What is Falafel and Where Can You Get It On Campus?

Before the typical foods that are now staples in American cuisine, like the hamburger and french fry, there was a traditional Mediterranean dish called, falafel. With a distinct look and taste, falafel has made a name for itself over in America in recent years.

Falafel is made by ground up chickpeas and some spices (depending on what flavor you’re going for), then formed into a fritter or patty shape. What’s great about falafel is that it’s a meatless option for vegetarians that is full of nutrients like fiber, protein and folate. Chickpeas are also low in sodium and saturated fat.


Call it a chickpea hushpuppy or whatever you want to call it, but falafel is unique in its own right. If you’re curious to try it for the first time or already a fan, it is now being served in a bowl and wrap at Haines’ Boulangerie on campus!

IMG_4151-minStop by today and see other new bowls and fresh recipes!

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