From the Chef: Grilled Pizza Tips

For many, particularly in Ohio, this summer feels like it has been a little… rained out. Grilling hasn’t been very convenient and the sun has been too rare for the liking of many.

That said, the summer isn’t over yet. When the sun comes out, you need to be prepared. What will you grill? How will you fix it? These are the questions that stun and paralyze so many.

Here at The Miami Spread, we would like to suggest grilled pizza, and furthermore, we would like to offer some tips, courtesy of our very own chefs.

Most everything you need to get started on your own is below, but if you would rather benefit from these tips as a hungry customer, be sure you stop by Maplestreet Station’s Red Brick Pizza for some top-notch pizza, fixed by our very best.

Grilled Pizza Tips

  • High heat produces a crust that is crispy outside and chewy inside.
  • Roll out any 8 or 9 oz pizza dough, homemade or purchased, to .25 inch thickness.
  • Brush one side of crust with olive oil and add garlic or herb to taste.
  • Grill pizza on one side over hot coals or flame while rotating frequently for about 1-2 minutes.
  • Turn pizza over and move to the cooler part of the grill.
  • Top pizza with cheese and sauce.
  • Toppings must be fully cooked or warm.
  • Slide topped pizza back over high heat.
  • Rotate frequently.
  • Pizza is ready to eat in a total of 2-4 minutes.

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