New Year, New You; 5 Dining Tips for 2016

Winter Term is underway in Oxford, Ohio as we still get adjusted to 2016 and look forward to Spring Semester, which begins January 25th. As the second semester approaches, now is a great time to develop habits that will carry into the coming months when exams, projects and quizzes begin pulling you in every direction. After all, “new year, new you”, right?

While there are so many tips out there, we picked out five that might be worth adopting for the second semester.

1. Eat Breakfast

That whole thing about “the most important meal of the day” is worth living by, as too many students opt to skip an early morning breakfast. So, this year (and second semester) make an effort to eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast each morning and get your body the fuel it needs for the day.

2. Vary Your Meals

People have a tendency to find a menu item and stick with that item, opting for that meal almost daily. While routines can be beneficial, especially when coping with stress, developing a routine with food items isn’t as advantageous. Try changing up your diet day-to-day and try different things. Variety is an important part of good nutrition, so try different dining locations and take advantage of the variety our dining services have to offer!

3. Keep Healthy Snacks Around

Even if you’d like to eat healthier in 2016,  it can be hard to rationalize choosing the celery over the cookies when you have a late night craving in the dorm. So, remove the cookies from the equation. If you’d like to make healthier decisions when snacking, surround yourself with healthier snacks and make it convenient to eat right.

4. Drink Water

We know people have been telling you this for years, but it warrants mention yet again. Drinking enough water can help boost concentration (also see Eat Breakfast) and can even prevent overeating during meals or snacks. Water is available at all of our dining locations, or you can grab yourself a reusable water bottle from the Miami University Bookstore and keep it close at all times.

5. Don’t Skip Meals

Your body needs the energy! If you skip meals, you could be setting yourself up for spikes and drops in energy. Not to mention, skipping meals can lead to overeating later, when you finally do sit down to eat.

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