Seek Shelter: Zombie Dinner Details and Menu

While there may be some students among you who do show the telltale signs of a zombie outbreak (slow moving, clumsy, non-communicative, etc.), you need not worry as they’re likely just caffeine and/or sleep deprived. The world isn’t ending and zombies aren’t actually overrunning the campus. Nonetheless, this notice does warrant strong consideration.

On Tuesday, April 5th, Harris Dining Hall will be hosting a Zombie Dinner from 5-8pm!

Who's excited???

Who’s excited???

Let’s face it, zombies are all the rage. Whether it’s books, video games, movies or television shows, zombies are everywhere and now they’re coming to campus in the form of a delicious dinner…errr… you get the point. After all, something about food and brains just… fits… ya know?

Even if you’re a tad squeamish, you can certainly join us at Harris as there will be a “safe” line of food (“Alexandria”) that has not been “zombie-fied” and we will be sharing a taste of the zombie-inspired menu over social media in the coming weeks, if you’d like to see what’s in store. However, if you are a fan of zombies, or are a fan of interesting, creative and tasty food that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, then this is the dinner for you!

Make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get further updates on the status of the Zombie Outbreak and for glimpses at the food to be served as the zombie hordes descend upon Harris.

Zombie Dinner Menu


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