Kitchen Hacks to Make College Easier

College is a place where time is of the essence. Going from class to class, balancing school, a job, and making time for a social life, can be crazy. It’s during those times when finding ways to make life easier, especially in the kitchen, is useful. Hopefully these tips will enhance your time in the kitchen or dorm room!

Cool Down Coffee Without Diluting it

Hot or iced, frozen or not, decaf or regular, coffee is a sensitive subject. It may sound like a first world problem, but watered down coffee is the worst. Now there is a solution.

Use an ice tray, pour coffee (or creamer) in it and freeze! No more burnt tongues when you need your coffee cooled down or watery iced coffee when you take an hour to drink it.

Reheat Your Food Without Drying it Out

Attention: don’t throw leftovers away. It’s never as good as the first time you eat it, but your meal can be less dried out if you just put a glass of water in the microwave while you reheat it. The cup of water inside the microwave provides some moisture in the air for the food.

Seal a Chip Bag Without a Clip

Chip clips are one of those things that never seem to make the grocery list and are easily forgotten until you actually need one. A quick and easy solution is not using them at all. Just use the bag itself! Check it out below.

Revive Stale Cereal

We’ve all done it before. You forget to seal the plastic bag before putting your cereal away and a week later you grab the Frosted Flakes only to find they’re stale. Well, there is a hack to help your forgetfulness!

Simply spread the cereal out on a sheet pan, pop it into a 375 degree oven for 5 to 10 minutes, let it cool, and enjoy some revived, crunchy cereal.

Frozen Capri Suns

There’s a twist for an alternative popsicle and it involves the beloved Capri Sun pouches. It’s not hard to reminisce on how great a Capri Sun tasted on a summer day when you were a kid. First freeze the Capri Sun, take it out, cut the top and enjoy. Easy and tasty nostalgia.

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