The Apps Every Foodie Needs

Being a “foodie” is a title many possess, but a true foodie will have these following apps on their phone to take their obsession with food to the next level. Whether it’s cooking or finding a local restaurant, these apps will elevate your foodie game. All of the following apps are available in the Apple App Store or GooglePlay store.

Kitchen Stories

Find delicious recipes with beautiful pictures, easy to follow step-by-step photo instructions, recipe videos, and clever how-to videos for free with Kitchen Stories. The app recently won a design award by Apple so you know the videos, photography, and minimal layout of the app are all very atheistically pleasing and user-friendly. The videos resemble Tasty videos that are typically on Facebook feeds, but are elevated to the next level.


Yummly is another recipe discovery app that combines pictures with recipes from around the web. The big difference is that you can filter recipes by the ingredients you already have so you don’t have to go to the grocery store to cook like a champion. You can also set up a personal profile so Yummly can customize what you see based on your allergies, diet, and foods you just don’t like.

eMeals – Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping List

This app is incredible for building a shopping list, prep for your meals, and staying organized. You can pay $5 a month to get personalized meal plans that are based on what you like, which can come in handy instead of sifting through recipe after recipe online. If you do like a recipe, add it to your recipe box, and the ingredients can automatically be added to your shopping list and sorted by the aisle they are in at the store. This just made grocery shopping a lot more interesting!

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal has created a calorie, diet, and nutrition diary designed to help you watch what you eat. With over 5 million foods logged, this app is bound to have what you are eating. It also has a barcode scanner integrated in the app to scan the food you are eating so you can adjust the portion and log it into your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack category. When you sign up for the app, you fill out a personal profile based on activity level, age, weight, height, and weight loss goals, so the app can set a daily calorie intake limit. This app is so easy to use and breaks down food so you can see what you are eating by the numbers. Check it out!


With OpenTable you can discover, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations – anytime, anywhere. Find a restaurant, set a day, time, and how many people will be in your party. Every foodie has to try new dining locations every once and awhile and this app is perfect for doing just that!

Open Table-min

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