Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner: Details and Menu

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Don’t look now, but the end of spring semester is fast approaching, so how about a dinner taken straight from the ballpark! Mark your calendars and join us for our Annual Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 from 5-8pm at Garden Commons!


In years past, we have offered the “gameday experience” with the ballpark-inspired menu, but this year, we have a variety of activities, events and guests that you will definitely need to come and enjoy!

First off, we will have different giveaways and handouts that will be available to those who attend our Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner, including a raffle for Cincinnati Reds tickets! We will have different groups and organizations in attendance, whether school groups, or local sports groups. Not to mention, the Miami RedHawks baseball team will be in action on the 12th as a part of the Joe Nuxhall Classic where Miami (OH), Cincinnati, Xavier and Wright State compete in a two-day tournament to determine the top team in southern Ohio*!

Needless to say, if you like sports, food, or both, this is the dinner for you!

Joe Nuxhall Classic Schedule (April 12): 3:00pm – Cincinnati vs. Wright State & 7:00pm – Miami (OH) vs. Xavier

So, come join us at Garden Commons on April 12, enjoy some delicious food (see menu below), watch some great baseball and enjoy this “seventh inning stretch” before we get into the final innings of spring semester!

* – at least when the Cincinnati Reds are out of town


We have corndogs, hot dogs, pizza and a variety of gameday sandwiches! What more could you want???


Uhh... don't eat the baseballs...

Uhh… don’t eat baseballs…


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