Locally Grown: Madisono’s Gelato

How does a shiitake mushroom farmer get into the business of making and selling sorbet and gelato?

Well, if you’re Matt Madison, it starts with a passion for food and a search for authenticity.

Last week, Madison attended Miami University’s Local Vendor Day as the owner of Madisono’s Gelato. There was a time though, when Madison was a farmer, growing and selling mushrooms and other specialty produce to chefs and restaurants in the Cincinnati area.

He dove into his passion for food, taking cooking classes and learning more and more about making and serving ice cream. Diving deeper, Madison attended the Ice Cream University in Brooklyn, New York, which is, in fact, a very real thing.

“I did graduate,” says Madison jokingly, shrugging his shoulders with a smile, “With honors even.”

Madison says that the University is often a destination for people from many of the national ice cream brands as they look to learn more about their craft. As for Madison, he was there to earn a degree in gelato production so he could produce the most authentic, high-quality product.

“If you’re going to emulate something like Italian gelato and sorbet, [that education’s] really important,” says Madison. “There are shortcuts out there, but we knew, if we’re going to do it right, we’re going to have to do it ourselves.”


Matt Madison at last week’s Local Vendor Day.

Using his last name, and putting an Italian-spin on it, he came up with the name “Madisono’s Gelato”. Madisono’s Gelato then became the first gelato and sorbet company in Cincinnati, producing hand-crafted, small batch, artisanal sorbet and gelato of various flavors. Both of which are lower in fat than ice cream and use high-quality ingredients.

“We try to make as many flavors and ingredients from scratch. We try to provide the highest-quality product we can.”

That high-quality product was put on display at Local Vendor Day last week, where students had the opportunity to put a face to the name on the label. As for Madison, he sees the value of the event and the value of students getting to know the local vendors.

“Students should know that Miami is actively finding and procuring high-quality products,” says Madison. “The fact that Miami is doing that is a positive and probably congruent with the interests of the student body.”

If you were fortunate enough to try a sample at Local Vendor Day, you know how delicious the products from Madisono’s Gelato are. If you have not tried it, add a pint to your next MacCracken shopping run!

Madisono’s Gelato is available for purchase at Market Street at MacCracken in the freezer section. Feel free to follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter as well!


Stop by MacCracken and pick-up some Madisono’s Gelato!


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