Locally Grown: Just Mike’s Jerky Company

Mike Fullard got his start in the meat industry at the age of 12, working for his father in their start-up raw meat business out of their garage. Now, over 30 years later, Fullard is the founder, plant manager and chief product developer of Just Mike’s Jerky Company, which is available to purchase at Miami University’s Market Street at MacCracken.

The company is based out of Medina, Ohio, located up in the Akron, Cleveland area and was only founded six years ago in 2010. Fullard has worked in the meat industry for over 30 years, learning and working the many different aspects of the business, beginning back when he was growing up, helping the family business grow. In 2006, Fullard pursued a career in the the cooked meat business, taking a Plant Manager job for a jerky manufacturer. Fullard began Mike’s Jerky Company in Lodi, Ohio in 2010, specializing in a variety of different blends of beef jerky and different flavored beef sticks, before moving to their current address in 2014 where Fullard and his wife, Christine, head the company.

You can find a variety of flavors at MacCracken Market.

You can find a variety of flavors at MacCracken Market.

Maintaining a high standard and consistency in flavor are essential parts of Just Mike’s Jerky Company. All of their products are high grade, U.S.D.A. inspected choice cuts of very flavorful Black Angus Beef and all the spices are made on-site using high-quality ingredients. There are only two cooks who work on all the products and Fullard’s father-in-law and Chief Mixologist, Tom Bowman, custom blends all of the spices used in the products, to ensure consistency.

Just Mike’s Jerky attended Local Vendor Day a couple weeks ago, handing out free samples at the event with many students thoroughly impressed by the flavor packed into the different jerky blends. Between the quality of the jerky and the nice blend of spices and flavors, their products are truly delicious.

If you have yet to try Just Mike’s Jerky, stop by Market Street at MacCracken and try some! MacCracken Market sells a range of their blends, including a traditional beef jerky flavor, different levels of “hot” beef jerky and even some other blends. The beef sticks sold at MacCracken offer even more variety!

Just Mike’s Jerky Company has a website and is active on Facebook, if you would like more information.

Just Mike's Jerky Company attended the Oct. 17 Local Vendor Day.

Just Mike’s Jerky Company attended the Oct. 17 Local Vendor Day.


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