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Local Vendor Day, Breads & Spreads, and Ice Cream Extravaganza

The spring semester is winding down and that means stress is at an all-time high, but we want to let you know that we are here to help! So, break away from the textbooks and dive into to the tasty food that will be available on Wednesday, May 4th and Thursday, May 5th!

After all, study breaks are a good thing.

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

Local Vendor Day

Market Street at MacCracken – 3-6pm

This is our second Local Vendor Day of the school year with the first taking place on a beautiful day back in October. The event is a great opportunity to meet some of the brilliant people behind some of the wonderful local products that can be purchased at Market Street at MacCracken. Our guests, including Grandola Granola, The Organic Farm at Bear Creek, Windy Acres, Winan’s Chocolates and Coffee, Heather’s Goodies, Madisono’s Gelato, Chickpea Chicks, Ruby’s Chocolates and Reserve Run Farm, are super friendly and more than happy to discuss their products with you!

Oh, and there are free samples of like… everything. Did you catch that? FREE.

Get to know Grandola Granola, The Organic Farm at Bear Creek, Windy Acres, Madisono’s Gelato and Reserve Run Farm with our “Locally Grown” series.


Breads & Spreads

Harris Dining Center – 5-8pm

Breads & Spreads is back! Featuring a variety of appetizers, including local humus and salsa, plus pretzels and pita, this event is about the under-appreciated first course. We will be serving BBQ chicken dip, funfetti dip and other dips, sauces and foods for dipping.

We will also have one of our chefs there helping students create their own dip! Students can “make & take” their creation to-go to save for later!


Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Ice Cream Extravaganza

Garden Commons – 5-8pm

Okay… we will give you one guess on what this event is about…

Of course! Ice cream!

As an end of the year celebration (and break from the textbooks), we are throwing an Ice Cream Extravaganza! Students will be able to enjoy some tasty gelato from our very own Miami Ice, but we will also have guests from Madisono’s Gelato and Young’s Jersey Dairy there serving some of their delicious gelato and ice cream!

Madisono’s Gelato, out of Cincinnati, is hand-crafted and features a variety of delicious, unique, artisanal flavors. Madisono’s, both gelato and sorbet, can be purchased, by the pint, at Market Street at MacCracken.

Get to know Madisono’s Gelato with our “Locally Grown” piece

Young’s Jersey Dairy supplies local ice cream for the milkshakes available at Encounter. Young’s Jersey Dairy, located in Yellow Springs, Ohio, also provides much of the ice cream used during different dining events or specials across campus. Uhh… yeah… this is going to be good.

This is an event you don’t want to miss!


Grilling out with Picnic on the Patio

There was cornhole, KanJam, and delicious food at Tuesday’s Picnic on the Patio! Bell Tower Place was busy and buzzing on a beautiful spring day that offered the perfect backdrop for the tasty cookout festivities!

Picnic on the Patio offered a menu featuring all the cookout favorites. We had steak, hot dogs, Italian sausage, burgers, ribs and veggie burgers for the main course. Classics like baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, fruit salad, asparagus and more were served as tasty sides, perfect for a picnic! Ice cream treats were also available to go along with a variety of drink options as well, for those looking to cool off.

Guests had their choice of combos that could be eaten on the Bell Tower patio or could be taken to go in a to-go container, making this our most convenient special dining event yet! For those who did stick around, cornhole was out and ready to play, along with the frisbee-game KanJam!

Thank you everyone who joined us for our cookout and we hope you enjoyed it! Keep tabs on the world of Miami University Dining by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! Don’t miss out on any future events or specials!

Join us at Picnic on the Patio!

The stretch of special dining events continues tomorrow at Bell Tower Place from 4-7:30pm with Picnic on the Patio!

The picnic will feature all of your cookout favorites like steak, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, Italian sausage and more. We will also be offering a variety of sides, drinks and even some ice cream!

This is the perfect, convenient special dinner event for students who are wrapping up their classes and may be heading back home for the evening or those looking to get a taste of summer! Combo meals will be available, starting at $7.25, and food can be taken to-go to better serve your busy lives.

So stop by, let off some steam and enjoy a delicious cookout with us!

Recapping Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner

Another year, another tasty Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner! With baseball season now in full-swing, it was only a matter of time before that glorious ballpark food pulled itself to the front of our minds. On cue, the sun came out Tuesday, just in time for our Annual baseball-themed Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner!

Students from across campus came to Garden Commons to get their hands on a menu featuring items straight from the ballpark like corn dogs, soft pretzels, nachos, waffle fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks and even Cracker Jacks. There was a hot dog bar, serving hot dogs, brats and metts, with additional assorted toppings. Pizza and sandwiches like Montgomery Inn Pulled Pork, spicy chicken and a hamburger bar offered students a delicious array of dinner options. That didn’t even include dessert, which was an ice cream bar with a choice of toppings, red velvet cupcakes, Babe Ruth bars and cookies.

Guests had the opportunity to enter our Cincinnati Reds Tickets Raffle, test their mettle with some baseball trivia, or interact with representatives from Mountain Dew Kickstart and Red Bull (both products are available across campus). Towards the end of the dinner, guests had the opportunity to go from eating ballpark food to watching baseball at the ballpark just down the street with Miami baseball hosting Xavier in the Joe Nuxhall Classic.

We want to thank the Miami baseball team for loaning us baseballs to use in our decorations, the Miami softball team for the jerseys they so graciously let us borrow so we could look the part and the Miami athletic department for setting us up with RedHawks hats! Thank you!

Make sure you’re following MiamiUDining on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, so you can keep tabs on all the upcoming special events, such as this! We’ll see you at next week’s (Tuesday, April 19) Picnic on the Patio at Bell Tower from 4-7:30pm!


“Reliving” Zombie Dinner

When you think about the undead, zombies and the general concept of an apocalypse brought on by the reanimation of corpses through a contagious virus, what do you think of?

Exactly! Food!

Well, that’s what we thought of anyway and what resulted was our very own, “Walking Dead inspired” Zombie Dinner. The dinner, hosted at Harris Dining Hall, featured a variety of delicious menu items, with a twist.

The food was “Zombie-fied.”

Starting at 5pm, guests were greeted by our Meatloaf Corpse “Chuck” and then hit the buffet lines.


“Uhh, Chuck… you okay? You’re not looking so great…”

Whether it was a serving of “Zombie Intestines & Blood Clots” (Spinach Fettuccine with Chunky Tomatoes), “Chunks of Flesh” (Citrus Ginger Roasted Beets), or the “Former” Chef Salad, students experienced a diverse and unique dining experience. There was Meatloaf (separate from our guy Chuck), Chicken Wings (Parmesan & BBQ), BBQ Ribs, Mac & Cheese, Chicken Tenders, Fingerling Potatoes, Roasted Asparagus and more available on the different all-you-can-eat buffet lines.

The desserts were headlined by even more “Zombie-centric” items like the Red Chocolate Fountain, “Brain” Cupcakes, “Zombie Bite” Cupcakes, Rice Krispy Treat “Flesh Chunks”, Monkey Bread “Brain Matter”, Raspberry Cheesecake “Scab” Brownies and Almond Baton Cookie “Fingers”, among other tasty treats!

We thoroughly enjoyed putting on this event and we hope everything enjoyed it as much as we did! Thank you for joining us at Harris for our Zombie Dinner and we can’t wait to see you at the next one! – (Pshh… there’s the Annual Seventh Inning Stretch on Tuesday at Garden)

Now, has anyone seen Chuck? He was just right here…

Thank you for joining us at Harris for Zombie Dinner!

Thank you for joining us at Harris for Zombie Dinner!


How well do you know the MLB mascots?

It’s opening day for Major League Baseball and, perhaps even more exciting (we love food, ok?), our Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner at Garden Commons is just around the corner! You’ve already seen the menu and read about some of the exciting giveaways, events and guests we have on the docket for April 12th from 5-8pm, but alas, here’s another fun way to get into the baseball spirit!

We invite you to take our Seventh Inning Stretch Baseball Quiz below and find out, once and for all, how well you know the MLB mascots! Share this with a friend, see who is the most knowledgeable about those goofy icons and join us at Garden Commons on Tuesday, April 12th from 5-8pm for Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner!

(Also, check out our Zombie Dinner at Harris on April 5th)