Ways to Drink More Water

Numerous studies show that water may help with weight loss, thinking more clearly, improving mood and so much more. With all these crazy good benefits, why is it so hard to keep up our intake? Whether you’re feeling uninspired, you wish water tasted better, or you just can’t keep track of how much you’ve consumed, we’re here to help with some helpful tips and tricks.

If you don’t like the taste, try adding fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs to a large water bottle or pitcher. Not only will these healthy additives surprise your taste buds, but they will also jumpstart your metabolism. Make sure you include ice to really get your metabolism going! Some favorite recipes for this “spa water” include adding cucumber and mint, lemon and lime and grapefruit and basil. You can find more tasty combinations here or you can come up with your own tasty concoction and share with us on any of our social media platforms!

If you’re feeling uninspired, buy a water bottle that you will want to carry around! Whether you’re toting it from class to class, on your commute to work or all around the gym, having a water bottle you are proud of will make you want to have it close by. If you’re tech-focused try one with a filtration system like the Camelbak All Clear Purifier Bottle. If you love to spice things up get a water bottle that lets people know you can handle the heat. If you want a Yeti like your favorite Instagram blogger, but don’t want to commit to a cooler, there’s even a few water bottle options for you! Better yet, get one from the Miami Bookstore that shows off your school spirit. Honestly, there is a water bottle out there for everyone.

If you just can’t keep track of your water consumption, try keeping a journal or getting an app! Drinking water is just one more thing you can keep checking off of your to-do list each day to make you feel accomplished. With all the added health benefits, it might even help you check off other tasks too! It’s important to be able to hold yourself accountable to reach your goals so you stay hydrated. If you stay hydrated your body can function properly and you can continue to succeed in school and life. With today’s technology, keeping track is easier than ever. There are myriad apps available that will help you reach your goals. Check out these eight, or share your favorites with us in the comments below!

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