Build Your Own Pizza at The Sundial Pizza Company

Just like Hanie’s Boulangerie the Sundial Pizza Company has given students a special option to build their own creations, with pizza! First students pick a base sauce, either alfredo or tomato. Then they can load up on all the veggie toppings Sundial has to offer, from crunchy green peppers to fresh artichokes! Finally they choose which proteins they want like pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, or chicken!


Once their pizza creation comes out of the stone oven, fresh-baked and hot, students can also choose to add a side of pasta to go! It’s fast, easy, and all self served!


 Also still available as a side are salad bowls, fruit cups, cheese cubes, veggie slices with ranch, and deli sandwiches in the cold fridge section! Just bring it up to the cashier when you’re ready to check out and they’ll add it to your order! Don’t forget to grab a drink too!


So whichever way you like your pizza made come #EatWithUs at the Sundial in Armstrong, and send us your craziest pizza combinations pics to @MiamiUDining on Twitter!

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