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7 Tips for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Dinner, hosted at Harris Dining Hall on Tuesday, April 5 from 5-8pm, is rapidly approaching and that means preparations must be made. So, when the zombie hordes descend on campus, how will you keep things together? Seek shelter at Harris and follow our seven tips for zombie survival!

How to Avoid Contracting Zombie Virus

1. Wash your hands


Frankly, this tip should be something everyone is already doing, regardless of impending zombie doom. However, the stakes get raised in a zombie scenario. Keep your hands clean and clear, so you don’t come down with a case of the “must eat brraaainnnsss…”

If you need to find some hand soap or run out, you can always grab some, along with other essential items/snacks, from Market Street at MacCracken.

2. Use the buddy system


Two is better than one during a zombie outbreak. Think about it; two pairs of eyes and ears help respond to threats, you can work together to collect supplies and your combined intelligence helps with problem-solving. Just be sure that you’re faster than your friend because, after all, you don’t have to outrun the zombies, just your buddy in a pinch.

On April 5, be sure to use the buddy system on your way to Harris Dining Hall. Use teamwork to increase your chances of making it to shelter safely.

3. Eat healthy


If you need to run, you had better be feeling as fresh and spry as possible. Eating junk food will slow you down and could make you “junk food” for a zombie. Stop by our dining locations and take advantage of the healthy meals offered to get the energy you need to make a run for it.

4. Avoid infected individuals


Come on, you know this.

Moving on…

5. Don’t fight


We get it. You’re young and feel invincible, but that doesn’t mean you should fight a zombie. They don’t feel pain, are a walking biohazard and don’t understand the concept of a “fair fight”.

6. Run!


When facing the impending doom that is zombies, you will need to run and run fast. Get over to the Rec today and get your workout on to get into apocalypse shape.

7. Seek shelter


You don’t know where or what is safe during a zombie apocalypse, but in this case, safety is only a short walk away (lucky you). Seek shelter at Harris Dining Hall on Tuesday, April 5.  We’re serving dinner to our fellow survivors from 5-8pm.

Disclaimer: There is no zombie virus/outbreak

Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner: Details and Menu

Sis - twitter

Don’t look now, but the end of spring semester is fast approaching, so how about a dinner taken straight from the ballpark! Mark your calendars and join us for our Annual Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 from 5-8pm at Garden Commons!


In years past, we have offered the “gameday experience” with the ballpark-inspired menu, but this year, we have a variety of activities, events and guests that you will definitely need to come and enjoy!

First off, we will have different giveaways and handouts that will be available to those who attend our Seventh Inning Stretch Dinner, including a raffle for Cincinnati Reds tickets! We will have different groups and organizations in attendance, whether school groups, or local sports groups. Not to mention, the Miami RedHawks baseball team will be in action on the 12th as a part of the Joe Nuxhall Classic where Miami (OH), Cincinnati, Xavier and Wright State compete in a two-day tournament to determine the top team in southern Ohio*!

Needless to say, if you like sports, food, or both, this is the dinner for you!

Joe Nuxhall Classic Schedule (April 12): 3:00pm – Cincinnati vs. Wright State & 7:00pm – Miami (OH) vs. Xavier

So, come join us at Garden Commons on April 12, enjoy some delicious food (see menu below), watch some great baseball and enjoy this “seventh inning stretch” before we get into the final innings of spring semester!

* – at least when the Cincinnati Reds are out of town


We have corndogs, hot dogs, pizza and a variety of gameday sandwiches! What more could you want???


Uhh... don't eat the baseballs...

Uhh… don’t eat baseballs…


Seek Shelter: Zombie Dinner Details and Menu

While there may be some students among you who do show the telltale signs of a zombie outbreak (slow moving, clumsy, non-communicative, etc.), you need not worry as they’re likely just caffeine and/or sleep deprived. The world isn’t ending and zombies aren’t actually overrunning the campus. Nonetheless, this notice does warrant strong consideration.

On Tuesday, April 5th, Harris Dining Hall will be hosting a Zombie Dinner from 5-8pm!

Who's excited???

Who’s excited???

Let’s face it, zombies are all the rage. Whether it’s books, video games, movies or television shows, zombies are everywhere and now they’re coming to campus in the form of a delicious dinner…errr… you get the point. After all, something about food and brains just… fits… ya know?

Even if you’re a tad squeamish, you can certainly join us at Harris as there will be a “safe” line of food (“Alexandria”) that has not been “zombie-fied” and we will be sharing a taste of the zombie-inspired menu over social media in the coming weeks, if you’d like to see what’s in store. However, if you are a fan of zombies, or are a fan of interesting, creative and tasty food that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, then this is the dinner for you!

Make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get further updates on the status of the Zombie Outbreak and for glimpses at the food to be served as the zombie hordes descend upon Harris.

Zombie Dinner Menu


Starbucks is Open!

Guess what??? Starbucks is open!

By now you may have heard whispers that Miami University’s newest dining location had officially opened it’s doors. After a couple months of renovation work, following our initial announcement of Starbucks anticipated arrival, the new coffee hotspot and student favorite is open!

Starbucks, located at Maplestreet Station at Patisserie‘s old post, is the only fully-licensed Starbucks operation on Miami’s campus. While all of our coffee locations proudly serve Starbucks products, this new location offers everything your standard Starbucks offers, including the pastries, snacks, memorabilia and, of course, the drinks. This is all available using your meal plan, just as you would at any other Miami University dining location.

Starbucks will be open from 7am-7pm, 7 days a week and figures to be a popular destination for students and staff!

Follow/like us on Twitter and Facebook so you can be in the loop for the many promotions/events happening this spring and follow us on Instagram for pictures of food (who doesn’t love that), along with other limited time offers!

“Get” Food with the GET App

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.46.15 AM

Who doesn’t want food that’s a little more convenient for your hectic schedule? After all, isn’t that the dream? Having food more convenient and accessible, particularly when you’re on-the-go and busy (aka in college)?

The GET App is here to help.

You may have already heard about this app. In fact, you may already be using it. It’s the same app, compatible on your Apple and Android devices, that allows you to order pizza from LMC Pizza Delivery. If having the app on mobile isn’t your thing, the GET features are also available on desktop.

The big news today though, is that it’s services have expanded to the Bell Tower To-Go Window (Monday-Friday from 10:30am-2:00pm)!


We get it. Students are busy and, for some, schedules don’t allow proper “sit down, enjoy lunch” time. This helps. Whether you’re caught between classes or you’re a student from off-campus needing something quick to grab on your way to class, you can pull out your phone (or login online), order a sandwich from Bell Tower To-Go and then pick it up later at the To-Go Window, saving you time in between classes, before class or on your way back home.

Menu Available at Bell Tower To-Go

Hours: Monday-Friday 10:30am-2:00pm

  • Deli Sandwiches
    • Build Your Own Sandwich/Wrap/Sub
  • Gourmet PB&J
  • Chips
    • Doritos
    • Cheetos
    • Original Sunchips
    • Mini Pretzels
  • A variety of Bottled Beverages

How to Order

The app will provide on-screen instructions that should provide a more than sufficient explanation, but below is a more thorough step-by-step walkthrough for getting started.

  1. Get the “GET App” for free on the App/Play Store. Search for “CBORD Get”. The app is called “GET Mobile” by The CBORD Group, Inc. When you’ve found it, download it and open it.
  2. Once it’s open, you will need to “Select Institution”. Scroll down the list and select “Miami University of Ohio.”
  3. Enter your UniqueID and your password (the same one used for all Miami University logins).
  4. You will be asked to create a four-digit PIN number. Choose something you will remember, as it will be your primary login once you’ve set it up. You can change this PIN in the settings later.
  5. Once logged in, you will see “GET Funds”, “GET Food” and “GET Places”. While the other two have their own valuable uses, we’re hungry, so select “GET Food”.
  6. Choose the “Merchant”, whether it’s the Bell Tower To-Go Window or LMC Pizza Delivery (located at Harris Dining Commons). LMC Pizza Delivery does pickup and delivery Sunday-Thursday (4:30pm-Midnight), but Fridays (4:30pm-Midnight) are pickup only at LMC. “Bell Tower ToGo” is pickup only from 10:30am-2:00pm on weekdays. For our purposes, we are selecting “Bell Tower ToGo.”
  7. Schedule your order by selecting “Pickup” and then scheduling when you’d like to get your food. The To-Go Window is only open during lunch (10:30am-2:00pm), but you can still schedule a lunch pickup around your classes as needed. Please note that pickup orders are ready in about 15 minutes.
  8. Order, pickup at your scheduled time at the window and enjoy!

Ordering on your Desktop

  1. Go here and login with your UniqueID/Password.
  2. Select “GET Food” across the top of the webpage.
  3. Select “Bell Tower ToGo” from the available “Merchants”.
  4. Schedule and make your order!
  5. Pick your order up at the scheduled time and enjoy!


Recapping Miami Idol 2016

“And the winner of Miami Idol 2016 is….”

In Miami University’s Farewell Year of Miami Idol, guests had the opportunity to enjoy not only the wonderful performances put on by the incredibly talented finalists, but also had the opportunity to enjoy a unique and tasty special dinner menu, inspired by music!

The festivities began at 5pm with the start of dinner service and a menu highlighted by a variety of tastes and flavors. There were Caprese Skewers, Cheese & Grape Skewers, Veggie & Hummus Trays, Bacon Wrapped Artichokes, BBQ Ribs, Mesquite Smoked Wings, Butternut Squash, made-to-order Quinoa Bowls, Chia Seed Pudding or even Vegan Mac & Cheeze,  just to name a few dishes. The desserts were highlighted by Lemon Pies and Vegan White Cake with Raspberry Topping, and that was before the second round of sweets came out for the Finale.

Speaking of the Finale, the Top 10 singers from two nights of auditions took the stage starting at 8:30pm, competing for the top prize, which consisted of either an electric keyboard, acoustic guitar, or ukulele, along with a $75 TicketMaster Gift Card, a $15 Miami Gift Card and an Miami Idol T-Shirt. By 10pm, we brought the evening to a close by announcing our Miami Idol 2016 Winner… but more on that below.

Miami Idol Special Dinner

Special shoutout to The Cheezies, Soul 2 Soul, The Treble Makers and Just Duet for providing guests with wonderful performances during the dinner portion of the evening! If you got your picture taken on the “red carpet” as you walked in, tag yourself in your photo on Facebook!

Miami Idol Finale

The main event didn’t get started until after dinner had already wrapped up, but everyone who stopped by, or stuck around, was in for quite the treat as our performers took the stage and showed off in one of our most competitive and talented Miami Idol Finales ever!

After all 10 performances were said and done (hear them in their entirety below), our judges selected a top three and the audience then helped decide the winner…

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And your 2016 #MiamiIdol Winner is...

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Ultimately, it was Mateus Maia who won Miami Idol 2016 with his incredible acoustic rendition of Hotline Bling. Seth Wagner and Charlotte Higgins finished second and third, respectively. Congratulations to Mateus, Seth and Charlotte! Thank you performers for rocking it this year and sharing your talent with us!

If you missed the festivities, or want to hear them all over again, check out the full performances below:

Dan Lenington – Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Seth Wagner – Halo by Beyonce

Katie Snee – Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright

Sam Duemler – Oh! Darling by The Beatles

Michela Vanjo – At Last by Etta James

Daniel Thompson – I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Maddie Mitchell – One Last Time by Maddie Mitchell (Original Song)

Mateus Maia – Hotline Bling by Drake

Eric Hill – Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO

Charlotte Higgins – Let It Go by James Bay


Thank you performers for rocking it this year and sharing your talent with us!