Haines’ Boulangerie; Now Made Just For You!

Haine’s Boulangerie, located inside the Armstrong Student Center right below Pulley, has now made a entirely customizable menu featured to give each student exactly what they want!


 Instead of preselected sandwich items that didn’t allow for any substitutions, Haine’s now offers all the same proteins, veggies, sauces, cheeses, and breads that were in their signature sandwiches but now allows the students to add or discard ingredients! This way every student here at Miami gets their unique and tasty sandwich made specifically how they want, and no longer have to compromise! (Or if you like what was included in the signature sandwiches you can still build it that way!)


 Haine’s has also made their salad bowls customizable as well! Now featured more as a “pick and choose” salad bar, students can choose what greens, garnishes, and proteins they want added by just requesting it to the cashier!


Still featured as sides at Haine’s will be their yummy hot soups, including the sour cream of potato soup (which I highly recommend to dip your sandwich in) as well as the saratoga chips, fresh fruit, and quinoa & chickpea tabbouleh!

IMG_0901 (1)

If you’re in the mood for something sweet pick out something nice and warm from the Bakery!  They have fluffy cinnamon rolls, soft muffins, and macadamia nut cookies!

So come one, come all, (including the picky eaters) and #EatWithUs because this time were serving it up exactly your way and can’t wait to see what combinations you will find!

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