“King of the Grill” Tips

Earlier this week, we learned some tips from the Miami University chefs about grilling pizza to perfection. Now, we revisit the grill yet again. This time, we learn more about general grilling.

Grilling season is still in full swing, so be sure to fire up the grill and utilize these tips while the weather cooperates! However, if you’d rather sit back and wait on your food, you can find top-notch burgers at Maplestreet Station in Encounter when classes start back up again in late August.

King of the Grill Tips

  • Have everything at the ready before starting (including fuel).
  • Use high, direct heat for steaks and burgers.
  • Use low, indirect heat for larger cuts of meat.
  • When smoking, keep the wood in water for about an hour before using.
  • When using the grill, try to utilize it for all side dishes, too (skewers, foil bags, grill vegetable pan, etc.).
  • Preseason EVERYTHING.

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