Three Mistakes to Avoid this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the greatest of all the food holidays.

Sure, National Cheeseburger Day is great and National Ice Cream Day has a following, but Thanksgiving’s in a class of it’s own, as the premier day of food. With turkey, ham, gravy, a variety of different casseroles and the ol’ reliable pumpkin and pecan pie, Thanksgiving dinner is a diverse, delicious social event.

It’s also a tad stressful if you’re the cook.

So, let the expert chefs at Miami Dining make your holiday a little smoother. Check out their top three avoidable Thanksgiving dinner mistakes.

1. Lack of Planning

Most Thanksgiving dishes aren’t exactly quick “throw together” things. So, it is essential to actually sit down and write out your plan for the meal. How long does the turkey take to make? Which dishes should be served hot and when does that mean they need to be started? Do you have mostly stovetop items or do you have so many items to bake, there’s no hope of fitting all of it in the oven come the big day? Consider what you want to make, how long everything will take, how you’ll go about it and map it out.

2. Overthinking

What is Thanksgiving to you? Is it turkey? Is it ham? Maybe it’s ordered in pizza with a pumpkin pie for dessert? The point is you don’t need to venture too far beyond the classics. Don’t feel the pressure to make a Turducken or try some recipe you’ll never find in a family cookbook. After all, Thanksgiving is about tradition.

3. Doing it all by Yourself

Thanksgiving is an event. Really, it’s a marathon, especially for the cook in the kitchen. If guests want to bring food with them, or if some of your guests would like to pitch in and help out, let them! It isn’t cheating to get some help from the people you obviously care enough about to invite over for the holiday. Plus, a little help will keep you sane (which is always good).

If you would like an extra hand with your Thanksgiving dinner, the chefs at Miami Dining are offering their superior service to faculty, students and the community. Check out our Autumn a la Carte order form at to purchase pumpkin pie, pecan pie, muffins, pumpkins rolls or even a special seasonal cheesecake dish, made by our very own campus bakery!

Don’t worry about doing it all by yourself. Let us help you manage the pressures of making Thanksgiving dinner by making some items for you!

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