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Welcome Back! – What’s New this Spring?

Welcome back! After a brief hiatus for winter break and winter term, everyone is back in Oxford ready to begin spring semester. While many worked, relaxed or watched the winter weather make an abrupt 2016 introduction, we were hard at work on a variety of exciting additions for this coming semester! The buffet halls are the biggest source of excitement on campus, including Harris Dining Commons, Western Dining Commons and Garden Commons. Here are our biggest announcements:

1. Extended Hours at Harris

For some, the breaks in buffet hall hours (especially between lunch and dinner) were a source of frustration. Now, in order to account for students whose schedules don’t always play nice with buffet lunch hours, we are extending the hours at Harris Dining Hall. Monday through Thursday, Harris will be open from 7:30 AM until 10:30 AM and then will be open again from 11 AM until 8 PM, remaining open through lunch and dinner. This – compared to closing from 2 PM until 5 PM last semester – will give students a buffet dining option outside of standard lunch and dinner meal times!

It is important to mention that not every station will be available from 2 PM until 5 PM, with the “hot” stations needing time to cook and prepare food for the dinner service, but that brings us to the next exciting announcement…

2. The Deli Bar

Harris is adding a Deli Bar! Students will now be able to stop by Harris and build their own deli sandwich at the new Harris Deli Bar. The new station will offer a variety of sandwich toppings and even a daily “party dip” option (spinach artichoke dip… etc.), providing students with a customizable healthy option for lunch, dinner and, now, the time in between. The Salad, Soup and Fruit Bars will also be open throughout the new extended hours, offering even more healthy options throughout the middle part of the day. However, if you’re more interested in grabbing some ice cream, that area will be also available during the extend time to satisfy your sweet-tooth.

To go along with the addition of a Deli Bar at Harris, Western Dining Commons is adding a Deli Bar as well. Much like the one at Harris, students will be able to pick from a variety of deli options and make their own sandwich their way. The Western Deli Bar will only be open during standard hours of operation, as Harris is the only buffet hall extending their hours.

Students who call Garden Commons their “home” dining location needn’t feel left out though, as their Deli Station from last semester returns with only minor revisions meant to make the station more prominent for students who are looking for the custom, deli sandwich experience. Be sure to give that a try the next time you’re at Garden!

3. Menu Additions

This semester, our focus is providing and exposing students to an increased variety of healthy options. That includes more vegan and vegetarian entrees at buffet halls and other new look items like composed vegan/vegetarian salads available at buffet salad bars.

New vegan breakfast items will be available at the different buffet halls (like vegan muffins). Other accommodations have been made for those looking to keep up their healthy eating New Year’s resolutions like making meatless options more accessible and offering more veggie side dishes at Campus Grill locations. Vegan crumbles and tofu will be available at breakfast upon request, as will other vegan/vegetarian alternatives. Kale will be making an appearance on campus this semester and hot cereal/oatmeal dishes will be available at our buffet locations for breakfast.

Now, don’t fret meat-lovers, your favorites are still available. In fact, the Campus Grill locations are introducing a new daily “specialty item” which will be a hot, unique sandwich like a Philly Cheesesteak or a Meatball Sub, which rotates daily. The Campus Grill will also be rotating through a variety of different chicken dishes and even different types of fries.

4. Location Specific Additions for the Buffets

Harris: Miami Spice will be open at lunch. On Saturdays, Harris will be serving made-to-order omelettes and Harris will serve crepes on Sundays.

Western: Mashed Potato Bowls will be available once again at the International Station (when you first walk in on the right) on rotation with tacos, burritos and more. Be sure to check MyTray to see what is being served when. There will be more pizza flavors and the Grill & Roast station will offer more items this semester.

Garden: Made-to-order pasta will be available over at Caio, offering students the opportunity to customize their pasta dishes. Additionally, more specialty pasta sauces will be available. Whole wheat pasta will also cycle in at that location. Look for a couple new stir fry recipes at Zen Garden.

5. Elsewhere

Haines’ Boulangerie: Kale has been added to the menu and there is a new Chipotle Chicken Salad Wrap that deserves your undivided attention.

Sundial: Tortellini Tuesday is a thing! Tortellini will be offered at Sundial on Tuesdays, which is always a good thing.

Pulley Diner: You can now order a veggie side instead of fries. In the early going, we recommend that you ask for the substitution when you order.

First Stop: First Stop is now opening at 7 AM on weekdays. Between 7 AM and 10 AM, students can grab a quick To-Go breakfast sandwich with a coffee as a part of our new combo!

Have You Been To Garden Market Yet?

We anticipate that by now you’ve visited Garden Commons to see the new dining hall, in all its beautiful glory, but have you stopped by Garden Market yet? Perhaps you know of it as the Garden “To-Go Window”?

If you haven’t taken the time to stop by Garden Market, it’s worth a visit, especially with the chillier months upon us. As the cold sets in, and as Oxford experiences it’s first real snow, now is a great time to familiarize yourself with the market that is tucked in the Garden Commons building.


First of all, the Garden Market is located in the Garden Commons building, just next to the back entrance to the buffet hall. Inside, students will find a variety of different items, like candies, dorm food (think microwavable mac & cheese, peanut butter, soup…etc.), protein bars, chips, drinks and some select cosmetic items. Garden Market also offers a selection of international snacks that are certainly worth trying.


The To-Go Window also features a selection of Starbucks coffee beverages and a number of entrees and/or side items like Chicken Caesar Flatbreads, Boneless Wings, Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, Garlic Bites, Cinnamon Bites and Caesar Salads. All can be picked up by walking into the market or stopping by the window and placing a quick order!

So, whether you are on your way back from class or are just looking for a convenient meal during Garden Commons’ off-hours, Garden Market is the perfect destination for you!



New Year, New You; 5 Dining Tips for 2016

Winter Term is underway in Oxford, Ohio as we still get adjusted to 2016 and look forward to Spring Semester, which begins January 25th. As the second semester approaches, now is a great time to develop habits that will carry into the coming months when exams, projects and quizzes begin pulling you in every direction. After all, “new year, new you”, right?

While there are so many tips out there, we picked out five that might be worth adopting for the second semester.

1. Eat Breakfast

That whole thing about “the most important meal of the day” is worth living by, as too many students opt to skip an early morning breakfast. So, this year (and second semester) make an effort to eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast each morning and get your body the fuel it needs for the day.

2. Vary Your Meals

People have a tendency to find a menu item and stick with that item, opting for that meal almost daily. While routines can be beneficial, especially when coping with stress, developing a routine with food items isn’t as advantageous. Try changing up your diet day-to-day and try different things. Variety is an important part of good nutrition, so try different dining locations and take advantage of the variety our dining services have to offer!

3. Keep Healthy Snacks Around

Even if you’d like to eat healthier in 2016,  it can be hard to rationalize choosing the celery over the cookies when you have a late night craving in the dorm. So, remove the cookies from the equation. If you’d like to make healthier decisions when snacking, surround yourself with healthier snacks and make it convenient to eat right.

4. Drink Water

We know people have been telling you this for years, but it warrants mention yet again. Drinking enough water can help boost concentration (also see Eat Breakfast) and can even prevent overeating during meals or snacks. Water is available at all of our dining locations, or you can grab yourself a reusable water bottle from the Miami University Bookstore and keep it close at all times.

5. Don’t Skip Meals

Your body needs the energy! If you skip meals, you could be setting yourself up for spikes and drops in energy. Not to mention, skipping meals can lead to overeating later, when you finally do sit down to eat.