Staff Spotlight: Tim Schomberg

If you’ve eaten at Garden Commons since its opening last fall, you probably know, or at least recognize, Tim Schomberg. Now the General Manager at Bell Tower Place, Schomberg is quick to strike up conversations with students and other guests.

Even from the start of Schomberg’s time in food service, building connections with patrons was important to him. His mom worked for Kroger for many years and Schomberg joined her, eventually spending 21 years there himself.

“I found that I loved the people,” said Schomberg, “You get regulars that would come in week after week. You really get to see their families grow up.”

Tim Schomberg is the current General Manager at Bell Tower Place.

Schomberg is the current General Manager at Bell Tower Place.

After spending time as a snap-on tool salesman and working a couple years with AVI food systems in vending services, Schomberg took a dining services job at Miami University in 2004 and has worked here since, finding the student interactions, and the relationships he develops with them, still some of his favorite things about his job.

“I love the interaction with students,” said Schomberg, “When you see these people day after day and week after week… you start building those bonds and it’s like anything else, you get to know someone. You get to see this familiar face all the time. You start to build a relationship.”

As a father of five (four daughters and one son), participating in these ongoing conversations with students feels familiar and makes it easier for Schomberg to connect with them, even beyond graduation. Today, Schomberg uses social media to keep in touch with former student managers who have since moved across the world and are now starting their own families.

It’s nice, not that I see them a whole lot, but there’s always the interaction on Facebook and I get the opportunity to see them continue to grow,” said Schomberg, “There’s one who lives in Columbus and is a big Bengals fan and I usually see him once a year. He’ll usually come down to a game and we’ll catch up on what’s been going on over the last year.”

For Schomberg, it’s a sense of “family” university-wide that not only fosters long-lasting relationships, like the ones he has with former student managers, but is also key for current students.

“I think for the most part, the people here… they just care about the students that come in. I think we all kinda feel, in some strange way, they’re all our children,” said Schomberg, “We have one goal here. To make these the best possible conditions for these students as they’re here for their four years.”

This school year, Schomberg can be found at Bell Tower Place, managing the operations of Bell Tower buffet and Bell Tower Market, ensuring our guests are provided the very best in dining services, while overseeing full-time and student staff. He still makes time for students though, whether answering questions or just starting a conversation.

“I was doing the register a little bit last night and I remembered some of the kids that came in for lunch time,” said Schomberg, “I remember talking to a few of them and they came back in, so already, this week, I’m recognizing faces, they’re recognizing mine and that’s how you build relationships.”

The Hard Questions

Favorite dish to prepare? To eat?

Prepare – I love making the stir-fry.

Eat – A good steak. I also love the big baked potatoes with the Kosher salt on the outside.

What are some of your hobbies? Interests?

I fish. I have a pond at my place. I used to hunt. I’m a big NASCAR fan and a Bengals season-ticket holder. I love to read.

Favorite TV Show? The Walking Dead

Cat or dog? Both, I have two dogs, three cats and four horses (and all the fish in his pond).

Cake or pie? It’s close, but it has to be pie.

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  1. Kamala Combs says:

    😃 The King of Smooze!!!!!! I worked with Tim when I was first hired. I started about 6 months after him, at good old Alexander dining hall. He immediately made me feel so welcome. Then again a few years later, He was a great assistant manager but he has grown and worked hard to be an Amazing General Manager. I always knew it would happen! He not only cares about the students but you can tell soon after working for him he truely cares about his staff. He is the type of Manager that it doesn’t matter what needs to be done, he will jump in and help as long as it takes. I have seen him literally jump in, always tucking in his tie, putting on a hat and beard net, but work every position in dining all in one day. Wether it be food service, cooking or working in the dishroom are taking out trash, Tim never hesitates to do anything he can to help!!!!! He is there to help but he also is always listen to wether it be questions, comments, or even about family. Unfortunately I don’t work for Tim any longer but anytime I do see him he always asks how my husband and family are! He is truely a role model for anyone trying to advance in the food service industry! As well as having a great sense of humor,he makes coming to work fun!!!!!!

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