Local Vendor Day (Spring 2017) Recap

Hosted at Market Street at MacCracken once a semester, Local Vendor Day is a day where local vendors – whose products are sold out of Market Street – visit Miami University, giving students the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people behind their favorite on-campus, local products. There are also plenty of free samples!

On April 20, Market Street hosted the spring rendition even as rain clouds loomed above. Students joined us outside Market Street, spoke with our vendors in attendance and enjoyed free samples including chips and salsa, fresh cilantro, gelato and sorbet, chocolates and other tasty sweets. We were also joined by the Pineridge Partners, a local band from Somerville, who provided a lovely soundtrack for the event.

Whether you missed out or want to know more about your favorite vendors, below are those who were able to attend the spring event. Read up on our Local Vendor Day from the fall, and be sure to stop by Market Street to purchase their incredible local products!

Check out our full photo album from Local Vendor Day on our Facebook page!

Madisono’s Gelato

Website: http://www.madisonogelato.com

Offering free samples of their Carmello & Sea Salt gelato and Strawberry Lemon Sorbetto, Madisono’s Gelato specializes in hand-crafted, unique artisanal flavors of gelato and sorbet. It’s sold on campus out of Market Street at MacCracken.

Check out our “Locally Grown” piece about Madisono’s Gelato and learn how a shiitake mushroom farmer learned how to make gelato.

The Organic Farm at Bear Creek

Website: http://www.organicfarmatbearcreek.com

The Organic Farm at Bear Creek provides a wide range of tasty products to Market Street, including salsa, pasta sauce, jams, soups and tea. At Local Vendor Day, co-owner Sandra Ashba handed out samples of the flavorful, fresh salsa and some delicious jam. 

Check out our “Locally Grown” piece on The Organic Farm and how they ensure consistency in their products by using family heirloom seeds.

Winans Chocolates + Coffees

Website: http://winanscandies.com

Winans Chocolates + Coffees is a fourth generation family owned chocolate and coffee company located in Piqua. They provided free samples of their delicious chocolate-covered pretzels and more. Winans sells chocolates at Market Street at MacCracken.

Windy Acres

Website: http://www.windyacresonline.com

Windy Acres was back at Local Vendor Day with a wide variety of sweet treats for samples. Windy Acres has been a fixture of the area for years and for many, their candy is nostalgic. Purchase your own sweet supply at Market Street and check out our “Locally Grown” piece on Windy Acres.

Miami University Institute for Food

Website: http://miamioh.edu/cas/academics/centers/iff/index.html

The Miami University Institute for Food and farm is an interdisciplinary experiential learning project dedicated to cultivating an awareness around issues of food, health, and sustainable agriculture. Purchase your own fresh produce from the Institute for Food at Market Street.

Check out our “Locally Grown” piece about the Miami University Institute for Food from this fall.

Heather’s Goodies

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Heathers-Goodies

Delicious baked bread from Heather’s Goodies was available to sample at Local Vendor Day. Heather’s Goodies is based out of Bellbrook and their products can be purchased at Market Street.

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