One Miami Special Dinner Primer

On March 30, we will be hosting the One Miami Special Dinner at Western Dining Commons for our first special dinner of 2017! Come join us for an event that will feature an exciting menu with items from across the globe that you’ll only be able to find on campus during this dinner!

One Miami Special Dinner

Date Location Time
March 30, 2017 Western Dining Commons 5-8pm

Look for items like Vietnamese noodle salad (Vietnam), Korean beef (South Korea), potato pancakes (Germany), roasted Japanese eggplant (Japan), chickpea curry (India), and many other delicious options.

The menu will also be featuring some unique North American additions with tater tot poutine (Canada), chorizo and Monterey Jack pizza (Southwest US), Cincinnati chili (Cincinnati, OH), and Chicago hot dogs with toppings (Chicago, IL), among others.

If you’re looking for some special sweets, a Red Brick Bliss (Dayton, OH) Sundae Bar will be available with sundae toppings or you may opt for a tasty helping of crepe cake!

We’ll see you at Western Dining Commons!

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