What to Do This ~Friendsgiving~

Whatever your Thanksgiving plans are, you can still celebrate Friendsgiving with your squad at school. Show your pals how much they mean to you by hosting a stellar event with these fun activities (to go along with the food). They’ll gobble it up!

Leaf Crowns

Take a stroll down memory lane, or maybe just through Western campus, and find the biggest leaves you can. Once you get back inside the warmth of your dorm, make some hot cocoa and start crafting! Cut construction paper so it makes the base of the crown and staple the ends together to hold it in place. Then, attach the leaves in whatever pattern you please to create these fun leaf crowns. Wear them while you feast like a king!

Watch Your Favorite Thanksgiving Movie

Television specials are okay too! Gather around the screen and stay warm inside with some of your favorite Thanksgiving-themed programming! Some of the most popular ones include:

  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


  • National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion0add6c49a63979e1b576f4e5138d0f56
  • Paul Blart Mall Cop


  • Free Birds


  • Gilmore Girls

Bonus points because the new season is coming out on November 25th!!!

  • Gossip Girl


  • That 70’s Show


  • Friends


  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Throw it back to the Nick at Nite days.

  • Bob’s Burgers


Scavenger Hunt

Print out pictures of your friends and hide them in places that you frequently visit or where something fun happened. Give clues that will spark up good memories of times you’ve shared and rediscover old memories as you uncover each picture.



Take some time to relax and color as you let your food digest! What better way to celebrate the good old times than coloring up a storm with these free, printable coloring pages.

Ruffled Feathers

Have two people compete to each keep a feather up in the air without touching the ground or the other person’s feather. Make it a tournament and the two to reach the final can break the wishbone!


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