Café Lux Serving a ‘Top 25’ Coffee

Established in Columbus, Ohio in 1991, Crimson Cup Coffee and Tea Roasters was recently ranked within the Top 25 Best Coffee Roasters in America and is served at Café Lux in the Armstrong Student Center. Miami is proud to be partnering with a passionate company who’s mission is founded on the ideas of L.Y.F.E. (Leave you Feeling Energized) and L.O.V.E. (Leave Others Very Energized) — two mottos we can get behind.

Crimson Cup roasts small batches of coffee by hand, in-house, at their Columbus, Ohio facility. They’re committed to making the link between the coffee bean grower and customer smaller by promoting the Friend2Farmer direct trade program. The F2F program honors the hard work of international farmers by providing economic sustainability, agriculture development, and food security for them. This builds an intentionality and deep purpose behind every cup of coffee served.

Café Lux is a new addition to campus this semester and gives students a relaxing European atmosphere during a coffee or pastry break. Check it out!

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