Easy Dorm Recipes

Article Written by Emily Gabel, Sophomore and SAND (Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) Member

Living in a dorm creates many challenges, due to the minimal space and cooking resources available. In a dorm, you do not have the ability to cook a full meal. Although some dorms have kitchenettes in the common areas, is it extremely rare that students utilize them to cook meals more than once a week. With these challenges, it becomes necessary to get creative when wanting to make a meal from the dorm building late at night.

There are many options for dorm breakfast recipes. My personal favorite dorm breakfast meal is overnight oats. Overnight oats are the solution to having a breakfast meal ready for you when you wake up, and a nutritional and tasteful one at that.

Overnight oats require a jar or container with a lid, oats, milk and any sort of add ins you prefer, such as fruits, nut butters or seeds. All of these ingredients are sold at campus markets. To prepare overnight oats fill a glass jar or container with old fashioned oats, to the level of which you think you’ll eat the next morning. Next, fill the jar with milk so that the oats are covered. If you are needing a caffeine pick up, pour 1 cup of brewed coffee into the container with oats, instead of milk. Finally, add toppings to the oats and any sort of spices or flavorings you wish. Simply cover the container with a lid and place in the fridge overnight and you have yourself a nutritious breakfast ready when you wake up!

A dish I love to make in my dorm for lunch or dinner is a Mexican corn salad. For those who would never choose to eat a salad for a meal at the dining hall, this may just be your kind of salad. This salad, unlike what you’re offered at the dining hall, is not lettuce based. A Mexican corn salad has a corn base, which is made from cooking canned corn in the microwave for approximately 3 minutes. After cooking the corn, add black beans, peppers, onions, cilantro and cheese to the corn to make a complete salad. A yogurt based dressing is paired well with this salad. You can make a simple yogurt based salad dressing with products purchased from campus markets. The dressing consists of plain yogurt, lime juice, paprika and cumin.

Not only are these recipe suggestions easy to make in your dorm room, but they are great ideas to mix and match with items served in the dining halls!

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