Locally Grown: The Organic Farm at Bear Creek

Located a mere hour and a half away from Oxford, Ohio, The Organic Farm at Bear Creek is another local business that Miami University proudly sells out of Market Street at MacCracken.

Located in Washington Township within Clermont County, Ohio, the 51-acre farm is family owned and operated by Jeff and Sandra Ashba and Darrick, Libby and Dalton Massey. They specialize in a number of different certified organic products, including different salsas, soups, dressings, jams, herbal teas and herbal oils, all of which are sold at MacCracken market.

Speaking with the Ashba’s a couple weeks ago at our Local Vendor Day, it was fascinating to hear the efforts made to produce their high-quality, local and organic products. The farm is a USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) certified organic operation, their farm houses a Ohio Department of Agriculture licensed and inspected commercial cannery, their products carry the USDA seal and are certified organic by OEFFA (Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association). Certainly each of those steps and processes result in a natural product that any consumer can trust, but there’s even more to their story.

20151012_115910 (1)

At Local Vendor Day, the Ashba’s handed out free samples of their organic salsa and many students, who took them up on the offer, were very complimentary, asking for more information (count me as one of them).

Their secret?

“We’re actually genuine farmers,” says Sandra with a smile, “We grow and raise all the vegetables and all the herbs used in everything.”

The Organic Farm at Bear Creek has three fields and a greenhouse that they utilize to grow and raise their different vegetables and herbs. Each and every product produced by the farm is produced on the farm from start to finish. They grow the vegetables, herbs and other ingredients, make the products and then use their licensed and inspected cannery to can the products themselves. The first time any ingredient, much less the entire product, leaves the premise of the farm is when it is shipped out to locations like MacCracken market.

Not to mention, their products are consistently flavorful and distinct from others because they use family heirloom seeds. They don’t order or purchase other seeds to plant as the base of their products. Instead, they use seeds that go back three generations, dating back to the beginning of the farm. These seeds, unique to The Organic Farm, are planted and then raised. This ensures a quality and flavor that is consistently delicious and is, quite literally, a family secret.

So, when you are in Market Street at MacCracken, try The Organic Farm at Bear Creek! MacCracken sells their salsas, soups, dressings, jams and even offers herbal tea and dipping oils. Each and every one of their products is certified organic and is specific and unique to the farm, made from the same seeds passed down over three generations!

A variety of products are available at MacCracken market from The Organic Farm at Bear Creek.

A variety of products are available at MacCracken market from The Organic Farm at Bear Creek.

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