Dips Galore: Breads & Spreads

Have you ever felt like appetizers were an under appreciated part of any good meal? Do you like your fair share of dips, spreads and well… breads? Then Breads & Spreads at Harris Dining Hall was the event for you!

Harris had tables (literally) of tasty dips, crackers, chips, breads, fruits and veggies that were main course worthy by themselves and they sure were good. Guests had their choice between different flavors, ranging from the hearty gameday dips with chips, to the lighter summer time items like veggies with a greek yogurt dip or a fruit salsa. And, of course, we had to throw in some sweet Nutella cannoli dip and Funfetti dip to go with cinnamon bread for more of a dessert flair.

While students enjoyed both their normal Harris buffet, in addition to a feast of breads, spreads, dips and more, others stopped by a Dip Station on the way out. There were three different dips (Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt Dip, Basil Sun-Dried Tomato Dip and No Bake Spinach Dip) that students could make themselves to take home!

What goes with studying better than a quick, tasty snack anyway?

Thank you everyone who joined us for Breads & Spreads! We hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to keep tabs on the world of Miami University Dining by following us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook! Don’t miss out on any future events or specials!

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