What’s New About strEATS?

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As we discussed the other day, a successful food truck is founded on the quality of food and the speed of service. As we approach the new school year, strEATS prepares to do both with it’s new authentic Spanish menu. It is fresh, delicious and mobile. Everything you need in a food truck!

StrEATS offers students a unique opportunity to walk-up, order and go with their freshly made food in a matter of minutes. This makes strEATS the perfect dining option for those who don’t have much time between classes to head to a dining hall or those who simply want to eat high-end, quality food quickly. Now, those who just want an authentic Spanish dining experience can seek out strEATS for totally unique food options.

Here's a glimpse at a vegetarian bocadillo.

Here’s a glimpse at a vegetarian bocadillo.

The focus of the new strEATS menu is freshly made bocadillos and patatas bravas, which are both authentic Spanish foods. Additionally, the food truck will offer customers with a new option to make it “strEATS-style” with the new “strEATS-spice”.  All in all, it makes for quite a delicious new menu.

A bocadillo is a sort of sub sandwich, with meat and cheese, that is traditionally served on a 6 to 8-inch long baguette. Bocadillos traditionally don’t come with lettuce, mayonnaise or other toppings such as that. StrEATS will stick with that custom to remain authentic, but also to ensure quick service. The bocadillos will be made with high-quality, fresh ingredients and be highly mobile. We want these delicious, hot sandwiches (yes, that means glorious melted cheese) to be easily handled by students who are on the move.

StrEATS will serve two or three different types of bocadillos at a time. This is, again, to ensure timely service. For example, one of the primary bocadillos for students to choose from is a prosciutto, deli ham and manchego cheese bocadillo with cherry pepper relish. Among the options that will cycle through the strEATS service, there are a couple vegetarian/vegan options for students to choose from.

The other exciting addition to the strEATS menu is the addition of the new patatas bravas side dish. Patatas bravas are similar to home fries. They are cubed potatoes served with aioli sauce and the new strEATS-spice, giving them a little kick. They taste great and are certainly worthy of adding to your strEATS experience.

Patatas bravas with strEATS sauce.

Patatas bravas with strEATS sauce.

So, without a doubt, everyone needs to keep their eyes peeled for the strEATs truck. Or even better, follow @MUstreats on Twitter to keep tabs on the location and time of where the food truck will be. You don’t want to miss the new bocadillos and patatas bravos!

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