The Toasted Roll…Bagel?

Tradition has played a role in the hearts of Miami students ever since Miami was founded. Miami mergers, kissing under the Upham Arch, petting the turtle’s head at the sundial, the seal, and plenty more. But one of the best traditions for food includes the beloved Toasted Roll at Pulley Diner in Armstrong.

The tasty Tuffy’s Toasted Roll was named after Myrion Timothy “Tuffy” Potter, who opened an eatery called Tuffy’s Place in 1929. The warm, powdered-sugared rolls were a popular item on the menu back then and they continued when Miami brought it for all students to enjoy.

Now there is a new toasted roll in town. Just in the center of the main court in Armstrong is an a la carte location now called the Toasted Bagel. Not only do they have Toasted Bagels, which are phenomenal, but they made the bagel of all toasted bagels. In their dessert menu is a bagel of your choice, but Toasted Roll style.

This bagel includes your choice of bagel toasted with butter, cinnamon, and sugar then sprinkled with powdered sugar—Tuffy’s Toasted Roll style. Not only do they make it Toasted Roll style, but you get to choose which bagel you prefer to entice your taste buds. It’s a win-win . This savory, delicious, and satisfying bagel is new to the menu and is already one of the most popular food items.

The tradition of the Toasted Roll lives on in the new Toasted Bagel dining menu with a big twist to the original. If you’re looking for a sweet treat while also wanting to satisfy your hunger, buy one today! Or two. Or three and save one for later. Either way, you just cannot get enough.

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