Local Vendor Day Spring 2016

Whether it’s an old family recipe, a unqiue approach to their preparation, or just an interest in offering something different, local products have a special place in our heart stomach.

Local Vendor Day, held twice a year at Market Street at MacCracken, is an event where local vendors come to Miami University’s campus and share their products with a student body that values local.

On Wednesday’s spring rendition of this event, there were free samples ranging from candy, chocolates and gelato to burgers, salsa, hummus and vegan grahams. Students had the opportunity to meet the people behind the products, which are made by hand with the freshest of ingredients and – best of all – the full-sized portions are available just inside at the market!

Looking for more about our vendors? Those who attended are listed below. Be sure to stop by Market Street at MacCracken and pickup some of these truly wonderful, fresh, local items!

Chickpea Chicks

Website: http://www.chickpeachicks.com

Chickpea Chicks was offering up samples of their small batch, artisanal hummus and leading guests on a “hummus tour” from Toasted Sesame, all the way to Wasabi Green Onion (with Lemon Zowie, Smokin! and Cincy Style in between). Their hummus is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, has no preservatives and is available at Market Street!

Madisono’s Gelato

Website: http://www.madisonogelato.com

Madisono’s Gelato attended with some of their delicious Carmello & Sea Salt Gelato. Madisono’s specializes in hand-crafted, unique artisanal flavors of gelato and sorbet, which are gluten free, lower in fat than ice cream and are fresh from Cincinnati at Market Street! Looking for more info on Madisono’s? See how a mushroom farmer dove into the world of gelato (side note: did you know there’s an Ice Cream University?).

The Organic Farm at Bear Creek

Website: http://www.organicfarmatbearcreek.com

The Organic Farm at Bear Creek provides a wide range of tasty products to Market Street, including salsa, pasta sauce, jams, soups and tea. At Local Vendor Day, they handed out samples of their flavorful, fresh salsa, fresh from the farm. No really… none of the ingredients that go into their products, much less the completed product itself, have ever been off the farm until they are shipped to places like Market Street! Check out our “Locally Grown” piece on The Organic Farm and how they ensure consistency in their products by using family heirloom seeds.

Winan’s Chocolate + Coffees

Website: http://winanscandies.com

If you’re from the Dayton area, this likely isn’t the first time you’ve heard of Winan’s. Their delicious chocolate products, specifically their chocolate cover pretzels, were available at Local Vendor Day for sampling, and boy were they good. Be sure to get your chocolate fix by picking up some Winan’s chocolates from Market Street!

Reserve Run Family Farm

Website: http://www.reserverunfarm.com

Reserve Run Family Farm is the farm behind the delicious burgers offered at Maplestreet Station’s Encounter. Samples of their burgers were available at Local Vendor Day. The story behind their products is certainly an interesting one and one that warrants a read through in our “Locally Grown” series. You can find Reserve Run’s tasty burgers at Encounter, but you can also pick up other Reserve Run Farm products at Market Street!

Grateful Grahams

Website: https://www.gratefulgrahams.com

Grateful Grahams is a new face at Local Vendor Day with their handmade, vegan graham crackers, which are the perfect tasty snack for any occasion. They aren’t currently available in Market Street, but are scheduled to appear on the shelves come this fall, so set a reminder for when you come back to campus in August!

Windy Acres

Website: http://www.windyacresonline.com/store/

Windy Acres was back at Local Vendor Day with a wide variety of sweet treats for samples. Windy Acres has been a fixture of the area for years and for many, their candy is a bit nostalgic. Purchase your own sweet supply at Market Street and check out our “Locally Grown” piece on Windy Acres!

Ruby’s Chocolates

Website: http://www.rubyschocolates.com

Ruby’s Chocolates made the trip from just down the street (Hamilton, Ohio) to join us at Local Vendor Day, and we couldn’t be happier! They offered samples of their chocolate products, including Buckeyes and more. Ruby’s Chocolates is the perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth and they’re available at Market Street!

Thank you everyone who joined us for Local Vendor Day and a special thanks goes out to the vendors themselves who took the time to share their world-class products with us! We hope everyone involved had a great time!

As always, keep tabs on the world of Miami University Dining by following us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook! Don’t miss out on any future events or specials!

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