Recapping Mardi Gras Dinner

Mardi Gras Dinner last night had a little bit of everything as students from all across campus braved the snow showers and joined us for dinner. There was delicious food, an area for Mardi Gras mask-making, live music and even a little dancing that gave this special dinner it’s own level of uniqueness.

While Garden Commons illuminated the snowy Oxford night, the Mardi Gras holiday was being celebrated inside, complete with traditional southern dishes and a wonderful, fun dining atmosphere.

Students performed live music throughout the evening while other students channelled their creativity as they made beautiful and elegant Mardi Gras masks. Others simply enjoyed their food amongst the purple, green and gold that highlighted the interior of the buffet hall in the form of streamers, signs, beads and King Cake.

The menu featured a variety of traditional southern items, commonly served around Mardi Gras. There was Traditional Gumbo, Shrimp & Grits, Shrimp & Crayfish Boil with Red Potatoes & Corn, Blackened Tilapia, Cajun Baked Catfish, Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce, Beignets, Banana Foster and the traditional King Cake, among other dishes. All of which were very well received throughout the evening.

We’re glad you took the time to join us in celebrating Mardi Gras and we hope you enjoyed the festivities as much as we did! We can’t wait to see you at our next special dinner!

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