King Cafe – The Prime Study Spot

Tests, exams, and quizzes (that are actually tests). It’s easy to be overwhelmed by school work, which is why it’s important to have a study spot to beat the procrastination. Well there is a place you can essentially live at, food and all, during the unfortunate time of tests and late night studying?

The one and only King Cafe!

You might as well pitch a tent there because not only is it a floor below the library, but they have choices galore to satisfy your need for food, drinks, and snacks while studying. King Cafe has been around for quite some time and, boy, their options for food and drinks are amazing.

They are ready to serve you if you’re starving and want a big meal or just need a quick pick-me-up to keep your brain chugging along. King Cafe offers delicious make-your-own sandwiches and wraps, a variety of bagels, fresh salads, and even a pastry section if you’re feeling fancy. To-go snacks are a must have but don’t worry, King Cafe has got you covered with a variety of options.

As far as drinks go, they will keep your momentum going with refreshing smoothies, a number of Starbucks coffee drinks hot or iced, a whole fridge filled with bottled drinks and water, and did we mention coffee? We feel the caffeine kicking in already.

When you need a place to study that’s not your bedroom, with food and drinks along the way, go to King Cafe! Find a table and settle in to make your roller coaster of emotions a little less… hectic.

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