What is strEATS?

Follow MU strEATS on Twitter to keep up to date with the availability and location of the strEATS food truck!

Guess what’s coming back!?

Miami University’s official food truck ‘strEATS’!

The mobile dining destination returns to Miami’s campus this fall, offering students a truly “on-the-go” option. Students who have been fortunate enough to experience strEATS before, have a sense of what the food truck is all about, but for those who are just getting on campus, it’s time to get acquainted. 

Mobile dining from a vehicle isn’t a foreign concept, having roots that date back to specially modified chuck wagons that people served food out of back in the 1860s. However, the modern food truck craze didn’t really take hold until 2008 when trucks began serving gourmet food with social media playing a key role in the process. Over the following years, the food truck gained more popularity with more and more people diving into the unique dining concept with college campuses shortly following suit.

The idea of a food truck is simple. Offer convenient, high-quality food to those who want to grab something quickly, using Twitter to inform customers of the truck’s changing location. People are busy and have places to be. A food truck helps customers get a high-quality, delicious meal without having to dine-in and the convenience of the food truck allows that meal to be offered at different locations around the city, town or – in our case – campus.

And… that’s where strEATS comes in.

StrEATS first hit the road in March 2012, based on the food trucks found in big cities across the country and other college campuses. Since it’s appearance, students have loved to stop by the red and white food truck and pick up a quick bite to eat, whether heading to class, a study session or just meeting up with friends.

Now, in order to know when strEATS is out and about and where the truck is located, you will want to follow MU strEATS on Twitter. There, tweets will be sent out whenever the truck is on campus, serving the students and staff that need a quick meal. On Twitter, followers will be updated with the hours and where you can find the truck. Then, look for the truck at the tweeted location, place an order and enjoy! StrEATS accepts student meal plans, credit cards and debit cards, which helps simplify the ordering process for students and gets them on their way quickly.

StrEATS will be available across campus this fall in a variety of locations. That said, we would love to hear some suggestions from you. Be sure to keep an eye out for the strEATs truck on your way to and from class, but also monitor MU strEATS on Twitter to make sure you always know when the food truck is out!

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