Recapping Ice Cream Extravaganza (Fall 2016)

It was all smiles at Garden Commons during last Thursday’s Ice Cream Extravaganza event! Students braved the rain for servings of ice cream and gelato, courtesy of Madisono’s, Young’s Jersey Dairy and Miami Ice.

After all, ice cream is worth it.

Madisono’s, a company based out of Cincinnati, served delicious artisanal gelato and sorbetto to guests. Young’s Jersey Dairy, from Yellow Springs, offered a wide variety of their own tasty ice cream flavors. Finally, Miami Ice made the trek from Armstrong Student Center to serve some of their own wonderful gelato.

Additional ice cream novelties were also available and students had the opportunity to enter giveaways with a chance to win prizes from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams and Graeter’s!

If you are craving more sweets from last night’s festivities, Madisono’s gelato and sorbetto can be purchased on campus at Market Street at MacCracken.

Young’s Jersey Dairy supplies the ice cream for Encounter milkshakes and will be unveiling a new, exclusive Miami ice cream flavor at the M-Pire State of Mind Homecoming Special Dinner on September 15th.

Miami Ice gelato is made in-house at Armstrong and is available for purchase at the Miami Ice location there!

Make sure you are following us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, so you don’t miss out on anything in the world of Miami University dining. We look forward to serving you at the M-Pire State of Mind Homecoming Dinner on Thursday, September 15th from 5-8pm at Harris Dining Hall!

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