Locally Grown: Wiseman Farms

Local food is an important part of Miami University’s dining services. In fact, 26% of Miami University’s Dining Services purchases are purchased locally. Incorporating local foods into our food service supports our community, reduces the environmental impact of long distance deliveries and provides our patrons with the freshest ingredients that Ohio has to offer.


In our continued effort to incorporate local food products, we are now serving locally grown watermelon and red potatoes, courtesy of Wiseman Farms, located here in Oxford, Ohio.

Wiseman Farms are several farms that are owned by the Wiseman family. Houston Wiseman grew up on a family-run farm in Estill County, Kentucky. Houston worked in Miami University Food Service for 30 years and began growing food at home in 1975. He eventually dove into farming with his wife, Linda, calling Butler County home.

Wiseman Farms now grows a number of early-season crops such as onions, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, radishes and a variety of potatoes. Wiseman also has corn, squash, cantaloupe, peaches, watermelon, pumpkins and more during the later parts of the season.

According to Wiseman, the most rewarding part of his work as a local producer is the knowledge that all of his produce is a direct result of his time and hard work. Houston’s farming efforts have been driven by a desire to offer good alternatives to the processed foods traditionally found in grocery stores.

Miami students and staff are among the numerous beneficiaries of Houston’s hard work – and little vacation time – with watermelon and red potatoes, from Wiseman Farms, being served on campus.

Red Potatoes

Now, when you find yourself enjoying those products, you can take comfort knowing that you are eating locally produced, fresh food from Wiseman Farms, located in Butler County.

Students can also find Wiseman Farms at the Talawanda Farmers Market.


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