feel the need to finish everything on our plate. If we take the time to eat slowly and digest our food we are able to recognize our bodies feeling full and we can learn just how much our bodies need to satisfy our hunger.

Whether you’re in a college dining hall or your at home making yourself a bowl of cereal, try to remember the little tips that can help you keep a balance of what portion sizes are!

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